Monday, February 23, 2009

Rock Your Body

As one of my friends reminded me recently (Hi, Rosalie!), this week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Without being a Debbie Downer, I just wanted to take this opportunity to spread the word about the dangers of eating disorders. As someone who has experienced the detrimental physical and psychological effects of restrictive eating, this issue remains close to my heart, even several years into recovery. So, this week, I encourage you all to love your body, regardless of its shape or size. Nurture it, flaunt it, and yes, make like JT and "Rock Your Body."

For more information about National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, visit this website.

In full appreciation of my body, I have been fueling it well these past few days, despite my intensive study schedule. Ah, the joys of midterms. Anyway, here are the goods:

This was a "leftovers smoothie" in that I just plopped in the remainder of a few bags of frozen fruit: pineapple, peaches, and a few strawberries made quite the delectable frozen drink. I used Nutribody for the protein component.
After a glorious 9 hours of sleep, I headed to the gym to calibrate my Nike+...which ended up being quite damaging to my runner's self-esteem. Anyone else have experience with their Nike+ overestimating mileage? Anyway, I felt much better when I prepared breakfast: blueberry mini waffles with TJ's Maple Agave Blend, walnuts, and blueberries, of course. I also had some Greek yogurt on the side.
I took a study break for lunch and made a quick ratatouille. It's been a while since I've prepared this dish, but it continues to be a favorite. Squash, tomato sauce, onions, and garlic combined with chickpeas made for a yummy dish of warmth. On the side, I had some greens with Woodstock dressing, Italian-herb flatbread, and an apple.
For dinner, I made good use of that POM juice again. I modified ED&BV's recipe for Orange Sesame Tofu by substituting POM for the OJ and omitting the sesame seeds. It turned out quite delicious, if I do say so myself. I had some couscous with toasted cashews on the side, along with steamed asparagus and 'shrooms and a few grapes.
The smoothie of the evening consisted of simply mango, soymilk, and Nutribody. Simple perfection.
In completing my round-up of Girl Scout cookie themed oats, I made my oats with Do-Si-Dos in mind: oats with vanilla, rice milk, agave nectar, and chopped toasted peanuts topped with good ol' PB. Yum.
Because I just cannot go an entire week without it, for lunch I made scrambled tofu. This version incorporated asparagus. That's whole wheat toast, a salad with cukes and scallions, and an apple on the side.
At halftime of the ultimately victorious Duke basketball game, I prepared a quick dinner: veggie hot dog in one of those pillowy Arnold's buns, with organic ketchup and whole grain mustard, broccoli with melted cheddar, salad with Woodstock dressing and more grapes. Kind of a sodium-overload, but tasty and comforting, nonetheless.
The smoothie last night featured another fab combo: peaches and banana. Always creamy and delicious.
In order to squeeze in a little more study time this morning, I had a quick breakfast of convenience: Amy's breakfast burrito, cinnamon-spiked yogurt, and a nectarine. Sorry for the crap-tastic picture of the inside of the burrito--my camera just wouldn't cooperate. I think the owl plate enhanced my enjoyment of this breakfast immensely:)
Before I go, I'll ask you a final question. In keeping with the theme of the week, what do you love about your body?

Have a happy, healthy Monday!


thecleanveggie said...

LOVE all of the broccoli :)
its the best veggie ever.
Love Amy's Breakfast Burrito too

Anna said...

I almost bought that TJ's maple/agave blend... is it good?
As far as my body goes, I have quite a butt and I'm proud of it!

Maggie said...

MM maple agave blend sounds cool. I love that my body lets me walk and do yoga, my 2 favorites :) (I do NOT love that my body is sick right now!!)

VeggieGirl said...

Do-Si-Dos oats = love it!! You always have the most fun oatmeal varieties :-D

**What I love about my body = its MAJOR flexibility.

flower said...

Hmmm tricky one, I think Id have to go with my hair, it feels really soft at the moment and I keep touching it :)

shelby said...

I've been celebrating by eating more healthy foods and more calories this week, it's time to get ride of this once and for all.

Love the mini-waffles!!! So cute!

I'm totally stealing the pom tofu idea, now I'm excited to get the box in the mail =)

Delicious burrito!

I love my legs. They are long, strong, and you can totally see the muscle definition in a subtle, sexy way. =)

Eric said...

Amy's breakfast burritos are so good. I'll have to try the maple/agave blend. It sounds really good.

I love that my body is free of animal products :) and that it enjoys yoga

Danielle said...

