Monday, February 9, 2009

Ready to Race

As I mentioned in Friday's post, my sister Lea and her husband Ryan came to visit this weekend. In one of our conversations we got to talking about running, since Ryan will be participating in his first marathon next weekend. As I approach the one year anniversary of my introduction to the world of running, I have been pondering the idea of completing my first race; I think doing so seems to be the logical next step as I develop my interest in the sport. I did a little research and found a 5k that will be taking place during my spring break next month, and I plan on signing up ASAP. I also found another one taking place in May in the Birmingham Zoo--how cool is that?! For you runners out there, have you ever participated in a race? What was your favorite part of the experience? Don't judge me for saying this, but in addition to the novelty of the racing experience, I am also looking forward to all the freebies available at the end of the race (I'm keeping my fingers crossed for mini Larabars!).

In addition to our running chit-chat, Lea, Ryan, and I had a fabulous time this weekend. It's always nice to have visitors, but I especially appreciated having a mini-vacation from schoolwork to break up the semester. Here's what we munched along the way:

Before heading to bed, I made a quick Pina Colada smoothie, with Spirutein, soymilk, pineapple, coconut, and granola.
I prepared a quick breakfast to enjoy before Lea and Ryan arrived. I made a banana-blueberry smoothie with rice milk and served it with some toast spread with Sunbutter.
Since we couldn't manage to finagle any tickets for the basketball game, we headed to a sports bar (Champp's) to watch Duke beat Miami. The vegetarian pickins' were slim (OK, nonexistent), so I ordered a Greek salad, sans chicken and egg. We also ordered an ice cream sundae to share among the three of us...I can't say no to hot fudge:)
After a glorious trip to Trader Joe's, we headed to my favorite Greek restaurant for dinner. (I dined here last October with my parents as well). This time I ordered an order of the hummus and pita and a bowl of vegetable stew. You can't beat authentic hummus and warm pita! The stew was delicious as well; the eggplant and potatoes made for very hearty and filling dish.
Even after all that food, I was still hungry for my evening shake. I made a strawberry-banana-chocolate concoction, using Spirutein and soymilk. I tossed a few bunnies on top for good measure.
I made my usual Sunday morning stovetop oats, inspired by another Girl Scout cookie: the lemon chalet cremes. I combined oats with rice milk, vanilla, and lemon zest, then crumbled a Lemon Bar Larabar on top. Heaven.
For lunch, we went to Elmo's. Yes, I am very consistent about the places I choose to dine in Durham. Anyway, this time I ordered the vegetarian taco salad with black beans and plenty of jalapenos. This salad would be perfect if it came with the option of guacamole...
After saying goodbye to my guests, a sudden illness came over me, so I didn't feel much like eating (or doing homework). I finally did regain my appetite around 9PM, so I just put together a simple meal: greens with tomatoes, walnuts, white beans, reduced-fat cheese, and Bragg's; crackers and a tie-dye blood orange.
I kept my smoothie simple last night: peaches, peach Spirutein, soymilk, and granola.
Inspired by a post by Kath a few months ago, I decided to make a banana dog for breakfast this morning. I simply placed a banana in a warmed whole wheat hot dog bun, spread with White Chocolate Wonderful PB. I also had a dish of TJ's Greek yogurt. Delish.
I am counting down the days until spring break now...anyone have exciting plans? I am going to DC for one weekend, where we'll be eating here and here. I am such a foodie--I plan my trips around the restaurants!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


VeggieGirl said...

You're so right!! That Larabar IS reminiscent of the GS cookie you mentioned :-D

GOOD LUCK IN THE RACE!! You'll be prepared, no worries.

*Andrea* said...

i can't wait for spring break! i'm going to Armenia for a service trip :)

so far my favorite race was the tufts10k. i love races that support a cause - not only is it helping others but all the runners have this great mentality that's not just about competing for first place. the freebies at the end make it fun too of course ;) i love your banana in the hotdog bun so cute

Anonymous said...

Freebies are the only reason I would run a race - I'm just NOT a runner! You'll be fabulous though!!

