Monday, February 2, 2009

Peanut Butter, Basketball, and Sisterly Love

Yep, my weekend consisted of three of my favorite things. The ChiO crush party on Friday was a blast; even though all the juniors (myself included) were designated as "sober sisters," we all managed to have lots of fun. Yesterday, I headed over to the basketball game, where we defeated Virginia, 79-54. Sweet. To top off all this weekend fun, I managed to try not 1, not 2, but 3 additional flavors of my new Peanut Butter & Co. products. Life is good.

How did you spend your weekend?

Although I did consume a healthy amount of peanut butter this weekend, it's not all I ate. See for yourself:

Before heading out for the evening's festivities, I was sure to adequately fuel myself. As a sober sister, I had to be there for the entirety of the event from 9 PM-2 AM. Oy. Anyway, here's what I cobbled together: Amy's Bistro burger on whole wheat with organic K+M, a salad with tomatoes and walnuts, and a dish of grapes.
When I returned from the party, I was famished from all that I made my smoothie at 3AM. Yes, my neighbors love me, I am sure. Anyway, here's what went into my concoction: frozen banana, soymilk, cappuccino Spirutein, and a few dairy-free chocolate chips.
I suppose you could call this breakfast, even though I didn't eat it until about 12 PM...yes, I actually slept in for once! I made a tropical parfait: plain yogurt, spelt flakes, mango, coconut, and cashews.
For lunch, I made the best of leftovers my making a two-bean chili: chickpeas, black beans, tomato sauce + water, chili powder, cayenne, and onions. On the side I had a baked potato, salad, and a blood orange.
After some hard-core homeworking, I was ready for some grub. I took the lazy route and just made a big salad with soynuts and served it alongside rice crackers and an apple with White Chocolate Wonderful PB. The apple with PB was by far the best part of this meal--the Cameo apple (which I purchased for 99 cents/lb at WF!) was the perfectly sweet accompaniment for the PB. It was almost like dessert. Almost.
The smoothie of the evening featured one of my favorite Spirutein flavors: bluberries 'n cream. I combined that with blueberries, soymilk, and a bit of granola.
Before heading out to chapel, I made my customary stovetop oats, this time with strawberries and rice milk for a super creamy texture. Then I plopped a dollop of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB on top...that's just the tip of the PB iceberg you see below; much of it sunk to the bottom of the bowl, which made for a lovely surprise at the end of my meal. Chocolate-covered strawberry, anyone?
I didn't get a chance to eat "lunch" until after the basketball game at 4:30 PM. Yeah, so I was ready to eat anything in sight. I relied on my freezer goodies this time: I heated up a Tofu Scramble Pocket by Amy's Kitchen. While I much prefer my own scrambled tofu creations, this product is great for occasions when time is short...or you're just too hungry to prepare anything for yourself. I served it alongside a salad with Woodstock dressing and a dish of grapes.
Dinner was another spontaneous affair. I made a hummus pocket sandwich and ate it with some steamed veggies and an apple with cashew butter.
The smoothie last night featured unsweetened banana Spirutein with a banana and a sliced peaches for good measure.
Inspired by a recipe I found in the Skippy cookbook my dad received for Christmas, I made a PB "quesadilla" except there was absolutely no cheese involved. I spread a wrap with Cinnamon Raisin PB and sliced bananas, then threw it on the George Foreman. I also had some cinnamon-spiked yogurt on the side. It was quite melty and delicious.
Now for a completely random question: What kind of toothpaste do you use? I am squishing out the final bits of my tube, so I need to replace it ASAP.

OK, maybe I'll actually be on time to my Faulkner class today. Whatevs--blogging is worth missing a few minutes of class:)


Simple and Divine said...

Hahaha you never fail to make me smile :)

You are S0 CREATIVE all the time, love! I'm baffled and just so impressed!

I use the Crest with the little bits of breath-fresh-strip things all UP IN ITS GRILL. you knoooowww

Erica said...

I want to try the Spirutein! I tried to add protein powder to milk alone again today and ick! I guess I'm going to have to have to start experimenting with combos like yours!

VeggieGirl said...

Your weekend = epitome of fabulousness; and hell yes for trying all that PB in one weekend!! You rock :-)

**I use the Crest MultiCare toothpaste.

shelby said...

I love WCW and DCD PB but I cannot find the Cinnamon!! I get so mad =0

Your smoothies looks delish (i've got to try those packets!), and the tofu scramble pockets used to be one of my favorite products! It was recalled for containing dairy (when it's supposed to be vegan) so I haven't had one in a while

Marianne said...

Love the parfait and all the wonderful peanut butter action :)

Courney (The Hungry Yogini) said...

I have been in a PB mood myself lately...something must be in the air!