Those mini waffles are super cute!
I want to try the Breakfast Burrito maybe I'll pick one up soon.
As for what I love about my body it's got to be my calves, the muscles just pop right out and they look super strong.

ksgoodeats said...

Justin and midterms - both bittersweet!! Good luck with your exams, chick :)

Now I'm craving an Amy's burrito - it's the wrapping, it's so GOOD! You are getting so creative with these oats!

My favorite thing about my body: I love the fact that it's all there and working - so many people have illnesses/genetic problems that run in their family and I don't! I'm incredibly thankful that I've been given a good lineage :)

Sarah (lovINmytummy) said...

Is that granola on top of your smoothies? What a good idea! I always like a little crunch!

I pretty much just marvel at my body everyday...for its accomplishments, notably two babies!

Lauren said...

Oooo the maple-agave blend sounds delish! I also want to try the Amy's breakfast burritos - although I'd most likely eat it for lunch given my preference for a sweet over savory breakfast :)

Rosalie Y said...

Carolineee!!!! HI :D

Haha. I love that my body is so resilient. That I'm in pretty good health considering what I've put it through. I also love my hands, and my back! :) You?


jane said...

what a great question to get the readers thinking positively about their bodies!
i love that my body can run- that my heart and lungs can stand the aerobic activity and my legs are strong enough to go for miles.
what do YOU love about your body?

talieworld said...

Such cute waffles!

I love the way my dancer body is able to move. :)

Tal said...

Hey-- I'm wondering why you choose to use so many organic products. I've thought about it a lot, but I've never seen anything convincing enough to make me spend the extra money-- what do *you* see as the health benefits?

I also love my butt :) You??

Jen said...

maple agave? cool!
yummy eats!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Dear Miss Caroline,
I must know— what three Miley songs do you have on your ipod?

Your fellow 'bad-taste-in-music' runner/blogger

Marianne said...

That plate is too cute! The veggie dog is making me want one, I haven't had one in ages.

What do I love about my body? My powerful legs, blue eyes, natural flexibility.

Code HAW031 said...

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Good luck sweetie! XXOO's

Lauren said...

Hey Caroline -

an answer for your question about my "yoatmeal": I add the yogurt to the cooked oats, and keep the pot over low heat until warmed through. It's delish!

Fitnessista said...

i've never tried nike plus, but i've heard the same thing!
i need to request some of that tj's maple agave on my next tj's order from my madre. it looks so good!
have a wonderful day!

ChickPea said...

CleanVeggie: Broc is kind of a favorite...This was my 1st Amy's burrito experience...I think I like 'em!
Anna: Yes! I love the maple agave blend--plus it's way cheaper than maple syrup.
Maggie: Agh! Get well soon, so you can walk and do yoga to your fullest capacity:)
VeggieGirl: Ha! Thanks--sometimes I wonder if my oats are just odd.
Kudos on the flexibility--I have NONE.
Flower: Good choice--soft hair is definite plus.
Shelby: Great attitude! Can't wait to see what you do with the POM. Be proud of your killer legs:)
Eric: Great things to be proud of!
Danielle: The burrito is perfect for rushed mornings.
Good choice on fave body part!
K: Ah yes, JT is so bittersweet.
Is creative a euphemism for weird oats? Ha.
Great thinking to be thankful for a fully functioning body--we so often take that for granted.
Sarah: Yep, it's granola. I love crunch too. Sometimes I add wheat germ or cereal instead.
Two babies is quite the accomplishment--bravo!
Lauren: Yep, I am usually more of a sweets person too, but the convenience could not be ignored:)
Rosalie: Hello! SO great to hear from you. Resilience is key to a healthy life! I really like my calves and abs:)
Jane: What a great response! I, too, enjoy the fact that my body can withstand vigorous activity. It makes me feel so healthy and strong!
TalieWorld: Excellent choice!
Tal: I do not emphasize organic so much as natural and whole foods. In terms of produce, I prefer local & organic, then local & nonorganic, then organic, then conventional. Otherwise, I just look for products that contain as few fake ingredients as possible, and often those are organic. I don't like putting chemicals into my body, so these products help me achieve a chemical-free diet. That being said, I realize that cost is an issue, so I sometimes sacrifice a little "wholeness" for my wallet's sake. Feel free to email me if you want to chat further.
Jen: It is cool--and cheaper than maple syrup!
CCV: Haha, here they are:
"See You Again"
"Seven Things"
Marianne: Yeah, it had been awhile since my last veggie I Have 7 more to get through!
CODE: Cool! I love iHerb. They have good deals on stevia!
Fitnessista: I need to get a deal like that--place TJ's "orders." It's definitely tasty!