Your Greek dinner is making me crave MORE pita and hummus - just what I got done eating!

Have fun in DC!! I totes plan my trips around food too - it's aokay :)

Anonymous said...


Love the banana hotdog, so cute!

Anonymous said...

HOW adorable that you eat your banana in a hot dog bun. That is brilliant!!! hehehe

Your stovetop oats also look amazing!! :)

Anonymous said...

wow what a smoothie centered diet...and I love it!! if only i didn't get so cold after drinking 'em i'd be having them all the time too!! You are super creative with the different flavors, it's really exciting to get to read about them. :)

Emma said...

banana and white choc pb? sounds like the ultimate delicious combo to me!

I must get around to trying that pb next time I go to wholefoods. It is pretty pricey but worth the splurge methinks!

flower said...

mmm lemon oats delish!

Courtney (The Hungry Yogini) said...

Lovely eats. They look wonderful!

I too am counting down the days to Spring Break! I am doing a yoga workshop back home and I'm pretty darn pumped!! Oh, and the beach will somehow be mixed in there too =)

CeciLiA said...

Oh yes ... freebies are always the highlight of any events, don't cha agree?!!! ;) Good luck with the race, I bet you'll kicked everyone's arse in it!! :D

P.S.: I've heard AWESOME review about those pb filled pretzels ... are they any good?!! I think they deliver to Aus ... so please tell me if they are good + worth the $$

CeciLiA said...

Oh yea, i think you misinterpret my message on the prev post ... we do have starchy bread here in Perth, but the range aren't that great ... i.e.: we do not have wraps that have the same nutritional stats as that of la tortilla factory's .... :)hehehe

Angie Eats Peace said...

Racing is so much fun, I really hope you have a positive experience.
My favorite part of racing is the all around good energy and positive vibes from other runners, and spectators.

Marianne said...

A taco salad without the option of guacamole?! That's just plain wrong! Love the banana dog for breakfast ;)

Danielle said...

I'm even more of an amateur runner than you but :) I think you'll do amazingly. Best of luck!

Vegan On Stage said...

ive been looking into races lately too.. ive been getting more and more into running and i feel like it would be such an accomplishment!!

I seriosuly could live off Sunbutter... isnt it the best!

and how cute are you making your own "hot dog" with a banana.... i couldnt help but giggle at that one!

HangryPants said...

You should definitely do the 5K. I felt the same way as you when I did my first one this fall. I really wanted to expand as a runner. It's a quick, fun race and I think you'll really enjoy the whole experience.

Now, you asked me about my Banana Odwalla Bar - I love Odwalla bars! I am not sure I've ever had the carrot, but I absolutely love the banana. It's not super banana flavored, but really its the texture and consistency of Odwalla bars that I like. They are hard, but chewy and don't fall apart or crumble. Oh man, I just made myself "hungry." I also love the Super Protein flavor.

ChickPea said...

VeggieGirl: Hehe, I think my oats are a little healthier, I hope.
Thanks for the luck wishes!
Andrea: You have an awesome spring break planned! Care to take me with you?
I also like that running in a race supports a good cause. I can't wait to participate!
K: I firmly believe that hummus and pita NEVER gets old. Simple as that.
Shelby: Thanks!!
LuckyTasteBuds: Thanks, but I can't take credit--Kath thought of it first!
Emma: Methinks the splurge is totally worth it:)
Flower: Yep, they made for a nice change of pace!
Courtney: Yoga+Beach sounds like an excellent combo!
Cecilia: The PB pretzels are awesome! I am mildly addicted I think...order at your own risk!
Angie: I bet you're right--the whole atmosphere will be something new to enjoy!
Marianne: I'm glad someone sees where I am coming from. I love me some avocado!
Danielle: I figure I'll be OK since I run about 5 miles on a regular basis--3.1 should be a piece of cake:)
VeganOnStage: Yep, I think it will be such a rewarding experience--I can't wait!
Sunbutter is AWESOME! Have you tried the little snack packs yet?
HangryPants: I signed up yesterday--can't wait!
Thanks for the Odwalla info--I might have to sample those after I make my way through all the Clif flavors!