Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Read, Run, Repeat

That's all I do these days: read and run. I suppose a heavy reading load is to be expected for an English/psychology major, but I spend most of my time reading journal articles, Middle English texts, and Faulkner novels. Scintillating, no? Anyway, I've also been rather busy with tutoring these days, so when I'm not reading, I'm running around campus for an appointment, with the occasional run on the treadmill as well. Who else is as psyched for the weekend as I am? I am ready for a little break from my weekday monotony...

Perhaps I should enter this contest for a California getaway: Rena from Seven Daughters Winemakers recently alerted me to a contest in which the prize is a three-day vacation to the Hollywood Hills. To enter, simply visit and explain why you deserve a rendezvous in L.A. If you're interested in tasting the Seven Daughters' wine, it's available at Whole Foods and Target fro $14.99 per bottle.

I've been keeping my brain and body fueled with some old faves as well as a few new additions. Check 'em out:

I kept lunch simple with another batch of Goddess garbanzos from ED&BV. Note the abundance of kelp granules:) I spread it on whole wheat and served it with a salad and grapes.
I squeezed in a snack between tutoring appointments and my dining committee meeting: a True Delight bar! Due to my healthy appreciation of anything coconut, I obviously opted for the Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia Nut variety. It was quite chewy and sweet, with a very subtle banana flavor. I love the hunks of macadamia throughout the bar. I washed it all down with a glass of rice milk. Thanks to Foodbuzz for sending me these!
Dinner was no complex affair either: I loaded up at the salad bar with lots of veggies (including artichoke hearts!), then headed back here to make a quick English muffin pizza. I also had a big dish of cantaloupe.
I indulged myself a bit with my shake that evening. I combined Double Fudge Crunch Spirutein, strawberries, and soymilk, then topped it off with a handful of Annie's chocolate bunnies. Yep, food fugue.
It had been far too long since I had had a waffle tower, so clearly it had to be on the menu yesterday morning. Van's waffles with cinnamon-spiked yogurt, chopped kiwi, and cashews.
For lunch, I made some beans 'n greens, which were accompanied by a sweet potato, salad with Woodstock dressing, and grapes. That's cinnamon and nutmeg on the SP.
I am just so excited to have my beloved ED&BV cookbook back that I had to make another Dreena dish last night: Orange Sesame Tofu. I consistently have problems with the sweetness of this dish; sometimes it's super sweet, sometimes it's not sweet enough. Last night's batch was definitely the latter case. Sheesh. I served it alongside whole wheat couscous with peanuts, steamed asparagus and mushrooms, and a big orange.

Last night's smoothie was pretty plain Jane but delicious, nonetheless: peaches, soymilk, Nutribody protein, and granola.

Wednesday informed me this morning that it felt like 19* outside. Hot breakfast it was! I heated up some rice milk and poured it over a bowl of Autumn Wheat, which I reviewed here. I also had a big apple with Mighty Maple PB.
Come tomorrow afternoon, I will be relieved from much of this week's stresses. What's your favorite way to indulge yourself after a hard week?

Off to Faulkner class. Ciao!


VeggieGirl said...

I need the weekend beyond belief - especially after my nervous breakdown yesterday in one of my classes :-(

Rest up, girl!!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

It's been really cold here too (well, just in the mornings... it goes from 20 to 70 every day!)

I think I'll join you in California, at least in my imagination!

Courtney (The Hungry Yogini) said...

That chocolate strawberry smoothie looks great!

Favorite way to indulge: Mindless television and activities that don't require much thinking =)

Lauren said...

I was a psych major/english minor, so I hear ya on all of the dense reading material. You are managing to put together some lovely meals, though! I wish I was as health conscious in college as I am - and you are - now.

shelby said...

I am SO ready for the weekend!!!

I'm really going to have to get those Spiruteen shakes. At this health food store down the street, they sell these little packets but I can't decided on which one. What are your favorites?

LOVE the waffles, I have some kiwi so maybe I should try that.

Krista said...

I hear you on the reading. I had to re-arrange my schedule so I wasn't taking modern American lit and a Mark Twain lit class at the same time. I just couldn't do it working two jobs...
But oh a Faulkner class. We don't have one here but I would take it in a heartbeat.

