Monday, September 29, 2008

Boys on the Brain

I might otherwise not mention this subject, but considering the overwhelmingly female readership of this blog, I feel like I can broach the topic that has been on my mind all day: boys.

As a nearly 21-year old woman, I am embarrassed to admit that I have never had a boyfriend. Yes, I actually confessed it. I am all about being open on my blog, so there is no use in hiding my (nonexistent) romantic status. Anyway, as a result of my decades-long romance deprivation, my mind has been wandering in the direction of love and marriage lately. I find myself wondering, "Will I ever get married? Am I going to be single for life? What is so wrong with me that I can't seem to nab a man of my own?" I am uncertain as to why my thoughts have assumed this pattern, but I'm sure watching Tristan + Isolde and Ever After within the past two weeks didn't help the situation...Or, perhaps downloading Celine Dion's greatest hits on my iPod was a poor choice.

Romance woes aside, I have a few interesting meals to show you this evening before I get crackin' on studying. I have a psych midterm tomorrow, but I am not sure how effective studying will be at this point given my disgruntled mental state.

Enough chit-chat. Here's the grub.

After loading up on frozen fruit at Target, I was excited to enjoy cherries again. Unfortunately, this smoothie was a flop. Too liquidy. Boo.
Upon my return from an especially difficult run around campus, I decided on a blueberry-banana-flax parfait. Organic blueberry yogurt, sliced banana, Whole Foods brand Cheerios, and ground flax made up this little glass of deliciousness.
After a hot day in the sun at the Duke-UVA football game (at which DUKE was victorious), I was in serious need of fuel, fast. I had the rest of the Annie's rice milk mac and cheese (to which I added garlic and oregano), plus a salad with cashews and a plum.
For dinner that evening, I got a chance to try those TVP crumbles I ordered a while back. I rehydrated them, then mixed them with pasta sauce, oregano, and chopped onions. I stuffed it all into an Ezekiel pita and served it alongside green beans with chopped almonds. Delish.
The uber-delicious shake of the night consisted of frozen strawberries, cocoa Living Harvest hemp, and coconut. The consistency and flavor were both completely "perf."
Before heading to the Chapel yesterday, I made myself a big bowl of oats with rice milk and butternut squash. A dash of cinnamon and chopped almonds made it oh-so-good. I bet it would be even better with almond butter:)
I was neither hungry nor creatively inclined yesterday afternoon, so lunch was just a simple glob of hummus with raw veggies and pita bread. I hit all my bases by adding a trail mix (cashew-cranberry combo) and an organic plum.
After writing my snack post yesterday, I was especially inspired to create a new snack combination: PB & J cottage cheese. I just combined cottage cheese with roasted peanuts and a blob of organic blackberry jam.
I was ravenous after my chapter meeting last night, so dinner was a campus special: the Crunchy Broccoli Salad. Remember when I first blogged about it here? Well, I still love it just as much. FYI, my addition of soynuts is perhaps what makes it so delicious. On the side I had a fruit cup and some Milton's crackers.
Another successful smoothie last night: strawberry-pineapple. So tropical, so tasty.
I just needed something simple mind was otherwise occupied. I had whole wheat toast with Natural Sunbutter, plain yogurt with butternut squash, and another plum. This was SO filling, the way I like it.
Before my run today, I had some original flavor Puffins. I nabbed these at an on-campus grocery store--can you believe that they were cheaper than the box of Corn Bran? They're very similar products, but I obviously much prefer Barbara's cereals.
It had been a while since I had enjoyed my beloved scrambled tofu, plus I happened to pick up some turmeric at Target last Friday, so lunch today was an obvious choice. This rendition included mushrooms and garlic, along with the usual tahini and soy sauce. On the side I had a slice of whole wheat toast, a sliced apple, and a simple spinach salad. I love the colors in this one!
Now, I am off to study evolutionary psychology and mating preferences...I can't seem to escape the subject today. Enjoy your evening!


Anonymous said...

I have a 25 year old sister who is in the same situation, and I talk to her all the time about this.. I believe God has a plan for you and he KNOWS the exact person that is right for you. God knows your heart and what you want and if you trust him he will not with-hold that from you, but it may just be that at the right time God will bring that man into your life. Dont doubt yourself just contunie to be strong in who you are and realize you have a lot to give someone and God will put that person in your life at the right time.

Anonymous said...

PUFFINS HECK YES! sorry for the yelling but thats my favorite cereal.

