Monday, September 8, 2008

Good News, Bad News

The good news is that Hanna left minimal damage around here--lots of wind and rain overnight, but nothing too serious. As a result, the Duke football game was not even delayed! The bad news is...we lost. Oh, well. To be honest, I don't go to football games to admire the team's superior athleticism...I go to people-watch! It's almost as good as the airport in that respect; there are so many people from all different cross sections of the population in one place. Anyway, here is a pic of my friends and me in the stands (I'm the one on the left):
I can't wait for basketball season!!

Despite the rain and disappointing outcome of the football game, I managed to eat pretty well over the weekend. Check it out:

I can't wait until my Living Harvest Hemp arrives--those flavors lend themselves better to creativity. With the berry pomegranate Nutiva, I feel like I must use at least one of the fruits pictured on the package (cherries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, etc.). I know, it doesn't make sense. Anyway this one included strawberries and banana, plus the usual components.
I was a little bummed about the weather on Saturday morning. I attempted to venture to the gym, but the hurricane force winds turned my poor umbrella inside out--I decided the gym wasn't worth risking getting hit my debris. Plus, I could hear my mother's voice inside my head, "You had to get stitches, why?!" Anyway, I used my jump rope and did some strength training in the apartment instead. Afterward, I poured myself a big bowl of Fiber One with dried cranberries, cashews, and soymilk.
Lunch was a bit on the messy side. I cooked up some tofu with leftover pasta sauce and some oregano. I had intended to eat it inside a wrap (as shown), but I attempted my first bite, everything just sort of plopped onto the plate and my hands. Fork and knife will do! I also had a spinach salad, pistachios, and a nectarine.
Here's a fun snack suggestion: French vanilla yogurt with a crumbled graham cracker and a few almonds. Delish.
Before heading out to the game, I need some fast fuel. I wasn't anticipating partaking in the stadium fare: Chick-fil-A and pepperoni pizza. No thanks. Instead, I had a grilled banana-PB sandwich and some raw veggies.
Smoothie was strawberry-mango. Good, but not enough mango action.
I had my usual Sunday stovetop oats yesterday morning. This version included oats, whipped banana, almond butter, cinnamon, and a drizzle of agave nectar. So tasty.
Lunch came from the freezer: just a Boca burger in a pita with avocado and salsa. That's an All American Boca burger you see, the only kind available at SuperTarget. I think I still prefer the vegan variety. I also had some cooked spinach and a nectarine.
I wasn't in the mood to cook anything before my meeting last night, so I just randomly threw some staples together: Ak-maks with tahini and ground red pepper, a big salad, and cherry yogurt with wheat germ.
I hate to be boring, but my smoothie time last night was a repeat: just wonderful, sweet cherries.
I had toast today for breakfast--with a twist. I combined canned pumpkin with cinnamon, agave nectar, and ground flax seed to create a nutty autumnal spread. I also had some plain yogurt with apple slices.
My pre-run snack consisted of PB Puffins and a banana. Can't go wrong with that combination. I had to run on the treadmill today because the track was closed for an event--that was not fun. I like setting my own pace intuitively, not by pushing buttons.
Afterward, I came home to compose an Italian-inspired dip. Using the MB, I combined white beans, spinach, oregano, garlic, and lemon juice.Those are chopped almonds on top. I think I was a bit heavy handed with the spinach in the end (shocker!), but it was still delicious. I spread it on whole wheat pita triangles.
Oh yeah, check out what my guy friend brought me today in statistics class: an apple cinnamon scone! Yeah, that's right: a guy who bakes and isn't ashamed of it. Love it. I might have to enjoy this for an afternoon snack...
I have a dining committee meeting, Bible study, and Jon and Kate Plus Eight tonight, so I better get some work done. Be back Wednesday!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Don't feel bad. You could go to SMU. We ALWAYS lose in football. Soccer was #1 in the nation last year, but no one even noticed, because for some reason, people in Texas just love their football, even when the team is laughably horrible!

shelby said...

Mmm, everything looks amazing! I love the way your oatmeal looks, in fact I may have some for dinner =)

And I'm definetely using that pumpkin combo for my toast this week! It sounds heavenly!!

VeggieGirl said...

Despite the unfavorable outcome of the game, I'm glad that your had fun :0)

I too hope that your Living Harvest Hemp Protein shipment comes soon - I don't go one day without my protein shakes! :0)

Speaking of shakes, I'm LOVING yours (but what else is new??); and I also love the grilled pb sandwich, oatmeal, pumpkin toast, the Italian-inspired dip... and that scone looks insanely good as well!!

Good luck with your busy evening!!

eatingbender said...

Aw, too bad you lost ;o) Seriously though, good game and I'm glad you had fun! It is hilarious to people watch - one of my favorite things about going to shows, games, etc.

I like the addition of cashews on top of the cereal - I'm loving cashews lately.

I have to try this toast/cracker with tahini idea - it sounds amazing! And that nutty autumnal spread sounds perfect on toast!

How cool that your friend likes to bake and isn't afraid to admit it! That apple-cinnamon scone sounds incredible!

sweetpotato said...

I'm glad everything was safe!

Everything looks SO GOOD.

ChickPea said...

CCV: Haha, I'm glad I'm not alone in the football slump. Oh, and I totally know what you mean about the South's obsession with football.
Shelby: Yum, oatmeal for dinner sounds good to me!
VeggieGirl:The game was fun--it just would be nice to win more than one game per season!
EatingBender: I have been on a cashew kick lately too--I like using the nuts on top of cereal, salads, and yogurt.
Tahini with crackers is actually pretty good--I really liked it combined with the red pepper. I like how it just drizzles all over the nooks and crannies of the cracker:)
SweetPotato: Thanks!

Tara said...

The tofu and pasta sauce wrap looks delish!! I need to try that soon. You are very creative with food, and it all looks so yummy. :)

ChickPea said...

Tara: If you do try the wrap, I recommend you use a sturdy wrap and a less liquidy sauce--it will be a lot less messy that way!
Thanks for your kind words!

sportsnutritionliving said...

Your days are like exactly how I was in college. What kind of bible study do you go to??
I love your dip idea with the pita I have to remember that next time I am in a rush and needs something quick and satisfying.. what kind of pita do you use?

linds said...

I absolutely love your blog and read it alll the time- I'm so glad you came to visit mine!

ChickPea said...

SportsNutritionLiving: The Bible study I go to is just a group of girls that gets together every week to talk about Christianity and the Bible within the college context. This semester we're studying Hosea.
I buy Ezekiel pitas--they're in the freezer section.
Linds: Aw, thanks! I've already subscribed to your blog on Google Reader:)

sportsnutritionliving said...

Ohh very interesting with the bible study... I went to a christian bible study in school too.. that is an integral part of my everyday and it helps to make my week more focused on what my priorites should be!

ChickPea said...

SportsNutritionLiving: I couldn't agree more!

tofufreak said...

i love tofu spaghetti sauce wraps! i find that if i cube the tofu small enough and pan fry them first before adding just enough sauce to make it moist, the wrap holds together better.

the pumpkin spread looks super yummy!

ChickPea said...

TofuFreak: Thanks for the tip! I will definitely try that next time.