Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cashews Make Everything Better

Howdy, everyone! It's officially humpday--the week is already halfway over! Not such good news for me, since it's my spring break. As a result, I had to check off a few things on my to-do list today. First up was a visit to the doctor's office to finish immunizations, etc. The appointment was early, so all I had time for beforehand was some whole grain toast with rhubarb jam and a mug of Lemon Zinger tea. I didn't get to eat a real breakfast until afterward at about 10:30, so I was in the mood for a protein rich morning meal.

What you see here is a Rudi's Organic Whole Grain English Muffin with egg whites (cooked in ramekins in the microwave--I was hungry, so I was too impatient for the stovetop!). I sprinkled some 2% mozzarella and chili powder on top. One thing you'll learn pretty quick about my cooking is that when in doubt, I add either chili powder or cinnamon, depending on whether the dish is savory or sweet. They're definitely my fave spices! I rounded it out with a sliced Gala apple.

I had an appointment for a haircut at 1, so after breakfast I did a quick workout and showered without stopping for lunch. BIG mistake. I didn't end up getting lunch until about 3:30! Needless to say I was a tad famished. I decided to use up some of my leftover seitan in the fridge, so I made a stir fry using sliced mushrooms, broccoli slaw (it comes in a bag from the produce department), ginger, and a couple squirts of Bragg's Liquid Aminos. This all went atop some whole grain noodles to make a very large bowl of food--no complaints here! At the last minute, I decided to add some cashews for satiety--that turned out to be a great decision, hence the title of this post. The contrast of the nuts' salty crunch with the vegetables' watery crunch made for a delectable dish. I am typically a fast eater, but this bowl of food was gone in record time! I also had an orange on the side (not pictured).

Well, the microwave beckons with the water for my Pumpkin Spice tea, so I must bid you adieu. Peace be with you :)

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