Don't worry about not having a bf, I haven't had one yet because I find high school guys so immature but I don't think I'll ever really be that worried about it. Someone will come to you when you least expect it. Plus daydreaming of guys is so much fun and watching James Franco is even better =p

Anonymous said...

Take it from someone who has had a lot of incredibly bad, meaningless relationships... it's really not all it's cracked up to be.
Your food looks awesome though, I love what you did with the TVP chunks and the butternut squash.

Olga said...

It's so funny that you wrote this post because my roommates and I were having this SAME conversation last night! (early 20s too).

I mean, I feel like there are SO many men out there but where are they?! I think they'll come around though =]
Good to know someone else shares our feelings.

Your eats look wonderful! I love those Puffins!

Ruby Red Vegan said...

I have been thinking about boys a lot more lately, too (haha) so it's funny that you mentioned this topic. You are too pretty and sweet to be single forever... So hopefully the right guy will come along! I think I know what the problem is: Boys are lazy. If we want one, we ladies have to do all the work. I know I'm too shy to take initiative... And it's okay if you have never had a boyfriend. I have had less than I can count on one hand but I didn't feel really strongly about any of them. It will be so awesome for you when you find the one you're meant for!

VeggieGirl said...

Miss Chickpea, I truly believe that there is someone out there for everyone; and when you're NOT looking, you will find him (or he will find you, or it'll be a mutual discovery, or... you get the idea, haha). All in good time, my friend, all in good time.

Your eats are ALWAYS "perf" :0)

Anonymous said...

Aw Caroline, I have to agree with VeggieGirl - I am also a firm believer that love finds you when you least expect it. It could be that the guy you're friends with now but would never even consider dating will turn into the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. It's just impossible to tell until it actually happens, and I know that comments like that are ridiculously frustrating and cliche - but honestly, they are so true!

On a food-related note, you've reminded me that I need to stock up on Annie's Mac & Cheese! And I was very excited to hear about what you ended up doing with those TVP crumbles! It looks as delish as you said it was!

What did you think of your PB&J cottage cheese? I've had PB with it but not the J...

And thanks again for giving me that smoothie recipe! I'm excited to try it because I just bought some more frozen fruit - yummmm!

Andrea said...

don't worry... i've never had a 'serious' bf (just hookups i guess) either and i'm 20!! just keep the faith and we will find someone!!

love the snacks!! i need to try soynuts asap!

Angie Eats Peace said...

I have lurked on your blog here and there, and wanted to say how much I enjoy it, and have been getting ideas from your creative creations. Thank-you.

Do not worry about finding someone, they will come along when the time is right. It is better to be alone than to settle for someone who is not right for you.

Danielle said...

Oh boy. :) Romantic movies and mushy music may not have helped the situation but I know you're not alone in your thoughts! Last year I went from having a 4-year steady relationship with a guy I thought I was in love with to being single, alone, and basically feeling like the most undesirable girl on earth. I know, at least I had a boyfriend at one point, but the thing is I completely jumped passed all that flirting, and mingling, and hooking up part that most girls experience and I had no idea how, nor any desire, to put myself out there again. After many tears and long months I finally put my life back together again with the help of my wonderful friends. I was feeling happy and confident and at ease with the fact that I didn't need anyone to make me feel that way. And that's when I met my current boyfriend! Not to mention after exchanging numbers at a party at his fraternity house one night... since when do those actually work out? Exactly. My point is that these kinds of things happen when you least expect it and on top of that, when it's the last thing you're looking for. You are a beautiful person, inside and out, so I'm sure that prince charming is right around the corner! Just keep on living your life, enjoy your incredible food (yum!) and he'll come out when he's ready. I'm completely sure of it :). Take care girlie!

Michelle said...

Hi there!
I enjoy your blog and read it regularly, never posted before though. I just wanted to say that I think there are a lot more people are in your situation than it seems, they just don't want to announce it so you would never know it. My 24 year old sister is in the same situation to you, and I'm sure she feels the same way. Just enjoy being you and the right person will come along when you least expect it!

Take care,

magpie said...

Hey, I just found your blog and thought I'd let you know how cool I think it is :)

As for the boy thing... I think it's completely up to chance. Some people happen to meet their someone earlier rather than later - but that probably isn't too helpful. Anyway, looking forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you shared. :) I really think the best relationships are the ones you just end up with. It almost feels like chance. Or it's the person you never thought would work for you.
Your eats look beautiful. I would love to try the squash yogurt!

Emma said...

