Monday, April 21, 2008

Shake, Burger, and...Squash?

Aside from the whole veganism fiasco, I had a pretty lazy weekend. I have a test on Wednesday, but my first final isn't until next Monday, so I took it pretty easy these past few days. My friend and I caught up on some Iron Chef, and I got myself organized for the weeks ahead. Call me lame, but it was relaxing and enjoyable.
When reviewing the pictures of my Saturday meals, I realized that I had a shake for breakfast, a burger for lunch, but then I messed up the "fast food" theme for on for details.

For breakfast on Saturday, I used up my last packet of chocolate Soytein powder (which incidentally has 300mg of calcium!). I combined it with a frozen banana and almond milk, as per usual. I kept it simple, with just some Cheerios on the side.

Once I had gulped down my shake, I headed over to assemble some gift baskets for Faculty Appreciation Week; my sorority decided to put together some simple gifts to win some brownie points:) After a morning of rigorous cookie baking, I was hungry for a big honkin' sandwich. I was not in the mood for another tempeh sammie, so I dug out my last Boca burger from my teeny freezer. Lettuce, tomato, onion, agave ketchup, and a mustard smiley made for a scrumptious burger. I ordered a side salad and some fruit from a campus eatery; raw cashews completed the meal. (Sorry for the dim pictures...the roomie was napping again!)

Saturday night was an icky one; everyone was holed up in their rooms, hiding from the rain. I didn't really have ingredients to make something special, so I had to improvise. After much dithering, I got some steamed veggies and a side salad from that same campus eatery, in hopes of coming up with something tasty from my dorm pantry. I smothered the veggies in tomato sauce and served the mixture over whole wheat couscous. Soy nuts added some protein to the salad, and I had some of that allergen-free trail mix for dessert.

For nibbling that night, I put together another snack mix, this time with corn bran cereal, dark chocolate chips, and dried fruit.

Shockingly I did not have my usual bowl of Cheerios before church yesterday. Considering I have about 5 boxes of Weetabix in my closet, I figured I better start using those up. (I ordered a box of 12 from Amazon at the beginning of the semester). I had two biscuits with almond milk and cinnamon; a perfectly ripe kiwi also joined the party.

Yesterday's dinner was mediocre, but I thought I would show you anyway, for kicks. I ordered that same crunchy broccoli salad that I did a few weeks ago, but this time I added tempeh instead of soy nuts. Fruit and my favorite flavor of yogurt--Creamsicle--rounded out the dinner.

This morning I had a stellar breakfast. I had pumpkin oatmeal with cashews and a peach smoothie. It might seem like an odd combination, hot and cold, but it kept me full for hours. I made it through my trek to the writing studio and Whole Foods without any complaints from the tummy.

I picked up lots of goodies at Whole Foods today, but I will wait 'til next time to show you the inventory, otherwise this might turn into another novel. As a sneak peek, here is my lunch that I concocted using my new loot: a spicy tofu wrap with salsa and chili powder in an Ezekiel wrap, a large salad, and a juicy organic pear.

I have a meeting with the dining committee tonight to which Flamer's will be providing food. Their menu shows that they have a veggie burger, so I hope they bring one for me. What is the best veggie burger you've ever had at a restaurant?


VeggieGirl said...

Your weekend doesn't sound boring at all - it sounds quite enjoyable, since you did everything that YOU wanted to do! So that sounds like a perfect weekend to me :0)

Lots of delicious food you've been eating!! Haha, I love the mustard smiley face :0)

The best veggie burger that I've had at a restaurant would HAVE to be the black-bean burger at The Chicago Diner - yum!

Jill said...

Wow! Nice to see you back up, your meals look DIVINE - you should be my roomie, hahaha. I have a few rambles:
1)I got the allergy-free stuff too and really enjoy it! Only thing is I like trail-mix to be a bit easier to grab. I tried it in oatmeal this morning and it adds a lovely crunch! 2)I need to try out that flavor of cascade! (I love their yogurt) I've seen it and it had made me curious. 3)Love the mustard smiley - almost too cute to eat! 4)Cheerios have an amazingness of their own.

romina said...

Cashews in your oatmeal sounds SO good! I must try that!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

definitely my favorite “burgers” are Amy’s bistro burgers. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a vegan burger at a restaurant… maybe a Gardenburger once, but those aren’t too great.

Oh, and a beech mushroom is kinda like an enoki mushroom—a small, long stem, and a round top :o)

loveofoats said...

Awww I love the mustard smiley - too cute ;) I should buy weetabix... i used to be obsessed with it!

ChickPea said...

VeggieGirl: I am SO jealous of your visit to The Chicago Diner. I have never been there, despite my going to Chicago at least once per year. Have you ever been to Blind Faith Cafe? It's another vegetarian eatery in Chi-town that has great smoothies:)
Jill: Seriously, next time you need a roomie, call me right up! I agree about the tiny seeds of the trail mix being annoying--almonds and peanuts are better for that. Cascade is one of my favorite brands too--they have such interesting flavors!
Romina: I will eat just about any nut when it is mixed with oatmeal!
CCV: Can you believe that I have been a vegetarian this long, and I still have never tried any of Amy's burgers? It's on my to do list, once I have access to a freezer that is bigger than a shoebox...
loveofoats: I love Weetabix too, but now I am getting a bit tired of it...I need to think of a creative way to eat it!

runroamrecycle said...

Hmm.. the best restaurant veggie burger used to be the Good Earth Planet Burger.. from Good Earth restaurant, but then they went and added cashews into it and basically ruined the entire thing :( I hate nuts with a passion.

Mmmm your wrap looks really yummy!

Jennifer said...

My favorite type of weekend is relaxing and fairly uneventful.

Your burger is too cute.

Mmmm, kiwi. I bought a bag of organic kiwi a couple of weeks ago that were very un-ripe. They are finally getting ripe. I can't wait, I've had to stare at them on my kitchen counter for two weeks!

The best veggie burger I've ever had at a restaurant was the Black Bean Burger from Main Squeeze, the vegetarian restaurant here. It was served with chipotle vegan mayo, avocado, sprouts, onion, tomato, the whole bit. Then they stopped serving it. :-( I'm going to have to learn how to make this at home.

ChickPea said...

Runroamrecycle: Bummer about your burger! I hate it when they go messin' with something that's already quite tasty.
Jennifer: Isn't unripe fruit awful? It just sits there on the counter, looking delicious, bu you know that it would be like eating wood if you tried to eat it. I had some pears like that last week...not cool. Sorry to hear your veggie burger was discontinued...vegetarian burgers seem to be the first menu items to disappear!

Alice (in Veganland) said...

mmm, that spicy tofu roll looks so good. Well, and the rest too. And I have to tell you, the campus food you have there looks actually pretty good!

Kootz said...

are those puffins? I've been eating dr. praguers veggie burgers... but you can't really stick them in the toaster like gardenburgers. how do you cook amy's?

ChickPea said...

Alice: The campus offerings aren't necessarily bad, but there isn't enough variety for my tastes. There is one acceptable menu item per eatery and about 6 eateries near my dorm...I get bored fast.
Kootz: Nah, these aren't Puffins, but they look and taste a lot like them. I just recently bought a box of Quaker Corn Bran, and that's what you see here. I have never tried Amy's burgers, so I have no idea how to prep them.

Tina said...

Love the smiley face! :)

Lina said...

wow, all of your food looks so healthy and fresh! Lots of green. I should learn a thing or two from you.

ChickPea said...

Tina: I've been doing that with burgers for as long as I can remember:)
Lina: Thanks! I definitely try to get as much color on my plate(s) as possible.