Missy said...

I need to get some PB & Co! Especially since I live in NY where the actual store is!

P.S. I am holding a Popchips giveaway on my blog!

Jen said...

Yum that tropical parfait!!!!

luckytastebuds said...

wow you have fabulous looking meals! (LOVE the parfait!!!) I just found your site and think it's really fabulous! I used to be ChiO but had to deactivate my senior year cuz of financial reasons. :( Looks like you're havin' a fabulous time so far! Good for you for being a sober sister!

ksgoodeats said...

Cappuccino spirutein sounds fabulous! I need to try some of these packets full of wonder - all your smoothies look drool worthy!

HUMMUS AND PITA SAMMY!!! My personal fav :)

Toothpaste - I don't even know! I think it's the same kind as Julz because it's by Crest and has those flakes in it! It's good though!

CeciLiA said...

Ok, this is gonna sound stupid BUT what are sober girls?!! ... (I think sober = hangover for some reason) :D

I'm gonna demand my mum to get ME that collection of peanut butter for MY birthday this year, they look SOOOOooooo delicious!!!

OOooo, maybe u can plate up a 'pb' platter with all sorts of pb + veggies for dipping .... DROOOLLLLL :P

As for toothpaste, I use Colgate ... do u have that in America?!

Trust, Hope, Believe said...

those smoothies look so good!

Burp and Slurp~! said...

May I know where you get your Spirutein and the nutrition facts for it?
I love all your eats btw, esp that tropical parfait which looks totally like some $14 brunch you get in a high-class hotel!

seesaraheat said...

I love the Amy's Tofu scramble pocket! I have not been brave enough yet to try to make my own, but maybe I will soon.

~I use Colgate Total and the various versions it comes in, it's the best I've ever tried.

Love the smoothies! I will be making more of them once it gets a little warmer here ;-)

Eric said...

Hey there! I thought I had added this blog to my feed reader when you switched it over but apparently I didn't, and I thought you weren't blogging anymore.

Thank you for your comment on my blog, good to hear from ya!

That 2 bean chili looks so good. I've been in the mood for chili again...thanks for the inspiration :)

Lauren said...

LOVE PB & Co! I need to find the Mighty Maple flavor.

I use Tom's of Maine gel toothpaste - it's great :)

Mel said...

hahaha i would totally make a smoothie at 3 am too. And I've recently tried all of those flavors of PB&Co. too and I am HOOKED!! PS, I use Crest whitening expressions in vanilla-mint flavor, yummm!

strongandhealthy said...

wow, amazing eats! What a fun weekend with your sis. I don't even know what to say. I loved everything you had!! I'm impressed with your creativity!

littlesnacks said...

Wow, I love all the different photos. The burger and parfait look amazing. However, the PB Qaesadilla blew me away. It looks absolutely incredible! I'm going to have to try that one day in the near future! It sounds like you had a pretty great weekend!!

lauren said...

the parfait looks delish!!!

ChickPea said...

S&D: Yay! I'm always happy to make someone smile:)
Thanks for the toothpaste rec!
Erica: You should try the Spirutein...after the chocolate rice protein, of course! You have a "fairly" wide variety of combos to choose from if you search my blog:)
VG: All that PB awesomeness would not have been possible without you!
Shelby: Hmm good to know about the tofu scramble pockets. I think I'll just have one every now and then.
Marianne: I knew you'd appreciate that:)
Courtney: nothin' wrong with a little PB love!
Missy: So jealous of your proximity to the store! Take advantage of it, girl! Thanks for the heads up on the contest.
Jen: Thanks!
LuckyTasteBuds: Thanks so much for reading and commenting, especially since we're "sisters." Haha. Please stick around the Broccoli Hut!
K: I know, is there anything better than a simple hummus and pita sammie? Tough one.
Cecilia: Haha, a sober sister is just what they call the girls in the sorority who have been designated as "non-drinkers" for the evening. They make sure everyone gets home OK, etc.
TrustHopeBelieve: Thanks! I have one EVERY night.
BurpandSlurp: I order the Spirutein from They have some of the nutrition info there, but can also visit the company website,
SeeSarahEat: Haha, I eat the smoothies all year round, no matter what the temp--I love them that much:)
Eric: Yep, I'm still alive and kickin'. Glad to have you reading again!
Lauren: I've seen that toothpaste in WF before but never tried it. Does it work as well as conventional brands?
Mel: LOVE those Crest Expressions--so tasty:)
StrongandHealthy: Thanks! It was good to spend a weekend with my sorority sisters.
LittleSnacks: Yeah, the quesadilla was a little off the wall, but I think it ended up pretty yummy. Try it and let me know how you like it!
Lauren#2: Thanks!