Monday, October 20, 2008

Too Many Distractions, Not Enough Time

Normally, I am a conscientious student who has no problem getting her work done. That description does NOT apply right now. I have a big midterm on Thursday for my "Gender and Language" class, but I have been slackin' on the study schedule for the past few days. I meant to do the bulk of my studying yesterday, but somehow time just got away from me. (Strike 1). Today, I intended to get some studying done between classes...I decided to have a tea date with a friend instead. (Strike 2). Due to a fortuitous, last-minute class cancellation, I planned on squeezing in some study time this afternoon...I planned out my spring classes instead; the schedule just became available today. (Strike 3). Rather than make another ill-fated attempt before my busy evening, I sit here typing to you. I've got priorities:)


Weekend mornings are supposed to be relaxing, right? Wrong. I had a meeting at 11 on East campus, so I decided to head over there early to squeeze in some treadmill time. Let's just say I ended up getting out of the meeting at 12, running to the bus stop, stuffing my face with "breakfast," showering in 3 minutes flat, and running to the basketball stadium for the scrimmage. Anyway, here's what the meal looked like: mini bagel with Sunbutter, pear, and plain yogurt with pumpkin. I scarfed it down as I stepped into the shower, so I don't really remember if it tasted good.

For lunch, I decided on an old standby: Goddess Garbanzos. This was a pimped out version though because I added chopped carrot, dill, and kelp granules. I stuffed it into a pita and served it alongside a spinach salad and an apple.
I kept dinner simple too. I finally finished that box of Boca burgers so that I could get the good stuff--Amy's Bistro Burgers. Bistro patty + whole wheat bread + organic ketchup/mustard = darn tasty sandwich. I also had a salad, steamed asparagus, and a banana with cashew butter.
The vanilla hemp supply has sadly dwindled to near nothingness, so I have been experimenting with the chocolate variety. Saturday's was blueberry-flavored, with a few chocolate chips on top. Surprisingly delicious.
Yesterday morning, I decided on making a "harvest pie fusion" a bowl of oats. Pumpkin, oats, ginger, cinnamon, brown sugar, and pecans made for quite the breakfast treat. No need to decide between pumpkin and pecan pie, when you can have both in your oatmeal for breakfast!

In an effort to use up some things in the fridge before the start of a new week, I made hash for lunch yesterday: spinach, red onion, garlic, silken tofu, nutritional yeast flakes, plus a few spices I don't remember. On the side I had toast and an apple with cashew butter.
Dinner was prepared and consumed in about 10 minutes. (Pesky chapter meetings...) As a result, it was rather uninspired: hummus and pita, salad with soynuts, and broccoli. When I got home I had a banana with Sunbutter too.
The shake last night was another choco-berry experiment that turned out scrumptious. Strawberries, cherries, chocolate hemp, and soymilk made for a tasty evening snack. I randomly added wheat germ on top for texture.
Another typical, rushed Monday morning. Cheerios with rice milk and dried cranberries, plus an apple with PB. Totally boring.

I remembered to buy some lentils at Whole Foods last week for the Blogger Secret Ingredient contest, (although I think it has ended now...oh well). I put those to use for lunch today. I combined lentils, garlic, spinach, ginger, cumin, and creamy tahini and served it alongside whole grain couscous and an organic pear. Delish.
As a side note, I thought I would show you some coupons that I scored at Whole Foods:
They were sticking out from the bottom shelf in the bar aisle, where the Z bars typically hang out. 50 cents off an individual bar makes them less than 20 cents each! I like that price. S'mores bar, anyone?

OK, I am off to my meetings, etc. Please send "motivation vibes" my way so that I might actually study in the near future!


glidingcalm said...

Z bar coupons! SCORE! I love your eats, as always..though it's getting to that time of year where the thought of smoothies makes me chilly!!

oh and I ADORED your tofu post. I think I am in love with tofu just as much as you are!! I crave it daily!! Today I went a got a huge plate of WF's Hot Bar, and pretty much piled high on the 5 tofu dishes they had. AMAZING

happy Monday evening and Tuesday, Chickpea!!!

VeggieGirl said...

Oh man, I hear ya on the super-busyness, girl - hang in there!!! Kudos to you for STILL creating meals and snacks during the chaos that are not only pleasing to the eye, but pleasing to the taste-buds as well :0)

Roxana said...

That hash looks really tasty!
And I will definitely have to try that pumpkin/pecan oatmeal mmmm

shelby said...

I hate scarfing down meals too quickly! I like to savor my food and try not to burn my tounge hehe

Andrea said...

ive missed your super tiny apple slicing!!! however your tofu post was killer. good luck with work. you can get it done!!

Kimberly said...

You can do it, superstar! I was a HUGE procrastinator in college, but once I finally got started, the sense of productivity felt as awesome as a drug.

Pumpkin pecan pie oats may be, hands down, the best breakfast creation EVER. The two best parts of Thanksgiving in one healthy bowl :)

By the way, since I know you share my love of tahini, have you tried black sesame paste? I finally picked some up at the Chinese market, and it is even BETTER (and more nutritious)! I highly recommend.

Lacey Nicole said...

I loooove Mamba Sprouts coupons!!! I have these, too,... and there are also coups for Clif Nectar bars,... Oikos greek yogurts... and soooooo many other things I buy anyway!

Hmm back at Caravan of Dreams in NYC-- I wanted to order EVERYTHING! just because I had never been to a place of this caliber and such new-interesting-healthy-delicious foods.

Our table ordered:

Classic Nachos
Hailed by The New York Times as "wonderful... better than at most Mexican restaurants," our version of this classic appetizer features organic tortilla chips smothers in black bean chili, fresh guacamole, salsa, and vegan sour cream.

Arabian Style Hummus
The New York Times called our homemade hummus "rich, moist, and flavorful" Served with sprouted whole wheat chapati and garnished, with olive oil, zatter herbs, tomatoes, parsley, and onions.

And for my entree I had:

Vegetable Medley
A sprouted-grain tortilla dressed with your choice of Arabian hummus or pesto and balanced mixed vegetables and tahini.

Everything was soooooooo good and my entree was HUUUUUGE. :) mmmm,... I want to go back.

I don't even know what would compare in Boston...???

Erin of Care to Eat said...

There was so many delicious foods in this post that I literally don't know what to say!
I do the same procrastinating thing. Stress is definitely motivating! I always tell me self, "Chill out, you always get everything done." I don't know if that would help you but it works for me. :)

ChickPea said...

GlidingCalm: Somehow, no matter how cold it gets, I seem to always make room for a chilly smoothie. Call my crazy!
Glad you liked the tofu post!
VeggieGirl: Same to you--I hope you're able to get some relaxation in...eventually.
Roxana: Both were quite delicious and super-easy, the best combination in my book.
Shelby: Exactly! I like the take the time to enjoy my meals, but sometimes it's just not possible. Hate those tongue burns!
Andrea: I have been paying special attention to my apple slices recently thanks to your comment:)
Kimberly: Haha, I don't think I would have ever thought to compare productivity to a drug, but the analogy totally works.
I have never tried black sesame paste, but I am quite intrigued. Thanks for the tip!
Lacey Nicole: Thanks so much for filling me in on Caravan of Dreams. Everything you ordered sounds fantastic!
Erin: That's a great tactic, actually. I just need to get a mantra and chill out. Thanks!