Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chuggin' Along

I am still in the midst of finals week here, although I haven't had another exam since the last time I posted. As a result, I am bored. Granted, I could be studying all day, every day, but who does that? I'll be glad to get these last two exams out of the way. My parents come to pick me up on Monday, and that seems like an eternity from now! Nonetheless, some of my boxes to be shipped are being picked up tomorrow between 1:00 and 5:00, so I had to do some packing this evening before I could post. Packing things in boxes is a great way to procrastinate!


Tuesday morning I had the last two biscuits in my opened box of Weetabix. I specify opened because I have seven more unopened boxes--those went into one of the boxes I am shipping. That'll teach me not to order things in bulk... Anyway, I'm sure you'll be glad to see that Weetabix will take a hiatus from my morning menu for the next week or so. Oh yeah, back to the breakfast--I also had the remainder of a bag of frozen peaches and a few strawberries, plus some almonds.

For lunch yesterday, I made some chili from leftover lentils. This was not a very chili-like, actually, because I didn't have any cayenne or other fun spices with which to experiment. I sprinkled some raw onion from my salad onto the chili for bad breath for the rest of the afternoon was not so fun. Ak-maks and cantaloupe completed the meal.
My snack yesterday was really tasty--plain soy yogurt with wheat germ and cinnamon, plus a juicy plum on the side. Plums are so good when they're ripe!

I made a snack mix yesterday evening out of Cheerios, dark chocolate chunks, and the last of my dried fruit. Slowly but surely, I am making a dent in my food mountain. Anyway, this was a great snack to nibble on while I studied for abnormal psychology.


This morning was a bit of first for me--I had never before tried peanut butter in my oatmeal. I know, it's crazy that I've gone this long without tasting it, but I just love the texture of nuts in my oatmeal that I never bothered switching them out for nut butters. Well, that was a big mistake, because peanut butter oatmeal is so delicious! I'll be sure to experiment with peanut butter again in the future. I had an orange on the side for good measure.

Tonight's dinner turned out a bit oddly. I tried to make a tofu melt with some vegan mozzarella slices I picked up on Monday. The mozzarella tastes fine, but it didn't exactly melt. I have no experience with vegan cheese, so I guess I will just have to cook with it more often to get the hang of it. I also had some more of that squash-mango soup, with a dash of cinnamon. I had originally intended to put the walnuts on top, but they sank to the bottom--I improvised by placing the walnuts on the spoon as I ate. Yum! It was quite the autumnal flavor combination--still tasted good in April though:) I had a big salad too. Interesting fact: this vegan meal alone provided more than 900 mg of calcium!

My mother reminded me today on the phone that I need to defrost my fridge before they arrive on Monday afternoon. Ugh. So, that means that I will have to live without a microwave or a fridge for Sunday evening through Monday afternoon, and most campus eateries will be closed already. Yikes! Do you have any meal ideas that require no refrigeration or heating? Dry cereal and bananas don't sound very appetizing...

Well, I should review my notes for a bit. Enjoy your evening!


romina said...

I know your pain. I hate that wait for exams to be over... yet not wanting to study! It's a horrible feeling of being bored yet knowing you should be studying.

Thank goodness for food though!! I saw some wheatabix at the store today and I was so tempted to buy it, but I had to remind myself how much cereal I have.

As for meals that don't require refrigeration/heating... that's a toughie! Maybe a salad? Or a veggie sandwich?

Anonymous said...

yummy - all your meals sound delish... and that "trail mix" combo you mentioned the other day looks heavenly!

good luck w/ the defrosting :( what about some canned soup (amy's?) & kashi crackers?

Anonymous said...

Your meals look so tasty and creative for living in a dorm! As for food that doesn't require refrigerator or microwave...fruit, nuts, nut butter sandwiches, dried fruit, larabars, other bars, and cereal like you said. Not too many things I can think of, but I'm sure you'll think of something better than me! Good luck with the rest of your studying and exams! One of my favorite ways to procrastinate is cleaning and packing things up! haha

Jill said...

I had the same ideas as others, but man, that's a toughie!

Alice (in Veganland) said...

Oh, I crave weetabix every time you write about it... Good thing I'll be going home in a couple of weeks (my mum always has weetabix).

PB sandwiches? It's my best, sorry...

VeggieGirl said...

I have finals all next week, so I definitely know that I'll be feeling the same way that you do right now - hang in there!!

Okay, I have 10 (yes, 10!!!!) boxed of unopened Weeatbix in my pantry - I have you beat, haha ;0)

You MUST, MUST, MUST (!!!) try hazelnut-butter, almond-butter, or cashew-butter in your oatmeal - you'll LOVE it (I hope, haha).

As Romina said, vegetable-sandwiches are great (especially when spread with hummus, pesto, or a little guacamole - yum!)

Jennifer said...

Wahoo, it's almost time to go home for the summer! How fun, I LOVED summer when I was still in college, though I never went back home for the summer (I actually moved out VERY SHORTLY after I turned 18).

All that food, your salads Caroline, I'm telling you, they are torture. I think I'm going to go to one of the dining facilities on campus today and get some vegan sushi and a salad. I've seen your gorgeous salads too many times to not have one NOW!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Oops, sorry I just now saw your request for the cheezecake recipe. Here is a link to the best-tasting tofu cheezecake:

Here's another one I really like and make all the time, but be warned that it doesn't taste at all like cheesecake:

ChickPea said...

Romina: Yes, exams truly are a form of torture...only a few more days!
I am a compulsive cereal buyer as well--I am just never satisfied with the same variety for long!
Veggie sandwich sounds good...I supposed I can always order some steamed veggies with tofu from a Chinese place.
loveofoats: I was actually thinking about soup with crackers...I just will have to eat it at room temperature.
trustmyintuition: Yep cereals, fruit, and bars are definitely good choices. I have a whole stash of bars that I have been saving up for the car trip, so I can use some of those--Larabars!!
Jill: I know! That's why I am delaying the defrosting until the last minute...
Alice: PB sandwiches are definitely on the list--thanks!
VeggieGirl: You make me feel so unaccomplished in the nut butter arena...hazelnut butter sounds heavenly!
Hummus sandwich sounds do-able--thankd for the idea!
Jennnifer: Go for the greens! My day is never complete without at least one big salad. You reminded me that I can pick up some vegan sushi when my fridge is defrosting...
CCV: Thanks for the recipes!

Cassie said...

Chickpea- I have never had peanut butter in my oatmeal either! It is weird but i's on my list of things to try. As for having no frig- I would def stock up on larabars- my fav!

ChickPea said...

Cassie: Yes, you should definitely give PB oatmeal a try--I think I might have a new obsession! I have quite a collection of bars right now (including Larabars!), so I don't think I'll go hungry...

Sophia said...

I have never tried wheatabix before, I do love those big shredded wheat squares though.
I eat way to much dark chocolate, what brand of plain soy yogurt do you eat? I have tried So Nice, which is terrible.
Try follow your heart mozzarella, it supposed to melt and it tastes like fresh mozzarela.
Calcium from vegan sources are more readily absorbed, then dairy sources due to the fact that the fat in dairy binds to the calcium and you lose most of the calcium.

Kristin said...
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