Monday, December 8, 2008

Killin' Time

With my final papers complete and just one (non-cumulative) exam separating me from my freedom, I am just killin' time now. Sure, I could be studying hard-core for that stat exam...but what's the fun in that? Today's events included an excellent run in the morning, followed by a trip to pick up my paycheck...and an "accidental" trip to Whole Foods. WF is located just across the street from where the Writing Studio, where I picked up my paycheck; the siren song of organic edibles lured me across the crosswalk. I was good though; I just browsed the aisles and picked up the latest issue of Clean Eating, my most recent magazine addiction. I spent the rest of the day semi-studying...and cooking, of course!

Strawberry shakes are the epitome of sweet simplicity. Just strawberries, Nutribody protein, and soymilk went into this treat.
Continuing my quest to "taste the rainbow" through my oatmeal bowl, I decided to tackle the yellow portion of the spectrum with pineapple. Light coconut milk, shredded coconut, and cashew butter added a complementary tropical element. Yum.
I made some simple chickpea tacos for lunch using chickpeas, zucchini, cumin, oregano, ground red pepper, and salsa. I also had a salad and some applesauce with pecans.
For dinner, my friends and I headed to The Washington Duke Inn to kill off some superfluous food points. The Inn is quite ritzy, so it was brimming with luxe Christmas decorations. We couldn't resist a picture by the Christmas tree:)
Anyway, here's a recap of what I ordered: Bibb lettuce salad with pear, bleu cheese, and toasted hazelnuts. Next came my specially ordered entree. I asked for a surprise vegetarian dish, since the menu's meat-free options were quite limited. As it turned out, the sous chef is a vegetarian himself, so I received quite the stunning meal: layered sauteed vegetables atop a potato-fennel pancake. For dessert, I ordered the pomegranate sorbet with fresh berries. Everything was phenomenal, and it was a great way to spend the evening.
After all that food, I still managed to save room for another strawberry shake.
Next up on my oatmeal adventure was GREEN. As you might recall, I attempted to make green oats before (unsuccessfully) with a pistachio Larabar. This time, I definitely achieved a green hue. The magic ingredient was a packet of Amazing Grass, in the berry flavor. Look for a review in the future.
After chapel and a few hours of feverish paper-writing, I took a break for lunch. I made a sweet potato hash with black beans, chickpeas, broccoli, cumin, and ground red pepper. I also had a salad with Goddess dressing and peaches.
I kept dinner simple last night, as my motivation to think was waning after I pumped out page 18 of my paper. I had a salad with soynuts, toast, and an apple with PB.
The shake last night was another Spirutein success. The flavor of choice was cookies 'n cream this time to which I added 1.5 frozen bananas and soymilk. What a great way to reward myself:)
With so much time on my hands today, I got creative with my meals. I started off with some banana fingers: banana dipped in cinnamon-spiked plain yogurt, then rolled in crushed spelt flakes. I used some cashew butter for dipping.
Upon my return from Whole Foods, I heated up a can of lentil soup and served it alongside salad, toast, and Waldorf salad. My Waldorf consists of diced apple, vegan mayo, currants, chopped almonds, and a dash of nutmeg.
For dinner tonight, I dusted off my copy of ED&BV to create some Orange Sesame Tofu. It was superbly delicious, just as I remember it from the last time I made it. I served it alongside whole grain couscous, ginger-laced zucchini and mushrooms, and a salad with orange slices and peanuts. Whew. Lots of food, lots of satisfaction.
I'll be heading to bed soon, but I'm in need of some good reading material. What are you reading right now? Winter break is one of the rare occasions that I have the time to read for pleasure, so I plan to take full advantage of it! Please send any recommendations my way!

Be back Wednesday.

Edited to add: Check out this awesome giveaway at Eating Bender! You all know how much I love blending things...


Whitney said...

You should read Omnivore's's a nonfiction novel so if you're looking for a story that flows it might not be your thing. But you might appreciate it as a vegetarian!

shelby said...

Pineapple oats? Why haven't I ever had that before?! I must get some pineapple asap!
And those chickpea tacos...mmm, delish!

P.S. I got the flower bowl at Target (my favorite store evah)!

Anonymous said...

