Monday, September 15, 2008

An Unexpected Houseguest

As Kristen and I were heading out to our chapter meeting last night, we discovered this cutie wandering dangerously close to the bus route: After checking out the neighboring apartments for an open door or a concerned owner, we took her back to our apartment. We called the housing staff on call, and fortunately, she knew to whom the pup belonged. While we waited for her to be picked up, we played around with our little houseguest--she especially enjoyed helping us make dinner!

Anyway, once again, I have quite a few things I need to do this evening, so I am posting now rather than later. Here's the weekend recap:

After a hot and difficult run across campus, I returned to my apartment and made a peach parfait. This one included peach yogurt, sliced peaches, Fiber One, flax and cinnamon. Delish. This kept me fueled for several hours.
I headed to the football game, where I witnessed another Duke victory; we beat Navy 41-31. Nice. Anyway, I didn't get home until about 4, so I was about to eat my arm by the time I finally sat down to eat. What's easy, fast, nutritious, and tasty? Scrambled tofu, of course. A simple combination of tahini, Bragg's, ginger, and tofu, all wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla. A sliced apple and organic baby carrots added some crunch. Due to my extremely late lunch, I didn't eat dinner until much later in the evening. After much indecision, I finally just swiped one of Kristen's sweet potatoes and cooked it up with black beans for a hash dish. I added cumin, minced garlic, and chili powder for flava'. That crowded plate you see also had some green beans and salad with sliced avocado, plus I had a dish of cottage cheese with wheat germ. Ah, wheat germ. One of nature's most perfect foods. I finally got the chance to try Living Harvest's Cocoa Chili flavor! No disappointments here. I blended it with a frozen banana and soymilk, and added some dairy-free chocolate chips from Enjoy Life. Geez, I better do a round of product reviews soon--they're piling up!
My weekly stovetop oats were inspired by some of my fellow bloggers; I decided to add pumpkin to the mix instead of banana. I have used pumpkin in my oats before, but that was back in the days of microwave cookery. Cooking it on the stovetop is a completely different story. YUM. I added lots of cinnamon to the pot while cooking, thus the unattractive hue of the oats. Next time, maybe I'll just add it on top to make it more pleasing to the eye. Anyway, here's what went into this mound of deliciousness: oats, soymilk, pumpkin, cinnamon, and cashew butter.
I had a slab of tofu itchin' to be eaten yesterday, so I just threw that on my friend, the George Foreman. Along with chopped avocado and salsa, it made for quite the tasty sammie. I also had a sliced apple and a spinach-mushroom salad.
While entertaining our furry friend, I managed to cobble together dinner: black beans and couscous (no rice!), green beans, spinach, and plain yogurt with cashews.
My addiction to chocolate has come back with a vengeance. I had another cocoa chili smoothie last night, using frozen strawberries this time. Some of the chocolate chips sank to the bottom, so I was greeted with an extra tasty surprise when I reach the bottom of the glass. Mmm.
I wanted to arrive early to my stats exam today, so I made overnight oats last night to save time in the morning. This version had a decidedly tropical twist: oats, soymilk, coconut, sliced kiwi, and cashews. It would have been better if I weren't nervously reviewing distributions and Z scores:(
The pre-run snack today was half a Chocolate Chip Clif bar and an apple. It wasn't exactly energizing. I think I just need straight-up carbs.

After my workout, I made a quick black bean burrito, using black beans, avocado, the last of salsa, and a whole wheat tortilla. I think black beans are my favorite variety of beans for burritos--pintos just don't cut it.
Alright, I should probably read a bit before my busy evening begins. Ciao for now.


Anonymous said...

What an ADORABLE houseguest!

Another yummy parfait, sweet potato and black bean hash, pumpkin oatmeal, a cocoa chili smoothie with chocolate chips on the bottom - everything looks incredible, as per usual! I'm looking forward to those product reviews!!

I took statistics for psych sophomore year - we had take-home tests, it was quite the blessing! I hope your exam went well :o)

I love the kiwi and coconut in your last oatmeal pictures. What a tropical delight!

Have a great night!

sweetpotato said...

What a cute puppy! I'm glad you rescued the cutie to safety!

Your shakes are always so delicious looking!

Anonymous said...

I totally LOVE black beans, too.. far superior to any other bean out there, imho.

Mmm.. pumpkin oats! Gosh, so many have been making it.. guess that means I'll have to make some for me soon, too!

I wish I had such an unexpected house guest.. she's so adorable!

Anonymous said...

all of those meals look amazing!
awwww, I would have such a hard time giving up the pup!
And, you go to Duke?! wow, I go to UNC...haha truce among food bloggers!

Anonymous said...

