Friday, March 27, 2009

Sweatin' Like a Man

Typically, I am not a sweaty girl. Rather, I merely get "dew-faced." I've never had to deal with pit-stains; it's not a big deal if I happen to forget to apply deodorant. Then today happened.

I went to the gym this morning in my yoga pants and T-shirt, as per usual, and remarked to myself, "Geez, it's a little hot out herr." Then I went on my merry way. After my workout, I looked down only to discover that I had oh-so-attractive sweat spots all over my body--the pits, the neck, the back. Eww. Fortunately, I had brought my Puma jacket so I was able to hide the evidence on my walk back to the apartment. Lesson learned: March means it is time to retire the winter gym-wear.

On another note, thanks for all your comments on Wednesday's posts. Rather than endeavor on a potentially restrictive "crap-free week," I am merely going to be more aware of my sugar and sodium intakes for a while--no counting, just focusing on more whole foods. Besides, you know I could never give up my daily Z bar!

Keep those alphabet oatmeal ideas coming! I foresee "I" and "U" being challenges as well...

Now, here's what I've been nibbling as of late:

I had another campus eatery to evaluate for the dining committee--Subway. Call me picky, but I think it's a little absurd not to have a whole grain option for sandwiches. Yes, they have "wheat" and "multigrain," but neither of which is truly whole grain. Thus, I had to make do with a Veggie Delight salad. I didn't even get any apple dippers--the guy in front of me snatched the last pouch. Hmph. Anyway, I returned to my apartment to add a little sustenance to the meal: guacamole and sliced Tofurky, along with a whole grain bagel and an apple.
Snack-time! I had to collect some data for my research methods class, so I brought along a Cherry Pomegranate Nectar bar. It was quite cherry-licious...add another Clif product to my favorites list:) Are you all enjoying the posting of my snacks? I have found that it's motivating me to be more creative with my afternoon noshing.
For dinner, I just made a big pasta salad with whole grain wagon wheel pasta (Hodgson Mill), chickpeas, cucumbers, carrots, celery, steamed broccoli, reduced-fat cheddar, and balsamic vinaigrette. I had a bowl of peaches on the side.
The shake of the evening is a bit of a mystery...I don't quite recall what I put in it. I know raspberries and dark chocolate were involved. That's my Choco-Cherry granola on top.
The next installment for Chobani Week: Strawberry Walnut Parfait! Strawberry Chobani, FRESH strawberries, TJ's High Fiber Cereal, and walnuts. Fabulous.
I had to hurry to meet a professor, so I kept lunch fuss-free. I put the rest of my roasted red pepper hummus in a wrap along with some guacamole--it achieved quite a tie-dye effect. On the side, I had a spinach salad and fresh cantaloupe which I cut up all by myself--a first for me. Yes, I am a big girl now.
Snack-time featured some of those Cinnamon Graham Sticks with applesauce and almonds...and a side of Faulkner;)
For dinner, I made my all-time fave comfort meal: Cashew Ginger Tofu. I swear, I could drink that sauce straight...cashew ginger milkshake, anyone? I had some awesome veggies and whole grain couscous on the side.
The shake last night included chocolate rice protein, dark cocoa, soymilk, TWO bananas, and raspberries.
Breakfast was heavenly today: Tofu-Banana French Toast, another old fave of mine. The best part was the topping: I combined almond butter with that agave-maple syrup--fantastic!
Whole Foods haul:

Highlights: coconut water, Flax & Fig Waffles, tempeh bacon, and Rachel's cottage cheese. Oh, how I do love grocery shopping.
I had another wrapped-up lunch: Goddess Garbanzos in a veggie-wheat wrap, salad, and a chopped pear with wheat germ.
I just finished up today's snack, which featured Crispy Green fruit: freeze-dried bananas! I received these samples so that I would review them for VegFamily...they will get a positive review, methinks. I enjoyed them mixed into plain Greek yogurt with Dark Chocolate Dreams PB.
-Erin is generously sharing her Newman's Own bounty. Enter by March 28th!
-Jenna from Eat, Live, Run is putting together a blogger dessert cookbook! Contribute your recipe to by April 1st at 5PM.

Alright, Alanna (future roomie!) is coming over in a bit for some What Not to Wear and toenail-painting action. Later!


itsawrapteacher said...

I tried your garbanzos in a wrap today and wow, I was impressed! Thanks for the idea :)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Time to retire the winter gym-wear? I thought so too, until I looked at tomorrow's weather report: "feels like 23"

Yup, in Texas in March.

Le sigh. Time to bundle up!

VeggieGirl said...

Enjoy your night with your friend!!

Marianne said...

Yer lucky to not be a sweater. I am definitely in the sweaty category.

Hurray for another parfait! :D But I would have to draw the line at a cashew ginger smoothie. Not a ginger fan!

erinbee said...

oh man. i sweat like a beast.
and i get all red and puffy.

ill never find a man. buzzkill. cream oats?
u..ugli fruit oats?

dailydulcie said...

I love how you are posting your snacks!

The pasta salad you made for dinner looks like a great combination of veggies & whole wheat pasta. YUM! The wagon wheels make the dish ;) Love ittt

Can you PLEASE tell me how to make tofu-banana french toast!? I would DEFINITELY love that combo!!!

Yay for grocery shopping!!

Sarah (lovINmytummy) said...

Yeah, what is Subway thinking? And who did that guy think he was, taking your apples?!

I think you need to quit school and come cook for me. I will supply plenty of whole grain bread and apple slices.

Hate to be a pest, but could you tell me where the Cashew Ginger sauce and French toast recipes are from? And do you have any vegetarian and/or vegan cookbook recs overall?


Katie said...

Everything looks delicious. I agree with you about Subway not having a whole grain option. It's annoying.

shelby said...

I've been wanting to do a crap free week without being too restrictive...thanks for the alternative idea!

I-ice cream oats! haha
U-Ugli fruit?!

Jeez, stealing apples isn't nice man!

Loving all the food of course.

Hope you had a great night with your friend =)

ksgoodeats said...

I've got my thinking cap on for your oat issues! I said this before but I LOVE that you're including your snacks!

Chobani parfait!! :) Get out of here with that french toast - looks amazing! That wagon wheel pasta reminds me of my childhood! I adore your grocery haul!!

luckytastebuds said...

oh my gosh may i live with you in that broccoli hut of yours???? I cant seem to get enough of your wonderful concotions!!! That parfait made me DROOL...and I havent's seen such great pasta salad in a long time. :)

I was wondering though...I didn't realize subway Whole wheat bread wasn't whole grain!! What makes your bagel (or anything) whole grain?

Anne said...

eee i love whole foods. well, not as much anymore because portland has this amazzzzing local grocery store called New Seasons. i don't know how to link it here but you should check it out. i'm sad non-portlanders can't experience the greatness. oh and there's a co-op down the street from me too!
anyway, you're lucky you aren't a sweater. i'm forever sweatin'. i get pit stains just walking to the bus stop often :(

jesslikesithot said...

yes! keep posting those snacks girl!! and aww that pasta!! my mom used to always make pasta with those cute little wheel noodles!! :)....I'll have to bring those back, straight up penne just isn't as fun!