Sunday, October 26, 2008

Raw Diet for Weight Loss, Kashi Videos, and New Candy Bar Labels

I apologize for the delay of today's feature post...the parents have left, so I had lots of work to catch up on! Gotta love Sunday evenings, right?

Anyway, I have loads of good articles and websites to share with you tonight. As always, I invite you to read and comment on these links, or share your own recent reads.

Raw Diet for Weight Loss
I have always been intrigued by raw diets and raw cookbooks; you'd be amazed at some of the scrumptious raw desserts you can make. While I don't think I would ever go 100% raw permanently, it might be an interesting mode of eating to experiment with. This article discusses the weight loss benefits one woman has enjoyed thanks to her raw eating habits. What do you think? Have you ever tried a raw diet? Do you have a favorite raw recipe or cookbook?

Harvard Removes Calorie Information

Harvard University recently ended their practice of providing nutrition information for meals served on campus for fear of encouraging eating disorders. While some might be disappointed in such a development, I applaud the university for taking action against eating disorders, which run rampant among institutions of higher learning. What's your take on this change of policy?

Kashi Videos
On a lighter note, I discovered these quick "Eating Well" videos on Kashi's website. The nutritional advice they provide is pretty simple, but I think it's a great idea to provide more health resources for the Kashi community.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Herbs and Spices
As a loyal fan to Rachael Ray, I regularly visit her website and subscribe to the newsletter. The newsletter recently featured a link to this Herbs and Spices Guide. So handy, especially for foodies like me:)

The Truth about Candy Bars
Mars, the famous candy bar producer, recently announced that it will introduce a new labeling system for their products, enabling consumers to more easily understand the truth about what they're eating. A bit of an unexpected tactic from a candy bar company, but I appreciate their efforts to make sweets addicts everywhere more aware of their treats' nutritional values.

That's all for back tomorrow for a full report of the weekend's eats!


Danielle said...

Don't apologize, my dear, hope you had a fun time with your parents! Thanks for the links :)

magpie said...

Great links! I've been following the news about the Harvard situation.

Sarah said...

Hey there! I've given you an award :) Thanks for writing such a great blog!

VeggieGirl said...

No worries, girl!! This past weekend was definitely busy for you.

As you know I follow a high-raw diet, but definitely NOT for weight loss - I follow it for my own personal wellbeing (and it's helped me tremendously). I highly recommend reading the raw food books by Sarma Mengalis, Ani Phyo, Carol Alt.... AND MORE!! :0)

Agnesss =) said...

HEy Caroline..!!

You know I'm currently 100% RAW =)) And enjoying it VERY MUCH!!

As it comes to books..I'm pretty limited here...but try those books VEGGIE GIRL mentioned before!! DEFINITELY!! =)) it comes to my favourite recipes...I HAVE SO MANY!!! And still creating and finding NEW ONES!! =)) for the desserts.. I LOVE A CREAMY RAW CHEESECAKE... mmm mmm...OH SO DELICIOUS!!!!!! =))

Hope to see you on my blog ..on my new post..=))

And...hope to see your email soon...:)))

Enjoy the day!!

Wholesome Foodie said...

I'm not currently 100% raw but I've done a raw diet over the summer and it made me feel soooo much better. It really is amazing!

Kristen's Raw said...

Raw was life changing for me. I'm currently in a diet of HRAV (high raw, all vegan) and I love it.

I originally went to raw for energy, better sleep, to get the glow, maintain my ideal weight. But, now, as I see so much cancer happening to (young) people around me following a SAD diet, my main goal with Raw is to prevent cancer.


ChickPea said...

Danielle: Thanks for stopping by!!
Magpie: Yeah, I think the Harvard situation is interesting as well...might just set a precedent for the future of nutritional information on college campuses.
Sarah: Thanks so much!! I'll mention it in my next post:)
VeggieGirl: As always, you are a wealth of information. I will add some of those books to my Xmas list!
Agnes: Creamy raw cheesecake? Holy yum! Everything you make sounds so delicious and healthy!
Wholesome Foodie: Thanks for your input--it makes me want to try a raw week or something similar.
Kristen's Raw: I'm so glad that the diet has worked so well for makes me want to give it a try in the near future!

HangryPants said...

I definitely see your point about Harvard's decision. I think when I was in college it would have made me overly concerned with calories, but I did not have an eating disorder. Do you think that if someone wants to find out nutritional information for foods and develop an eating disorder, they'll find a way?

Also, love your black and white plates. Wherever did you find them?

ChickPea said...

HangryPants: I don't think that removing the nutritional information will automatically cure the campus of EDs; I am sure that they will still exist. However, the removal will make it less convenient for those who already have an ED and perhaps will prevent future students from developing an unhealthy obsession with calories.

I got the plates at Target!! They came as a set, with 4 large dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 mugs, and 4 soup bowls--all for under $50! Love it.