Monday, May 5, 2008

Snooze-fest Weekend

Not only did I get plenty of sleep this weekend, but I also was extremely bored. Campus is a bit eerie when no one but you is around. It reminded me of when I had to stay late for choir practices in high school: the classrooms seemed so empty at night. Anyway, I am well rested and ready to be back in 'bama!
Food this weekend was a bit of challenge, as I had predicted in my last post. So if some of the meals below strike you as random or odd, please understand that I had limited options.

After my last exam on Friday, I was famished. It started at 7, which is usually when I eat dinner, so I really wasn't hungry beforehand. However, by the time I turned my test in (about 7:50), I was ready to eat my answer sheet! I grabbed my favorite crunchy broccoli salad from The Loop and headed back to the dorm to supplement it with some of my grub. I slathered some hummus on whole wheat bread and made a quick smoothie out of frozen strawberries and almond milk. Yum! It was a great way to bring my exam week to a close.

That night I got hungry for a snack (in the midst of my Amazon surfing), so I had some more of that soy pudding, this time in the vanilla flavor. Dark chocolate chunks made their obligatory appearance.

I woke up fairly late on Saturday, so I just grabbed a quick snack to tide me over until lunchtime. I chose one of my favorite snack bars: Odwalla Carrot Raisin. I discovered these in Colorado a few years ago; my aunt put them in welcome baskets for all of the out-of-town guests to her son's wedding. They've been one of my on-the-go faves ever since--my mom even sends them to me in care packages! They taste like healthful carrot cake.

My lunch on Saturday was a bit of a failure, thanks to my stubborn vegan mozzarella. It refuses to melt! Sheesh. I attempted eggplant Parmesan with an organic eggplant that I picked up on Monday. It still tasted good, despite the unmelted cheeze.
Yesterday's lunch was a conglomeration of leftovers and available campus fare. I made a Dagwood sandwich out of thick tofu slices, lots of salsa, and lettuce. I also had a delicious cranberry-walnut salad that took me forever to eat, which is probably a good thing. I have a tendency to scarf down my food when I am hungry...

Snack yesterday was an attempt to use up the cold stuff in my fridge; I defrosted the fridge just after taking this picture. I had some plain soy yogurt with wheat germ and a fresh fruit cup. Unfortunately, I still had to throw away a few items, which seriously pains my frugal soul. Oh well.

I cobbled together dinner last night from what remained in my dorm pantry and some greens that I picked up from the on-campus convenience store. Surprisingly the greens were from Earthbound Farms, so they were organic--score! I topped them with roasted soy nuts, and I made a simple peanut butter sandwich to go with it. I also had a big shiny apple.

For breakfast this morning, I managed to hunt down some soy milk, so I was able to have cereal. It turns out that my favorite eatery, The Refectory, is open all summer! While I was there, I got some vegan blueberry muffins for the road and a container of vanilla Silk. Once back in the dorm, I used up the last of my Cheerios, and I had a Granny Smith with PB.

I just finished lunch here. Much to my surprise, The Loop was open today, even though it was closed all weekend. Go figure! Anyway, so I picked up one last broccoli salad (I love it!). I had another hummus sandwich to go along with it, and I had some cantaloupe too. Sorry I'm so boring/repetitive!

Now I am just waiting for my parents to arrive; they're supposed to get here around 4 or 5. We have a long road trip back tomorrow (about 8 hours), so I was thinking about what kind of food will be available on the road. While I have my stash of dorm food (almonds, Larabars, oatmeal), I was wondering: what kind of foods do you eat when traveling? Recommendations for healthful fast food or your favorite snacks to pack are encouraged!

Next time I post, I will probably be home!


VeggieGirl said...

Ah yes, that's definitely one thing that I don't miss, now that I don't live on campus - it's always dead on the weekends!

Doesn't look like you're having much trouble finding good meals on campus - I love all your meal/snack ideas!

When traveling, I ALWAYS pack (err, over-pack, haha) Larabars, fresh fruit, single-serving almond-milk "boxes" (like the juice boxes), and homemade baked goods :0)

vegannurse said...