AWWW! That puppy is adorable =)

Mmm pumpkin oatmeal!

VeggieGirl said...

That puppy is TOO AMAZINGLY PRECIOUS!!!! Kudos to you for bringing her inside, to safety :0)

Hooray for Duke winning!!

Miss Chickpea, WHY do you do this to me?!?!??!! WHY must you make such delicious meals and shakes and ALWAYS post them?!?!?! You keep tempting me!!! Keep it up ;0)

Anonymous said...

Hey Caroline,
I think I may have commented here a few times before, but mostly I am just a lurker who reads your blog all the time and loves it. But I am de-lurking again because I just discovered a truly amazing breakfast, and I am telling everyone I know about it (all the bloggers whose blogs I love to read) because it is just too good to not share. It’s called Banana Blender Cereal, and it tastes like eating banana bread in a bowl! I found the recipe off of chocolate covered vegan’s blog.

Here's the link:

It is sooooo good, eaten cold, or especially when heated up!!

Anyway, keep up the fun blog.


Anonymous said...

Awww how cute is that puppy?! I would have been so tempted just to not bother looking for the owner.. haha

And a cocoa chili smoothie sounds Especially topped with chocolate chips mmmm

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that is the cutest pup i have ever seen!

I love mexican inspired meals... do you ever use sour cream... RF sour cream and guac are my favorite additions!

Emma said...

I hope your exam went okay. I hated stats but ended up finding that it was my exam that scored the highest in last year! I definitely remember learning abou z scores and different types of distributions!

All the food looks yummy! I have never tried manking my own tofu sandwich before, although I have enjoyed them out before.

I am also desperate to try oats with pumpkin, although here in the UK I am not sure how easy it is to buy canned pumpkin. It is coming up to Halloween though so maybe I might get lucky as all things pumpkin-related seem to srping up in the shops! Anyway I will keep my eye out!

Danielle said...

Ah so cute! I love good looking house guests ;)

ChickPea said...

EatingBender: I am so jealous of your take-home tests--ya know, I have never had a class that offered those, and I really I wish I would...
Kiwi+coconut is a great combo--I recommend it!
SweetPotato: Thanks!
VeganNurse: I'm glad someone else appreciates the black bean as much as I do. Pumpkin, does seem to be a trend lately--at least it's a tasty trend.
GrkGrl: Yep, part of me wanted to just keep the puppy, but then I realized that I am too poor and too busy to adequately care for one.
Uh-oh, Tar Heel alert! Haha jk--here's to a truce.
Shelby: She was adorable!
VeggieGirl: Haha, you know the only reason I post my meals is to tempt you. Seriously though, I'm glad to have you as a reader/commenter/friend:)
Sarah: Wow, you've got me pegged--that recipe sounds so delicious! I will give it a try really soon--I LOVE banana bread!
You should de-lurk more often!
LighterPortions: Yep, I would have liked to keep her, but I decided to be an honest citizen (this time!).
SportsNutritionLiving: I am a fan of Mexican too. I actually don't really like sour cream, although I might try using Fage as a replacement since so many people seem to enjoy it that way. Guacamole is perhaps my favorite condiment...besides salsa...and maybe hummus too.
Emma: The exam went well--I'm glad it's over! Hmm I hope you find some canned pumpkin. I think it's a great addition to a lot of foods, not just oatmeal.
Danielle: Yes, those are the best kind!

Anonymous said...

Haha Ok I will leave comments more often!

-Sarah, who also loves banana bread :)

Ruby Red Vegan said...

That dog has the most innocent eyes I have ever seen -- I think I would have had trouble parting with her!

Oh my gosh, the peach parfait looks awesome! I have a clear glass now so I can pretend like I have a cute parfait cup like yours, but I love peach parfaits as snacks recently!

Another brilliant combo = sweet potatoes and beans! Yum! I love sweet pots (ha) with cumin and coriander.

Ahh, it must be so annoying how pre-run snacks affect you differently all the time. Why does it have to be so finicky and scientific?!

I am going to have to start combining guac and tofu. You seem to do it all the time and it looks great. And I thought of you this week when I made more "cashew" ginger tempeh (with almond butter). I think it's partially your fault that I crave nut butter at every meal! :)

ChickPea said...

Ruby: Yes, it was tough to give her up! I would never be able to care for a puppy right now though!
Yay for a parfait glass-- I enjoy eating parfaits so much more when I can see all the pretty layers!
Hmm I don't have much experience using coriander in my cooking. If I'm not mistaken, I think it's the seeds that grow into cilantro?
Tofu+guac is a great combo--it provides substance and creaminess at once--love it!
Haha, I do love my nut butters--I feel like I have never have enough different kinds!