Saturday, October 18, 2008

Return of Blue Devils Basketball

Sorry to be so late in posting my third installment of the week; I have been busy immersing myself in the joy that is Duke basketball. Upon my arrival to campus in 2006, I developed an intense love for Duke basketball, an odd occurrence for a girl who hadn't taken much interest in professional sports for the first 18 years of her life. Some of you may have heard of the "tenting" tradition at Duke. We students camp out on the lawn in front of Cameron Indoor Stadium for 2 months in order gain access to a single game, the match against our cross-town rival, UNC at Chapel Hill. I was one of those crazy kids, sleeping in a tent in 20* weather in hopes of getting good seats for the much-anticipated game. After an experience like that, it's hard not to remain a loyal fan.

After enduring the torturous summer and fall months without basketball, the 2008-2009 season is finally under way. Last night was the annual "open practice," in which the coach (the legendary Coach K) allows the public to watch the team as they hone their skills. This afternoon I attended the annual Blue White Scrimmage, an event in which the Duke players divide into teams and play against one another. It was great to be back in Cameron--the atmosphere of the stadium is like nothing else. Once you step inside, you can sense the energy bouncing off the walls, and the abundance of team spirit becomes infectious.

OK, now that I have exposed myself as a complete basketball junkie, I suppose I should address the foodie stuff.

I took a temporary hiatus from harvest-time on Wednesday evening and decided on a tropical theme for smoothie time.
Strawberry, pineapple, and coconut combined with vanilla hemp and soymilk always make for a winning combination. Thursday
I liked
CCV's Banana Bread Blender so much the first time that I gave it another try yesterday morning. Not only is it incredibly delicious, it is so simple too--one-bowl breakfasts are quite the boon when you are without a dishwasher. For lunch, I picked out a recipe from the hummus section of ED&BV, White Bean Hummus with Basil and Thyme. I had neither fresh basil nor thyme, but I made do with dried varieties. I wasn't precise with my measurements as I was ultimately aiming to use up the rest of these never-ending Great Northern Beans, but the flavors ended up spectacular nonetheless. You can hardly go wrong with tahini and garlic:) I spread the scrumptious goop on toasted whole wheat and served it alongside a salad, green beans, and a gorgeous Fuji apple. Kristen and I received a surprise package yesterday: a Halloween tin from the Popcorn Factory! Thanks, Mom and Dad:) Here are a few of the highlights: I whipped up dinner in record time on Thursday. Between Facebook and homework (the two activities that take up most of my time), I completely lost track of time--meaning I had limited time before my church group meeting. I ended up making dinner, scarfing it down, and doing the dishes within the span of about 30 minutes--beat that, Rachael Ray! Anyway, I selected another ED&BV favorite, Peanut Passion Sauce as the star of my dinner. I quickly baked some tofu in a screaming hot oven, steamed some asparagus, and cooked up a serving of whole grain couscous. I added a rather unphotogenic orange at the last minute. I wish I had been able to take my time and enjoy this feast. I realized last night that I have been neglecting the chocolate chili variety of my Living Harvest hemp for far too long. I combined strawberries, chocolate hemp, soymilk, and dairy-free chocolate chips for a chocolate-covered strawberry, in liquid form. Yum. Friday
I have attempted
vegan French toast multiple times but never been completely satisfied with the results. After a thorough perusal of my favorite cookbooks, I found a recipe that looked like a winner: Tofu Banana French Toast from The Imus Ranch Cookbook. I blended silken tofu, half a banana, vanilla extract, rice milk, and agave nectar to make a thick batter for the bread. A dip in the batter and a few minutes in the pan made my whole grain bread go from boring to sensational. I topped the slices with cinnamon, pecans, agave nectar, and the rest of the banana. *Food Fugue* PS One great advantage of the vegan French toast is that you can eat the extra batter without worries of food-borne it kept my hunger at bay while I waited for the toast to cook! Following a big shop at Whole Foods, I came home to prepare a simple but tasty lunch. I made a grilled Tofurky-tomato sandwich on whole wheat, a Waldorf salad (apple, vegan mayo, almonds, and raisins), plus a salad of mixed greens . Do you like my new fall-ishplacemats? After the open practice, my friends and I hit up one of our favorite local eateries, Elmo's Diner. We have dined there regularly since arriving at Duke, and I have never had a bad meal there. Last night, I opted for the Vegetarian Taco Salad (sans cheese and sour cream) and a side of fresh fruit. The salad was delicious, but a little spicier than I was expecting! I had to get some mint tea to calm down my tastebuds. I didn't get any dessert at Elmo's, but I ended up needing a little something sweet when we returned to the apartment. Kashi cookie to the rescue! I washed it down with an ice cold glass of rice milk. Look for a review in the future:) The smoothie last night was nothing new--just my favorite combination evah. Yep, peaches, mango, vanilla hemp, and soymilk. Whew! I need to actually get some work done this weekend, so I must conclude this lengthy post. Before I go, I'll leave you with some basketball pics.