No need to apologize for boring meals, though I must say, NONE of your meals seemed boring to me.. they all looked quite delicious and nutritious!

I am in your same situation, trying to eat up as much food as possible in my room so I am having pretty much the same thing over and over, lol.. but pretty soon you'll be home and there'll be more variety, for sure.

Omg, carrot raisin odwalla bar?? I LOVE carrot cake so I simply must try these if I can find 'em!

I haven't done long traveling in a while, but when on the road, it's always helpful for me to have nuts and/or Larabars on hand. These never fail to satiate me. Sometimes I'll drink some of those V8 juices but VeggieGirl's idea of almond milk cases and baked goods sounds good, too! :)
I don't eat fast food, even when on the road, so I wouldn't know what to recommend there.. use your best judgment if caught in a hutch. Though I know it can be quite challenging getting nutritious foods from fast places..

And yes, you so must try the pumpkin pie smoothie .. it is as good as it sounds!

Jennifer said...

Campus really is interesting when all the students are gone. I work at Mizzou and during the summer, staff rule campus! Wahahahahahaha!

Your food, don't ever knock yourself, I am drooling over your dorm food. I am so impressed with how well you feed yourself in a dorm. (And I'll take any leftover hummus sandwiches!)

I never lived in a dorm, but I can tell you, I would have probably starved to death or lived off of stuff out of a box!

romina said...

Congratulations on being done!! Isn't it such a wonderful feeling??

Your foods are far from boring, I'm drooling here!! =)

lainb said...

your sandwich bread always looks yummy! what kind of bread do you use?

loveofoats said...

LOL - I was cracking up when you said you almost ate your answer sheet!

mmm I'll definitely be trying that carrot cake bar soon...

As for on the go snacks, I like Clif Z Bars, Larabars, boxes of raisins, and whole grain goldfish... and pb&j sandwiches!

Hope you have a safe journey home ;)

runroamrecycle said...

LOL I'll always remember childhood trips to visit my Grandma in Nebraska. It's a 10 hour drive, so we would leave Minneapolis with the car stocked full of food (seriously - like 2 grocery bags full) to keep two little girls + two tired parents happy!

We always brought along graham crackers and PB, apples, grapes, TWIZZLERS, string cheese.. stuff like that.

And thanks so much for the blogger award!! I posted a tide-over post today, and a real one will be coming shortly!

Jill said...

Man, what a summary, and so much good stuff! Your campus is so lucky, it seems to have decent food :0. I have had that odwalla as well, it's yummy! My goal for the moment is to find soy tapioca pudding, I haven't had it in years and I want to remember what it is like.

Cassie said...

You do a great job eating healthy on a college campus- I ate pretty horribly in college due to the limited choices. That carrot raisin bar sounds interesting... might have to try that. Every time I pick a bar it is always a bananaish flavored bar. I need to venture out.

Oh and congrats on being done!

Tina said...

Oooh I didn't know Odwalla made carrot raisin bars. I need to get my hands on one of those!

ChickPea said...

VeggieGirl: Thanks for the travel snack ideas--there really aren't ANY vegan options out there, so it's better to be prepared.
vegannurse: Trying to use up food makes for "interesting" meals, doesn't it? Oh well, better than wasting it!
I actually ended up taking some V8 with me--great for veggies on the go.
Jennifer: Obviously healthful food is important to me, so I have to make an effort to eat the way that I do. It would be VERY easy to live off of canned soup and pizza at school...but I like my big-ass salads better:)
Romina: Thanks! I'm glad my meals are somewhat appealing.
lainb: I use whatever is available in the campus store, which is Nature's Own 100% whole wheat. I really like it, actually. However, it is not vegan.
loveofoats: You should definitely look for the snack size bars of Odwallas. I particularly like the carrot raisin with a smear of cream cheese--just like carrot cake!
runroamrecycle: I LOVE Twizzlers! That is def my first choice movie snack:)
Jill: Let me know if you find some soy tapioca pudding...I haven't had tapioca pudding in years!
Cassie: Banana bars aren't bad...I love the banana walnut Gnu bar and the banana manna Dr. Weil bar!
Tina: They sell them at Whole Foods and Target, I think.