Friday, December 12, 2008

Jingle Bells and Gingerbread

Tonight I write to you from the couch, as I sip gingerbread tea and peruse the Williams-Sonoma catalog. Ah yes, life is good.

I had my last exam this morning, and I have been in celebration mode ever since. I finally got to enjoy my little reward that I have been saving all week--the latest issue of Clean Eating. This issue contained plenty of ideas for the next few weeks; I am so excited to get cooking!

Anyway, as a result of waning motivation to study, I've been quite creative in the kitchen these past few days. Check out the goods:

I decided on a tropical smoothie this time: strawberries, pineapple, Nutribody protein, soymilk, and coconut. Delish.
After observing my multiple struggles with the pomegranate, my roommate suggested that I try to make purple oats with pomegranate seeds. Genius! I have yet to experience purple oats in my quest to "taste the rainbow" via my oatmeal bowl. Rather than using the pom seeds as a topping, I added them to the oats during the cooking process, in hopes of achieving a vibrant purple hue. The end result was more of a "lavender," but it was a pretty bowl of oats, nonetheless. I also added some almond butter and wheat germ. Lunch yesterday consisted of a "burger salad" and spicy sweet potato fries. I chopped up an Amy's Texas burger and placed it atop a bed of spinach with mushrooms and tomatoes; I used a few tablespoons of Woodstock dressing as well. For the fries, I seasoned some strips of sweet potato with chili powder and garlic salt, then baked them in the oven for about 15 minutes at 375*; I used organic ketchup for dipping. That's a dish of strawberries on the side.
For dinner, I attempted a new flavor combination with my mozzarella-spinach-apple-onion panini. After browning up the onions for a few minutes, I piled all the ingredients on some whole wheat bread and grilled it on my George Foreman. It turned out to be a delicious sandwich! I had the apple remnants and a salad with pecans and more onions on the side. YUM.
The shake last night featured one of my favorite flavor combinations: chocolate and coconut! Into the blender went: frozen banana, strawberries, chocolate rice protein, cocoa powder, shredded coconut, and soymilk.
I woke up bright and early for my exam this morning and fired up the blender. Banana Blender Cereal! I used almonds this time. I have discovered that I enjoy this dish most when it's not quite pureed--the unexpected chunks of nuts and banana make breakfast so much more enjoyable:)
I packed a lunch for my airport exploits today. I made a simple Sunbutter sandwich and packed it with some carrots and hummus. For a snack, I munched on a big red apple and a Vega bar. *Potential Product Review Alert*
Once I returned home, my stomach was beckoning, full force, so I just made a quick wrap. Remember the Turk'y roast I had for Thanksgiving? I froze the leftovers before I left for school, so I heated that up and wrapped it up with avocado, field greens, and cherry tomatoes. On the side, I had a salad, broccoli, and a bowl of leftover fruit I found in the fridge.
Now I must decide on what to wear for the (multiple) graduations I am attending tomorrow--one sister is graduating from nursing school and one is receiving her MBA. Suggestions? Do you have any favorite outfits lately?
I shall return later on Sunday for another feature post. Enjoy your weekend!


VeggieGirl said...

I actually just got done reading the latest Williams-Sonoma catalog - no joke!! Love that store.

Purple Oats + Spicy sweet potato fries = Holy yum.

Enjoy the graduation ceremony!! Just wear what you feel like wearing :-)

shelby said...

Purple oats!? Delish! And I love that sandwich idea...I think I will try it.

Erica said...

Yayyy for being home- I bet you are just thrilled! Love Williams Sonoma- I always want everything from the catalog.

I agree with Veggie girl on the dress for the graduations! Black Pants and a nice cream/white sweater is always classy?

magpie said...

Hooray for being done! Snuggling up with magazines sounds like fun. Clean Eating is great.

I'm a fan of boots - maybe a cute dress, stockings, and boots?

Lauren said...

I tried to click on the banana cereal because it was bold, but there was no link. How is it "blender" cereal? Is it just banana and oatmeal in the blender? Can you give me the recipe? Thanks.

carolinebee said...

Yummy panini combo, i wouldnt have thought to put apples in there! Congrats on being done..that is the most awesome, relaxing feeling! That's cool about your sisters :D I own a lot of shorter dresses and skirts, so when its colder I like to pair them with black or patterned tights, and boots or flats :D Have fun! said...

i was curious what would happen if i microwaved pom seeds - sounds like a great idea!

K said...

Enjoy your break, girl!!

That panini looks seriously divine!

My favorite outfit isn't exactly graduation worthy but I have a pair of supah dark skinny jeans, grey slouchy flat boots, and then a flowy top that I love wearing :)

ChickPea said...

VeggieGirl: I know, I would like nothing more than to win a shopping spree to Williams Sonoma!
Shelby: Ooh, please do try the sandwich, and tell me which kind of vegan cheese you use--I have yet to find a good "melty" one.
Erica: I AM thrilled to be home. It seems to be a trend among food bloggers to LOVE Williams-Sonoma...
Magpie: I wish I had worn my boots today as you suggested--it was quite cold and windy, so my feet got cold in my pumps!
Lauren: I'm sorry for not including the link in the post, but it's a recipe from Chocolate Covered Vegan's blog. It should be listed on the right hand side of her website at Enjoy!
CarolineBee: The short skirt/dress with leggings combo is super-cute; I will definitely use your suggestion in the near future.
LoveofOats: I haven't tried microwaving the seed since I made my oats on the stovetop. I would be afraid that they would explode in the microwave!
K: Your fave outfit sounds fab, even if it's not exactly graduation appropriate. Enjoy your weekend:)

carolinebee said...

Hey! In response to your veggie burger inquiry :D I have the Dr. Praeger's CA burger variety, i think it's the only one TJ's sells....and it's worth a try, they are very veggie-full, but not burger-like like morningstar or boca burgers...I def use some ketchup to spice it up! I think u should give em the ol' college try :D

Lauren said...

No need to apologize. I was just confused because it was bolded but not linked, so I kept trying to click on the bold thinking something was wrong with my computer!

Tina said...

Vega bar? What'd you think?

ChickPea said...

CarolineBee: Thanks for the info!!
Lauren: Nope, I just bolded to add emphasis, I guess. I hope you found the recipe!
Tina: I really like the Vega bars...I reviewed it in yesterday's post (see above)