VeggieGirl said...

No worries about the later-than-usual post!! Glad to read that you're now a loyal fan of Duke's basketball team :0)

Loving all the eats and smoothies, as always!! I really want to join you for these meals and snacks, haha!!

Yes, the fall placemats are gorgeous!!

Hooray for a care-package from Mom!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Miss Chickpea!!

Erin of Care to Eat said...

Sports are fun!
The Waldorf looks fabulous. My favorite.

Anonymous said...

Yay you made the banana bread cereal again! Next time I make it, I'm going to try your cinnamon idea. I also want to try that hemp powder.


Ruby Red Vegan said...

I have really missed your posts! I love reading them, even though lately I haven't had much time to comment...The Broccoli Hut is one of my guilty pleasures as far as reading goes. :)

So, since you seem to be the expert, how on earth do you prepare your super-duper quick baked tofu, that you served with the peanut sauce? (Do you just stick the plain tofu in the oven? I've never tried that...)

And you really are a devoted fan...Tenting in that kind of weather! Crazy!

Kimberly said...

Coach K!! :D

That grilled sandwich looks SO delicious!

Agnesss =) said...

HeYooo !!

Hah it's SOOO great to have a PASSION for something!! :D And BASKETBALL means FUN!! CooL =))!! Enjoy!!

Well..delicious meals ..VERY delicious :)) and I love the way you present them..:D keep it like that!! :D

Chickpea!! I'm going to write you the email I've promised :D stay tuuned :D

enjoy the weekend!!


flower said...

Your french toast looks soooooooo good I tried french toast when I was in the states, I wasnt that keen, but I may trry this version

AGNESSS =)) said...

Heyyyy heyy !!

That's me here..Agnes =))
I hope you recived my email!! :DD Please LET ME KNOW!!!

And..if you have some time pls visit mny blog for the new post :)) I'll b HAAAAPPY!!! :D

Wish you a great start into the week!!


shelby said...

Everything sounds so delicious!!! You are a genius in the kitchen =)

eatingbender said...

I have been a Duke basketball FANATIC for as long as I can remember. I don't know if I've ever told you this, but I lived in NC from ages 2-6. And I had a lot of Duke memorabilia when I was that age :o) Of course, my obsession grew when I was in middle school because I was in love with basketball. I actually used to dream of playing for Duke! Haha, and I still have a sweatshirt for proof of my loyalty! However, it sounds like you are an even MORE dedicated fan - I had no idea about the camping out for tickets! I love all the pictures, too - that open practice sounds like so much fun!

Of course, aside from loving basketball, I loved all of your eats! Particularly the care package from Mom & Dad - I see mellowcreme pumpkins!! My favorite Halloween treat!

ChickPea said...

VeggieGirl: If I could have you over for dinner one day, I totally would!
Erin: Waldorf never gets old--so crunchy, so sweet, so delicious.
Sarah: I am just itching to try a variation on this thing--got any ideas? I was thinking of trying pecans next time and maybe adding another fruit to the mix. What do you think?
Ruby: I am honored to be one of your guilty reading pleasures! I hope you enjoyed the tofu post to answer your question!
Kimberly: Coach K is the best...the grilled sammie wasn't bad either:)
Agnes: I couldn't agree more--I think people who have a passion are so much more interesting that those who don't! Mine just happen to be food and basketball:)
Flower: Please do try French toast again--it can be quite delicious!
EatingBender: Wow, I had no idea you were such a fan!! Be prepared to talk basketball in the coming months:)
Those mellowcreme pumpkins are almost gone thanks to a certain roomie!