Your smoothies always look so tasty! But I am too lazy with my blender to make them. lol!

And for indulging after a hard week, I like to go to the coffee shop my boyfriend works at and have a vanilla soy latte!

Erica said...

mmmm I want those chocolate bunnies! I just put some dry chickepeas in water and cannot wait to eat them up tonight. yum yum!

Marianne said...

Chocolate bunnies on a smoothie - how cute!

Jen said...

My weekend wont start until 12pm on Saturday and when it does look out!! :) haha wait I think more studying. yay! ;)

Andrea of Care to Eat said...

I'm not a big fan of greens, but your beans 'n' greens plate looks so good! I'm making a mental note of them :)
I've only read one Faulkner book, but I really liked it - too bad I had no class in college to get me motivated to read more!

Mel said...

All of your meals always look so fresh and healthy! And I definitely hear you on needing the weekend... these past couple of weeks have been killer! Hang in there :-)

ksgoodeats said...

I can not wait for the weekend and hello, a trip to California that involves wine?! I'm so there!

For a second I thought the cashews on your waffle were mushrooms - as much as I love those shroomies, that would not be a good combo!

My fav way to indulge after a tough week: go out with friends and laugh (no that's not keyword for drink - although now that I mention it... ;) ) A LOT!

eatingbender said...

Haha, it seems like all I do these days is write and wring my neck ;o) I am definitely looking forward to the weekend!

Thanks for the info on the contest! And holy VeggieGirl! It was so nice of her to send you that PB&Co. loot (I've been catching up, can you tell?).

I loved that Quaker bar, too!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Yup, they’re the Lightlife chickn strips. I love those things, especially dipped in ketchup (I like Westbrae fruit-sweetened, not to be confused with their unsweetened!) or Hunts pasta sauce. Some people think they’re too salty, but I like salt, so maybe I’m not the best judge of that!

Sharon said...

I'm drooling over all your eats. Everything looks amazing. And I really need to try that sandwich combo, and your waffles look scrumptious! Haha, so many delightful eats!

ChickPea said...

VeggieGirl: Uh oh! I hope you're alright now. I don't like to hear about nervous breakdowns!
Wishing you a restful weekend!
CCV: I hear ya on the major temp fluctuations. I wish it would just be approximately 73* all day long.
We should def take a fantasy vacay to CA together:)
Thanks for the tips on the Lightlife Chik strips. I'll give them a try ASAP.
Courtney: Haha mindless television is a favorite of mine. I think I might have to watch What Not to Wear tonight...
Lauren: Yay! I love meeting fellow English/psych people. I'm glad someone can understand my text-induced pain.
Shelby: Please DO try the Spirutein packets. I *love* them. I really like the S'mores, Choc Chip Cookie Dough, and Blueberries N Cream. Cherries Jubilee is pretty awesome too.
Krista: Ugh, there is no way I could handle all this reading if I were taking two jobs! Stinks that you didn't get to take the classes you wanted though. Where are you in school? I think a lot of Southern schools have classes devoted to Faulkner-esque material.
Yum! A vanilla soy latter sounds fabulous right now!
Erica: Ah, you're much more of a real cook than I--I use canned beans most of the time...
Marianne: Yep, I think half the reason I bought the bunnies is cuz they're so friggin cute.
Jen: Ugh, I hate weekends like that, when they don't really start until it's halfway over--then you have to catch up on work!
Andrea: I just recently discovered the wonders of greens--I recommend giving them a second chance. Same goes for Faulkner.
Mel: Thanks! Enjoy your weekend as well!
K: You, me, and CCV should totally enter for that getaway.
Haha, I love me some shrooms too, but I don't think I would even put them on waffles. But hey, some people eat fried chicken with their waffles...
Oh, and I totally agree: laughter=great therapy.
EatingBender: It's so nice to have you back around the Hut again:)
Yeah, the PB loot was def the highlight of, um, the year (thus far).
Sharon: Thanks so much! Sometimes I wonder if my food is yummy to anyone but me!