Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Remember when I visited the dog breeder over Thanksgiving? Well, my sister and her husband officially brought home their boxer pup for good on Sunday afternoon, and I have been soakin' up the puppy love ever since. Greta is going to be so spoiled--because her Aunt Caroline is already smitten with her! Here are a few pictures from her first few days at home:
Here's what I've been munching on, between my cuddle sessions with Greta and Christmas shopping:

I indulged myself a little on Monday by making a Chocolate-Banana Shake with chocolate pudding, frozen banana, soymilk, and chocolate Spirutein. I also had some chocolate syrup on top, which promptly sank to the bottom.
I sampled another variety of Rudi's bagels yesterday morning. This time, I toasted up a cinnamon raisin bagel and spread it with Cinnamon Raisin PB, of course. On the side, I had a peach-blueberry smoothie made with almond milk. Perfect fuel for hittin' the mall!
Amidst my Christmas shopping, I managed to make a stop at Williams-Sonoma, where I got myself a few foodie treats. Oddly enough, I discovered both of these items through food blogs!
For lunch, I made some fajitas with refried black beans, chopped avocado, and salsa. I served those alongside a salad and clementines.
Before heading out for more shopping and a visit with Greta, I made a quick dinner: Coconut Curry Chickpeas from Clean Eating. I made a few alterations, namely the subsitution of broccoli slaw for shredded cabbage. Believe it or not, there are some vegetables I simply refuse to eat, and cabbage is one of them! On the side, I had an Ezekiel pita, salad with Woodstock dressing, and fresh blackberries.
My smoothie last night consisted of a classic combo, strawberry and banana. I combined strawberries, banana, soymilk, and berry hemp protein for a delectable treat.
I was famished this morning after my workout, and nothing fills me up like scrambled tofu. I added zucchini and mushrooms to the usual tahini, ginger, soy sauce, and garlic. I had toast and a clementine on the side. Do you have a favorite meal to prepare when you're really hungry?
Today's lunch was a taco salad, consisting of homemade tortilla chips, lettuce, leftover refried black beans, and Smoky Avocado Sauce from ED&BV. I rounded it out with some mango.
I am off to watch the Duke game on TV with my B-I-L Ryan. Let's go Blue Devils!

Be back soon!


Erica said...

oh my gosh Greta is sooooo cute! Glad you got some good shoppin in- LOVE Williams Sonoma!

VeggieGirl said...


Sorry girl - your eats are amazing as always, but Greta is occupying my attention, haha :-D

shelby said...

Greta is ADORABLE!!!!

When I'm really hungry?? I love to make a big veggie sandwich because it's so fast. Or a stir-fry. Yum.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Mmm scrambled tofu is definitely one of my favorite post-workout breakfasts.

Aww, and thanks so much for making the pudding! I get so excited when people try my recipes :o) :o).

Danielle said...

Greta is adorable! You're one lucky aunt :)

Amazing choices from Williams Sonoma!

K said...

OH MY GOSH! What a cute dog! I want to get a boxer as my next dog so if Greta goes missing.... ;)

You never fail to impress me with your meals - you're such a talented cook!!

Kimberly said...

What an absolute cutie!! Was she named after Greta Garbo?

When I'm starving, I love a good avocado-veggie sandwich, or a nice big bowl of lentil (or pumpkin-black bean) soup.

eatingbender said...

Greta is Great! In fact, I actually typed "great" instead of "Greta" at first! :o)

I really want to find that vanilla extract from Williams-Sonoma because I've seen it on food blogs, too! All your eats look yummy!

flower said...

Such a cute little puppy

Krista said...

Ah cute puppy!

The scrambled tofu looks tasty and I've been eating clementines for the past two weeks- they're great for packing along to work and school!

Lacey Nicole said...

OMG i want a puppy!!!! :)

do you buy spirutein at the store? i discovered the diff flavored packets at a health food store in my hometown, but haven't found it here in boston ... not even at WF! can you buy it online? (i haven't seen it...). thanks!

Courtney (Eat The Whole Thing) said...

Oh MY..Greta! Adorable! I LOVE DOGGIES! Amazing eats. I'm loving those smoothies :) Your blending creations are inspiring!

Catherine said...

That coconut curry looks amazing!! You should submit it for this week's BSI - see my blog for details. Greta is too cute too...

ChickPea said...

Erica: I will pass the compliment onto Greta! Isn't Williams Sonoma a total foodie paradise?!
VeggieGirl: Haha--I think I can spare a little attention for Greta--she IS a cutie.
Shelby: Thanks! Yum--I LOVE making a massive stir-fry when I am really hungry too. I *do not* use chopsticks at those times...
CCV: Nothing refuels me like scrambled tofu!
Your pudding is uber-yum!
Danielle: Thanks!! I hope you are enjoying your time in the States!
K: No dog-napping allowed! Haha, thanks for complimenting my cooking "skills"--I just make simple things look pretty.
Kimberly: No, actually Greta was named after Greta von Trapp from the Sound of Music. Good guess though!
I am totally with you on the avocado sandwich...and the soups...perhaps they'd be even better together?
EatingBender: I did the same thing about 20X while typing my post yesterday.
I haven't tried the vanilla any suggestions?
Flower: Thanks!
Krista: I totally agree--clementines are one of the most convenient fruits out there! I just picked up another crate today:)
Lacey Nicole: I buy a few packets of Spirutein every now and then from a local health food store, but they have a limited selection. Every few months or so, I'll make a big order of the packets from They have pretty much every single flavor! I really wish WF would carry it!
Courtney: Haha, I clearly love my doggies too:)
Your smoothies have been pretty awesome lately too--especially in the Magic Bullet cup!
Catherine: Huh, I would have never thought to submit the recipe to the BSI contest, since carrots are kind of secondary. Is that OK? Plus, I adapted it from a magazine recipe...

K said...

Re: carrots...don't you worry your pretty little head! There was a bowl of salsa that was shy today :)