Friday, May 16, 2008

Summer Essentials

I spent most of today shopping for summer essentials with my mom. After finally unpacking all of my clothing from school, I realized that I had no white sandals! Considering how many sundresses I wear during the summertime, I decided that I needed to go shoe shopping; as anyone who knows me can attest, shoe shopping is one of my favorite activities! I found some at Aldo for a reasonable price. Afterward, we headed to The Gap, where I was delighted to discover that I can wear their pants!

I plan on wearing my purchases to a bridal shower tomorrow. Friends of the groom have planned a little shindig for my sister (the bride) tomorrow in Fairhope, AL. Fairhope is about 4 hours from Birmingham, so my other sister, my mom, and I are getting up at 6:30 tomorrow to drive down there. The shower is a luncheon, plus there is a barbecue later that evening. I'll bring my camera, but I doubt I'll be able to sneak pictures. I am not anticipating many vegetarian options; the groom's whole family seems to think I am crazy for eschewing animal products. Guess that means I'll have to bring some of my own grub. Introvert that I am, I am a little anxious about the whole day. Mingling with a room full of strangers is not exactly my cup of tea...Luckily, I think I'll have tomorrow afternoon (between the two events) to exercise and recharge my social battery:)

My meals have been full of summer essentials lately as well. Lots of smoothies, picnic food, and fresh produce--love it!

Wednesday's evening shake was a chocolate-peanut butter swirl. Chocolate Spirutein, peanut butter, and nonfat plain yogurt made this tasty treat. For garnish I used this stuff called PB2, which is basically peanut powder. It's supposed to be a peanut butter alternative; you add water to "reconstitute" it. Obviously, nothing could ever replace the real thing for me, so I just use for decoration and extra flavor in my shakes.


As recommended by Romina, I used up one of my many wraps by spreading it with nut butter and banana, then popping it in the oven for a few minutes. This breakfast pizza featured TJ's almond butter, a multigrain flatbread from Target, and a sliced banana. This was delicious! The almond butter got all bubbly and the flatbread was perfectly crispy. It doesn't look very pretty, but it sure hit the spot.

Lunch yesterday consisted of picnic foods. I heated up the last of those never-ending baked beans, and I rolled up a Smart Dog in a small whole wheat tortilla with ketchup and mustard (thanks for the idea, lighterportions!). I also had an apple and a side salad.
For dinner I made a green burger wrap using mashed avocado, a cut up Boca burger, and spinach. In addition to the orange, I also had a side salad and lots of sugar snap peas. Sorry for all my bad close ups--when I make wraps, I should really cut it in half and show you a cross section.
Last night, I broke from chocolate routine and made a vanilla-spice shake. I used this time in combination with Herbateinnonfat plain yogurt, agave nectar, cinnamon, and a sprinkling of Nature's Path Pumpkin Flax Granola. I got this granola on a whim at Sam's Club last week (two pack), without ever trying it. Fortunately, I love it! There are visible pepitas and flax seeds throughout, both of which are so healthful!


I liked that granola so much last night, that I decided to have some for breakfast. I also made a big smoothie with frozen berries and orange juice. I added a few ice cubes, which turned out to be a mistake. Plus, I think I like it better when I use almond milk or no juice at all--the orange kinda threw off my taste buds.

Today's lunch was another wrap, using the other Wildwood Tofu Burger (cut up) with some steamed squash. I also had some almonds and an orange.
Since we're leaving for the weekend, I didn't want to open up another can of beans or another block of tofu for dinner tonight. Instead, I relied on the freezer and found some Quorn Naked Cutlets. In continuing my effort to use up all these tortillas, I made fajitas. I sauteed a green bell pepper with chili powder and garlic and added a cut up cutlet. Mashed avocado and salsa made for the perfect condiments. Although they are not pictured, I also had a side salad and another smoothie (raspberries+almond milk).
Whew! My posts are getting longer these days. Next post might be a little skimpier due to my weekend commitments, so you'll get a reprieve from my epic blabbering. Enjoy your weekend!


VeggieGirl said...

Sounds like you had an awesome shopping trip!!

Again, I'm LOVING your shakes - always so delectable!! And GREAT choice, choosing Romina's idea for using the wraps - sounds fantastic! Yum!

Have a lovely weekend :0)

Jenn said...

It all looks amazing! I agree with VeggieGirl - your shakes look incredible! Where do you get the spirutein (spelling?) and what exactly is it?

romina said...

What a great time shopping you must have had!! =) Retail therapy never fails.

Yum!! Look at all those creative ways you use those wraps, very inspiring! Glad you enjoyed the almond butter / banana idea!!

Jill said...

What wraps do you use? They look yummy!

loveofoats said...

yay for fun shopping trips!

i LOVE that breakfast pizza idea :)

Cassie said...

All your wraps look amazing! What brand do you use for the tortilla's? I love the Trader Joe's brand but that is the only kind I have found that I like both in taste and in nutritional Info.

Danielle said...

So many shakes and smoothies! You have inspired me to break out the blender soon... :)

lighterportions said...

Wow, I love how you managed to use up a significant number of wraps and do them up differently each time!

Your shakes all sound super great too. I really feel like making a vanilla spice shake now!

ChickPea said...

VeggieGirl: Yep, my shopping trip was quite successful, and thanks for the shake compliments!
Jenn: Spirutein is a protein powder made from spirulina (I think it's derived from algae?). Anyway, it's a great alternative to whey and soy protein powders. Really the reason I use it is because it comes in single serving packets, and it adds great flavor and texture to my daily shake! I order mine online at, but you can also find them at most health food stores.
Romina: I would like to say that after all those wraps I finished them up--but I didn't. I still have a pack of Rudi's Multigrain tortillas...
Jill: Well, I have several packs open right now, so here goes: I just finished up a pack of Italian Herb Flat Outs, and I also have some Target brand multigrain flatbreads, and La Tortilla Factory whole wheat fajita size tortillas. I haven't even opened up a pack of Rudi's Multigrain Tortillas.
loveofoats: You should try making a PB&J breakfast pizza!
Cassie: See my response to Jill above for what brands of tortillas I use. I guess I'm not that picky, considering how many different brands I have right now! I have never tried the TJ's brand because we don't have a TJ's around here (sadly).
Danielle: Yep, I have been feasting on shakes and smoothies lately--it's officially summer!
lighterportions: I have this odd habit of refusing to repeat a dish twice in the same week. So, I felt compelled to make each wrap different!