Monday, June 16, 2008

You Mean I Actually Have to Study?

Even though I've been in summer classes for a few weeks now, I am just now realizing that I actually have to buckle down and study for a bit. I have a quiz in anatomy lecture AND lab this week, plus a nutrition project due next week, so I might have to sacrifice a few minutes of Jon and Kate Plus Eight and What Not to Wear in order to study. Boo! I don't really mind studying for the lecture quiz or doing the nutrition project, but the lab quiz seems so silly. I'm not certain, but I'm guessing that as a nutrition I will NOT have to know the origin, insertion, nerve supply, and arterial supply of every single muscle in the human body. Just a guess though.

Anyway, I made flashcards (a process that I oddly enjoy), plus lots of diagrams, so I have a few study aids to get me through these quizzes. The project will be fun--it's on the USDA Food Pyramid. I'll have lots of time to perfect it this weekend at the lake, where there are very few distractions.

Alright, enough jibber-jabber about my boring, academics-engulfed life. Onto the victuals.

This is yet another mystery smoothie. I don't recall what's in it...Due to the granola topping, I am guessing it was fruity.
After a long ride on the stationary bike, I set out to make some pancakes for breakfast. Thanks to the success I had the last time I made them, I whipped up a batch of vegan banana pancakes, based on the recipe from Sweet Eats. They were delicious...again! I enjoyed them with some fresh cut cantaloupe.
Lunch was kinda random, and rather salty in retrospect. I opened up a can of Progresso's Hearty Tomato Soup and dipped one of my vegan cheddar biscuits in it--sorta like the classic tomato soup/grilled cheese combo. I also had a salad with shredded Tofurky and a tiny apple. After a trip to the health food store, I returned with an amazing purchase--39 cent yogurts! They were one of my favorite brands too--Cascade Fresh:) I wish they were organic, but they're rBGH-free, so it's better than conventional yogurts. Anyway, this was a new flavor for me, and I loved it--I seem to be into cinnamon-ish yogurts lately. For dinner, I just threw some items together for a fantastic dish (if I do say so myself). I tossed some leftover spinach, diced olives, a Quorn cutlet, garlic, and organic mozzarella with some pasta--delish. I also had a my usual side salad. Sunday
My parents and I kicked off Father's Day on Saturday morning by taking my dad out to breakfast (even though he technically paid the bill...). We went to Original Pancake House (not to be confused with IHOP). I ordered some oatmeal and fresh fruit. I was hoping they would add some pizazz to the oats, (almonds? blueberries?) but they were pretty plain-Jane. I ended up putting some of my fruit into my oats to jazz them up a bit.
On our way out, I just had to take a picture of the fountain for which Five Points South is famous (well relatively). It kinda makes you feel like you're in a Beatrix Potter tale... Lunch was a conglomeration of freezer goodies and a salad from the Whole Foods salad bar. I made a sandwich out of a Helen's Kitchen tofu cutlet, salsa, and whole wheat bread. The salad had radishes, water chestnuts, sliced almonds, plus all the usual suspects. I also had some more of that delicious melon. I was in charge of dessert for Father's Day dinner, and my dad requested banana pudding. I don't think my dad would appreciate a tofu-laden vegan version, so I just used the Joy of Cooking recipe. It had egg yolks in it, so I didn't have any, but my family seemed to like it. For my dinner, I made a citrus tempeh stir fry with OJ marinated tempeh, broccoli, mushrooms, garlic, and zest from lemons and limes. Yum. Corn on the cob and salad added some more veggies to the meal. Oh, and the plate is the china pattern I picked out when I was 14--I still plan on registering for it when I get married. The smoothie for the evening was decidedly tropical, with tropical Spirutein, frozen mango, and plain Silk. I topped it with Nature's Path Pomegranate granola.
I kept it simple this morning: Kashi GoLean with Silk and walnuts, plus some cantaloupe.
Lunch was equally unimaginative: Tofurky/vegan cheddar on whole wheat with Nayonaise, leftover tossed salad from last night, almonds, and an orange. I finally tried Sunshine burgers! This was the Garden Herb flavor, and I really liked it. I enjoyed it with a salad (mushrooms, Craisins, Romaine, and red wine vinegar) and a baked potato with salsa.
OK, I'm pooped from all this typing...I'm off to study some muscles.


Amanda said...

I love your super long posts!

Would you mind posting some of your afternoon snacks? I would love to see some of your ideas.

Do you drink smoothies in the winter or have a different dessert that you rotate to? I love the smoothie idea, but when are air conditioning is blasting it's just too cold.

VeggieGirl said...

Best of luck with your studying and quizzes!!

That fountain is gorgeous!!

Hooray for Sunshine burgers!!! :0)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I never understand why they make you learn all these obscure scientific facts to become a nutritionist (and I also don’t understand why a nutrition major is required to take organic chem, but a doctor isn’t required to take a SINGLE course in nutrition! It’s ludacris!).

Thanks to you, I was inspired to try some chocolate protein powder for a smoothie, so I bought that Nutiva chocolate hemp stuff. I loved it, mixed with some almond milk. Thanks so much for the idea! I also want to try those Helen tofu cutlets, but they have yet to make an appearance in my Whole Foods. Maybe someday…

Good luck with the studying!!!

Anonymous said...

pretty plates!

Anonymous said...

Studying during the summertime sucks, lol, but think of the benefits and you'll be able to push through! :)

Btw, lucky gal..

You've been tagged! Check out my blog for further details!


Anonymous said...

That banana pudding looks REALLY good! I love how all the slices are arranged so perfectly

Emma said...

Mmm those vegan pancakes look goood.... I think I will have to make myself some soon! I am always so uninventive at breakfast and I have no excuse!

Good luck with all your studying!

Anonymous said...

the banana pudding looks so yummy... i haven't had that in SO long, since I was younger :)

love the pics of your town!

Andrea said...

mmm. do you drink your smoothies or use a spoon? LOOOVE the china!!! where is it from? what brand is the tofu cutlet by? it looks delicious in a sammie

ChickPea said...

Amanda: Your wish is my command! Check out the next post for ideas.
I do not drink smoothies in the winter, mostly because I live in a dorm then, and blenders are noisy! For winter months I usually settle for something else sweet: a Kashi bar or trail mix (with chocolate).
VeggieGirl: Thanks!
CCV: I totally agree! RDs get the shaft! Oh well! I know it will pay off in the end (if not in $$, at least in enjoyment!)
I'm glad you like the hemp shake--it's a winner, no? You can order it in bulk on Amazon.
Gliding Calm: Thank you! I LOVE shopping for new plates:)
Vegan Nurse: Thanks for tagging me--it was fun!
Food Fashion Life: Yes, I am a tad OCD about my banana slices and Nilla wafers.
Emma: I heartily recommend the recipe. It's easy too!
Love of Oats: Nanner puddin' is a childhood fave of mine...I might try making a healthier version soon...
Andrea: I use a spoon for my shakes/smoothies--it keeps me fron slurping it all down. Which plates are you referring to? I think I used multiple plates in this post. The tofu cutlets are by a company called Helen's Kitchen--check out the link for details.