Do you always eat your toast plain, or do you put something on it to make it taste better? Somehow, I can't imagine toast with nothing on it being very good, but maybe that's just my taste buds.

healthy ashley said...

I can't wait for the review on the green oatmeal! I have a packet in my pantry and thought I could only use it in a smoothie!

Good luck with wrapping up school!

vegannurse said...

What? Study? during finals? nah... lol.

Congrats on being that much closer to freedom.. and you've had amazing eats this week.

The green oats look real interesting, too!

Have a great break and good luck on your last final!

K said...

Haha those damn WF sirens will get ya every time!

Chickpea tacos?! YUM! Cute pic in front of the Christmas tree!

I love the idea of banana fingers!

To answer your question: I am currently reading a fab book called Physics :( Reading for pleasure has been pushed on the back burner until break!

Oh and one more thing just to make this comment the longest in history: Sorry for the U of M v. Duke game ;)

VeggieGirl said...

Hang in there with the studying and everything, girl!!

Phenomenal night out with friends = priceless. Yes, I got that from a Mastercard commercial, but it suits describing your dinner with friends, haha ;-)

You had the sweet potato/black bean dish that inspired my B-S-Cubed dish!!! Loooove it.

Hooray for Clean Eating Magazine!! I'm a subscriber - that's what I'M reading right now, haha!! I don't have time to get into a good novel right now, with so much schoolwork :-(

ChickPea said...

Whitney: I actually have Omnivore's Dilemma lying around my house somewhere...I'll look around for it when I get home!
Shelby: The pineapple oats are delish! BTW, I used frozen pineapple, and it tasted just fine, in case you can't find fresh.
Thanks for the info re:the bowl!
Anonymous: Usually when I eat toast, I use it as a dipper or as a vehicle for spread. In this post, for example, I dipped it in my lentil soup at one meal, while at another I spread some of the PB on it. Plain toast is also great for soaking up scrambled tofu. I hope that clarifies a bit!
HealthyAshley: To be honest, I bought the packet for the express use of making green oatmeal...maybe I should try it in a smoothie before reviewing it...
VeganNurse: I'm glad someone can understand where I am coming from! I hope you have a great break as well:)
K: You should try the banana fingers! It's messy but really tasty and you can mix it up a bunch of different ways.
This "Physics" you speak of...doesn't sound like my kind of book;)
I don't know what game you're talking's a tragedy I prefer to forget.
VeggieGirl: I hope you're hanging in there as well! I'm sure you're busy with finals, etc as well!
Love the Mastercard reference:)
I totally thought of you when I made the sweet potato dish!
I haven't cracked open the new issue of CE yet...I'm kind of saving it as a reward for studying!

eatingbender said...

Thanks for the tag back!

I love your green oats and those banana fingers! How creative!

I'm totally killing time when I could be studying right now :o) Good luck with everything!!

carolinebee said...

ooh i want that blender- but you would DEFinitely put it to good use :D Good luck studying and eating well which you always accomplish, and don't forget your alloted Caroline TIME! :D

Courtney (Eat The Whole Thing) said...

So creative! I love Clean Eating magazine too...can't wait to pick up a copy myself. Good Luck on that last final!

Erin of Care to Eat said...

Right now I'm re-reading THe Kite Runner. It's excellent - really intense.

runroamrecycle said...

I am sadly not reading ANYTHING right now.. that was one thing I completely forgot when I moved out here! I am most definitely look forward to getting some good reads when I go home for break (TOMORROW)!!

Yo.. that banana/yogurt/cereal deal? Do that, and then FREEZE it. Awesome treat when that sweat tooth starts achin'.

ChickPea said...

Eating Bender: No problem. I'd do anything to encourage more people to explore the world of blender creations:)
Good luck to you too!
CarolineBee: Thanks! I hope your week is treating you well!
Courtney: You should def pick up a copy and we can discuss:) I still haven't cracked it open yet--I'm using all my will power to not read it instead of study!
Erin: That is definitely one of those books worth a re-read. I'll see if I can dig up my copy somewhere.
RunRoamRecycle: I am so jealous that you go home tomorrow! I hope you have safe travels!
PS Your idea to freeze the banana blender cereal is genius! Maybe I will try that soon. Thanks for the tip!