Sunday, August 24, 2008

Show and Tell

I'm back again for a quick post. As promised, I'll share some of the nutrition-related articles I've been reading lately (Google Alerts are a beautiful thing). Anyway, here goes:

-No Moo or Oink
I wish I had seen this list before I left for my trip to Chicago! The Chicago Dining Examiner created a Top 5 List for vegetarian dining in Chicago. I managed to experience one of the five...I hope to try the other four in future trips to the Windy City.

-Even More Label Confusion
Just when you thought you had learned everything there is to know about the nutrition facts label, the food industry throws you a curve ball. In an effort to help consumers make more nutritious choices at the grocery store, food manufacturers are now emblazoning their labels with stamps, stars, and spots. Ironically, the addition of these logos might make grocery shopping even more tedious for some consumers. Take a look at this article to clear up some of the confusion.

-Real Food Challenge
This is an initiative in which my university might participate in the near future. As you all know, food choices can make for big changes, and that's what this challenge is all about--daring colleges around the country to examine their food systems and change them for the better.

Click, read, enjoy. Since this is show and tell, feel free to comment on these articles, or share some links of your own that you've enjoyed.


eatingbender said...

I couldn't see the first article (there was a page error), but the other two were great! I definitely didn't know what all of those labels meant, so it's good info. for anytime I'm at the store. Thanks for sharing :o)

VeggieGirl said...

Thanks so much for these article links, Miss Chickpea!! :0)