Sunday, March 1, 2009

Girl Scout Oatmeal

As you may know, I am continually expanding the boundaries of oatmeal possibilities. For my first oatmeal endeavor, I aimed to eat a bowl of oats for every color of the rainbow. As evidenced by this post, I managed to span the color spectrum with relative ease. My next breakfast-time challenge was inspired by the annual arrival of Girl Scout Cookie season. In anticipation of the cookie season, my cravings for the sweet little rounds of joy reached maximum I decided to make my own GS cookies--in my oatmeal bowl! I managed to keep most of my renditions relatively healthful, and all successfully satisfied my cookie cravings.



Thin Mints


Lemon Chalet Cremes


While I did not make a bowl for every GS cookie flavor, I did manage to re-create all my favorite varieties. What are your favorites? For those of you outside the US or simply have no idea what I am talking about, you can read up on Girl Scout cookies here.

Enjoy your evening!


Laura said...

Very creative! I love tagalongs!

Maggie said...

wow, these are awesome bowls. i like samoas best :)

Nicole ( said...

This is definitely the BEST IDEA EVER!

VeggieGirl said...

BEST COMBINATIONS EVER!!! The Girl Scout organization better watch its back ;-)

shelby said...

I'll be sure to try them all girl! I loved the thin mint variety so I know the other combos will be just as good.

My favorite cookie were the PB & Chocolate ones! MMM!

Tal said...

This is *amazing* ! Going to try the Samoa flavor this week :)


ksgoodeats said...

I used to be a FROZEN thin mint girl (keyword: frozen! That's important!) but as I've gotten older, I'm all about the Samoas! A 2nd in either situation is the chocolate covered PB short bread ones :)

eatingbirdfood said...

I am LOVING this post... Samoas are my all time fav so I will definitely be trying your creation.