Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Recap

Sorry my post arrives so late today...I had quite a few things on my to do list, and I don't even have classes on Mondays! Sheesh. Aside from my normal trip to WF and laundry duty, I had a test to study for, an information session to attend, a dining committee meeting, and a gathering with friends to figure out housing for next year. All went well, but I thrive on organization, so today was a tad hectic for me. Let's hope for a calmer Tuesday!

Anyway, onto my favorite topic: FOOD. I had a quiet, albeit disappointing weekend (Duke didn't make it to the Sweet Sixteen...bummer!). In the midst of Saturday's tragic game, I dashed to a campus eatery to grab a bite to eat. As per usual, I had to tweak their offerings to suit my taste. I ordered the black bean burger (minus the icky ranch dressing) with a side of fruit. When I got it back to my room, I switched out the mammoth white bun for two slices of whole grain bread, and I added a spinach salad. I perform this little switcheroo pretty frequently, and I must say that it is so much more enjoyable this way than it is as ordered.

Sunday's lunch was not exactly your typical Easter fare. Since I was away from home for the holiday, and my roommate and friends were visiting family, I had a quiet afternoon to myself. In between study sessions (I have two psychology tests this week), I heated up a Boca burger (of the vegan and organic variety) and put it in a whole wheat pita with some spinach. I dipped the burger in some organic agave ketchup. Yep, you guessed it--another free sample. It tasted almost identical to the Heinz version, perhaps a tad less sweet. The texture was markedly different though. It wasn't quite chunky but reminded me of tomato paste rather than the typical smooth ketchup (or is it catsup?). I would buy it, because I like that it uses agave and natural ingredients while achieving the same taste as Heinz.

For dinner last night, I picked up another one of my favorite salads available on campus (I bet I have sampled every salad on campus at least twice). This one consists of a mountain of romaine topped with dried cranberries, chopped walnuts, shredded carrots, and the optional addition of blue cheese. I added the cheese last night because I was a little deficient in calcium and kcalories for the day, but sometimes I choose to skip it. Anyway, this salad is so good, it doesn't even need dressing. (PS Check out the cool design that the red onion makes).

Well I have some more pictures to share from today (hint: grocery inventory and banana flax oatmeal!), but I will save them for my next post on Wednesday.

Kristin from Kristin's Nibbles tagged me to describe my life in 6 words. That's a difficult task for someone as verbose as I am. However I will attempt it nonetheless: Health, faith, and organization keep Caroline content. OK, that's 7, but close enough, right? Thanks for tagging me, Kristin!

As an allusion to my next post, I will leave your with the question of the day: What's your favorite oatmeal mix-in?


Jennifer said...

Sounds like things are pretty crazy for you right now! I hope things calm down for you soon.

I love that you fixed up that burger yourself when you got back to your room! Great idea.

I'm loving that spinach poking out of that pita.

My favorite oatmeal is with hemp milk, agave and dried fruit. Yum!

Ruby Red Vegan said...

I love that you have the energy to make the "switcheroos" you described... I too know that it can be draining to get food, bring it back to your room, and then fix it up some more! But I'm really impressed by the offerings on your campus. I don't know any other vegans here, so my suggestions to campus dining services get outright ignored. :(

I love the vegan Boca burgers! They are quite yummy.

Happy Herbivore! said...

everything looks so good!

i LOVE agave

ChickPea said...

Jennifer: I just finished my second psych exam of the week, so things just calm down temporarily...Your oatmeal combo sounds amazing! I'll have to pick up some hemp milk next time I'm at WF.
Ruby: Yes, sometimes I get awfully tired of tweaking everything I eat. It would be so much easier if they would just what I want on the menu!
HH and Jennifer: I have been wanting to try agave for a while now, but it's so expensive! The cheapest one at my local WF is $6.49, but it's a very large container. I realize that it will probably last a long time, but I wish there were a smaller option...maybe I will just wait until I am home for the summer to make the investment.