On the boyfriend front, I would say don't worry! I have had a few serious relationships and am actually really enjoying being single at the moment. I like not having the commitment and boys can be stressful!

Your foods looks yummy as always! I will have to try adding soya nus to salad- I bet it adds some great crunch!

I was wondering: was the butternut squash you used from a tin? They look yummy in your brekkie! I am not sure I can buy tinned butternut squash over here in the UK though : (

ChickPea said...

SportsNutritionLiving: Your kind words mean so much to me...I even read your comment aloud to my mom over the phone yesterday! She completely agrees with you that God is preparing someone for me...I just have to wait for him.
Shelby: Yay for Puffins! I still have yet to try some of the flavors--I have just tried PB and original.
Unfortunately, college guys aren't much better than HS seems most of them just want beer and sex.
MadaboutUdon: You're probably right...I might be building up what a relationship is really like. Glad you liked the food!
Olga: Romance and relationships seem to be popular topics's nice to know that you can understand where I'm coming from!
Ruby: Yeah, people keep telling me that boys are even more insecure and unwilling to put themselves out there than I am. You're right--all this waiting will pay off in the end, I hope!
VeggieGirl: It might just be after college that I find the man of my dreams...the selection here is not quite so promising.
EatingBender: Yes, I suppose the unexpected nature of love is probably one of its strong points. I guess I just need to continue living my life, and he'll come around soon enough.
I just restocked my Annie's supply...but this time I got the Arthur-themed ones. The noodles are shaped like DW! I swear I really am 20.
I liked the PB&J combo with the cottage cheese. My dad eats jam with cc all the time, so the novel part for me was the addition of the peanuts--much better than when I added a rather salty form of PB to my dish of cc. I bet honey-roasted peanuts and your favorite jam would be a delicious combo!
Andrea: It's nice to know that I'm not alone!
Soy nuts are amazing!
Angie: Thanks for de-lurking to comment--I love comments! And you are so sweet to compliment the blog:)
That's a good point--maybe the reason I haven't had a bf yet is because I refuse to settle for someone who isn't right for me...
Danielle: Thanks so much for sharing your story with me! You give me hope that someday, somehow I'll find someone.
Michelle: Thanks for commenting! The enthusiastic response I have gotten from this post has shown me that perhaps I am not the only female alive in this situation of perpetual waiting.
Magpie: Welcome to the blog!
Erin: Yep, you seem to have voiced the consensus--it's all up to chance.
The squash yogurt is delicious, although equally tasty with pumpkin!
Emma: Yep, I think that maybe my schedule is too busy right now anyway for me to have time for a bf. I still imagine how nice it might be every now and then.
The butternut squash I use is canned, and to be honest, it's kind of a rare find in the US too. I think the only place I have seen it is at large natural foods stores. It's not too difficult to prepare from fresh though, so I hope you try it in your breakfast!

Andrea said...

beer and sex. that IS all college guys want! i think you're on to something ;)

Anonymous said...

I know just how you feel with the boy sitch. I just don't seem to have any luck in the guy department. I've been in one "relationship" ever but I don't even count that because it didn't last two months and it wasn't anything serious anyway. I just can't seem to find anyone right for me. Or when I think I do it doesn't work out. Or they screw me over. Seriously, I completely understand your frustration. I want some romancing. :(

On a food note: I've seen that Sunbutter around and been so close to buying it! Maybe I'll pick it up once my next nut butter jar runs out.
And yogurt with butternut squash sounds sooo good.

ashley said...

I'm totally with sportsnutritionliving on this one..You're a fantastic person... so I know the love and marriage deal will come for you- at the right time.

But for right now, enjoy your single time! (Even if it has stretched out longer than you'd like.) I LOVE being with my boyfriend, but I still equally respect being single. Better your understanding of yourself and enjoy time with friends!

Thanks so much for sharing with us.

ChickPea said...

LighterPortions: It's comforting to know that someone feels my pain (as odd as that might sound...). I hope we both find someone right for us soon:)
Ashley: Thanks for your kind words. People keep telling me that I should take advantage of the single life while I have it...

Tracy said...

i'm 22 going on 23 and have never had a i totally know how you feel...=( i mean, it's even harder when you're a twin adn your twin has a boyfriend. it's like what is wrong with you? but i've gotten over it, i'll just wait til someone comes a long and never settle for it's just me and my treadmill bf.

ChickPea said...

Tracy: Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! You're so right--there is NOTHING wrong with you; it's just these wimpy boys.
I laughed out loud at your treadmill comment--I probably do spend enough time at the track to call it a relationship!