Monday, April 14, 2008

A Sigh of Relief...(Sort of)

It's another late post for me--my special blogging time keeps getting postponed these days. Anyway, after limping over to a few tutoring appointments and Whole Foods, I decided that I needed to go to the Student Health Center today for my ankle. When I went online to schedule an appointment, the first one they had open wasn't until next Monday. Yes, that's Duke Hospital at its best. Determined to get some treatment, I trekked over to the SHC in hopes of snagging a walk-in appointment. Lo and behold, I was with a doctor within 15 minutes. Yay! They hooked me up with a sweet ankle brace and some gel pads for my shoes. She said I can still exercise, which is good, but I really just want to get better! Keep your fingers crossed for me :(
Another source of relief is the fact that I finished my two research papers. Woohoo! Now I just have exams to worry about...Nonetheless, now I have more time to play with my food.
To be honest, Friday's breakfast was kinda lame. I had a smoothie with blueberries, almond milk, and ground flax. I decided to add some water at the last minute, which was a big mistake. The end product was too liquidy and not very blueberry-ish. Blah. I also had a Kashi peanut butter granola bar (the chewy kind). It was from an old Costco pack from a while ago, and I think it passed its prime. Double-blah.

In an effort to include more indulgences in my diet (yes, I have to remind myself to have treats every now and then!), I will be including a few more (relatively healthful) desserts in my posts. On Friday evening, when my roommate and I were watching my new favorite movie, August Rush, she offered me some of her dark chocolate--with ground espresso beans. What a tasty treat! It reminded me of the dark chocolate-covered espresso beans that my mom puts in my stocking for Christmas every year.

On Sunday mornings before I head to chapel, I invariably have the same thing: Cheerios with almond milk and sliced banana. I wake up later on Sundays because it's my day off from the gym, so I don't really need a big breakfast. It's easy. It's quick. It's Cheerios--who can say no?

Yesterday's lunch, however, was much more exciting. I made chili with tempeh and beans. I didn't use a recipe (as always), but it turned out pretty darn delicious. I enjoyed it over some whole wheat couscous; a juicy orange and a veggie salad from Subway rounded out the meal.
This morning I was in a bit of a rush, so I just threw something together before my tutoring appointments. I used the remnants of my frozen peaches as an oatmeal topper. Note to self: defrost peaches before cooking the oatmeal. My oatmeal ended up being a tad watery. Along with that I had some Beach Bash trail mix from Enjoy Life foods. They specialize in allergen-free products, which means they're gluten-, dairy-, nut-, and soy-free. This was another freebie:) The dried pineapple really hit the spot!

Finally, lunch today was fantabulous. I used up the rest of the spicy veggie tempeh by dipping it into a peanut sauce that I made. I just heated some PB with soy sauce and a little water to make a simple, yet tasty condiment. I also had a big salad--I attempted to choose Asian veggies to complement the lunch's theme...

Now, I plan to settle in for the evening and catch up on everyone's posts. Ta-ta for now.


Jill said...

Oh my, where to start?! 1) I recognize that magic bullet cup; 2)I have to remind myself for snacks - and the chocolate espresso beans are a perfect fix; 3) I love cheerios, and often wonder why I don't see more people eat them on these blogs; 4) everything looks way too lasty!

VeggieGirl said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry about the student health center not being open :0( But on the bright side, you've been eating delicious meals/snacks (as usual!), and you're done with your research papers! :0)

Romina said...

WOW! Look at all that yummy food. I loooove magic bullet smoothies. So little mess, and I love choosing a new color everytime, hehe.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Peanut sauce, tempeh, chocolate, oatmeal... it all looks wonderful to me!

*Sending healing thoughts your way*

Alice (in Veganland) said...

Wow, you do wonders with your tempeh! I loved the chili, and will sure try it, but what got me was the simple tempeh with the asian sauce. So simple!
But the best thing was your pink cup :-)

Jennifer said...

I hope you ankle is better soon!

Yay for being done with papers!

Ok dark chocolate and espresso? You are speaking my language!

Your salads always look so good, they make me long for the time (which is coming soon) that there will be all sorts of produce at the farmer's market.

I adore trail mix.

ChickPea said...

Jill: I couldn't live without my Magic Bullet...I am considering purchasing a third one:) I agree that Cheerios are an under-appreciated cereal--gotta love those Os. Mind if I add you to my blog roll?
VeggieGirl: You're right--thanks for the optimistic reminders!
Romina: Perhaps I should switch up my colors more often. I have been to lazy to dig out any other color but blue.
CCV: Thanks for your healing thoughts--I need all the help I can get!
Alice: I haven't tried tempeh with an Asian twist yet--good idea! Glad you like my uber-girl cup:)
Jennifer: Those farmers' markets can't come soon enough. I am so jealous of all the people who are already able to get produce from farmers' markets--no fair! What's your fave kind of trail mix? I find that some people either really like chocolate ones or not.

glidingcalm said...

your chili and tempeh look great!

and i used to ALWAYS get salads from subway! I loved them!

hope your foot heels quickly!

Ruby Red Vegan said...

I love peanut sauce to death, but have never made my own because recipes always call for at least one ingredient I don't have! I am going to have to try your quick fix pb-soy sauce-water recipe... I bet that was a yummy dip with the tempeh strips!!

The espresso dark chocolate sounds to die for! My friend was telling me about some sort of fabulous vegan espresso dark chocolate that she tried....... Wow. Yum.

Please tell your little ankle to get better! Hopefully the gel pads will make your feet nice and happy. :)

runroamrecycle said...

So I saw you posted on Erica's page about soy yogurt.. and contemplating going vegan. That's exactly where I'm at right now!

I do soy yogurt all the time (my favorite is the silk kind btw.. Trader Joe's brad is also decent. Try em in your shakes/smoothies!) but ice cream - that's my downfall. And yea I know there's soy ice cream.. but I'm not going to miss out on outings with friends because the places we go don't have anything vegan. Ugh.. I guess I just have to ask myself how important it really is to me.

Rant over.

You're like the master chef of tempeh! And I'm really sorry about your ankle.. I hope your brace helps!

BamaRunner11 said...

haha yeah. bama tickets go for BIG BUCKS. i will probably end up selling a few tickets to make some money. i got all the games for 40 bucks, and i can sell them for 100+ each game. i want to go to most of the games though because they are awesome.

ChickPea said...

Gliding Calm: Yeah, the Subway salads are good every now and then--I just wish they would give me all spinach instead of a mix of spinach and iceberg...
Ruby: The peanut sauce is a good stand-in but not exactly like the original. Just be sure to use a brand of PB without sugar in it!
Runroamrecycle: I am just on the cusp of veganism. I figured out that the only dairy I really eat is in yogurt form. I wish I had a TJ's around here so I could try their soy yogurt! (Keep an eye out for a pumpkin shake on the blog in the near future...)
Bamarunner: You better be keeping those Iron Bowl tix for yourself!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I’ve actually lived all over the world. I was born in England, and have also lived in Japan, Pennsylvania, The Philippines, China, and Texas. I never know what to say when people ask where I’m from!

P.S. I've noticed I don't have your lovely face on my blogroll. May I add you?

ChickPea said...

CCV: Wow! You must be versed in so many cultures...I'm jealous. Oh, and I would be delighted to be on your blog roll:)