Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"But Mom, It's All for Basketball!"

During a recent phone conversation with my dear mother, I was detailing how amazing the night's basketball game had been and how excited I was for the next game. I also happened to let it slip that I had a quiz the next day (Tuesday) for which I studied a total of 20 minutes. Uh oh.

"Caroline, I think you need to study more than that. We don't pay all this money so that you can blow off your classes."
"No, just think of that money paying for access to Duke basketball games."
"Ugh. I think it's time to get off the phone now so you can study."

She just doesn't understand--it's all for basketball! She won though--I did end up studying for a bit longer:)

Anyway, as a result of games on Monday and Tuesday nights, in combination with a flurry of tutoring appointments, my diet continues to consist of simple favorites. Please pardon the monotony!

Before rushing out the door to the basketball game, I snagged a Coconut Creme Pie Larabar (but failed to snap a picture). Although I scarfed it down in less than a minute en route to the stadium, it tasted phenomenal! These would be a great stocking stuffer *hint, hint, Mom* When I got back, part B of dinner commenced: a hummus sandwich on an Arnold sandwich thin, plus a handful of carrots.
The shake of the evening was a berry-chocolate delight: strawberries, raspberries, soymilk, and chocolate hemp.
In a last-minute study session for the aforementioned quiz, I quickly toasted up two PomegranPlus waffles and topped them with hazelnuts and agave nectar. I had a delicious pear on the side.
The no-fuss trend continued into lunch: Goddess garbanzos (with tomatoes and kelp granules) in an Italian flatbread, plus a simple salad and an apple.
My friend Ms. Larabar joined me again for dinner. This time I enjoyed the PB Cookie variety--another winner! The only downside is that I tasted PB for the entire night as I cheered on the Blue Devils. I also had a small baggie of soynuts. No pics of this uber-exciting fare.

The smoothie last night featured the last tablespoon or so of my vanilla hemp powder, plus a few scoops of the Nutribody protein powder I mentioned a few posts back. Soymilk, frozen peaches, and ginger granola made this quite a delectable concoction.
I just can't stay away from CCV's Banana Bread Blender very long. This time I used cashews for the nut component.
For lunch, I quickly heated up some leftover butternut squash soup and added broccoli and chickpeas for an extra nutritional boost. I also had some peaches with almonds/cinnamon, plus a handful of crackers.
Tonight, I finally got around to preparing an acorn squash that had been lurking on top of my fridge for the past week or so. I simply baked it in the oven along with some cubed tofu that had been rubbed with agave nectar and cinnamon. (Maple syrup would have been ideal, but, alas, I have none). Once they were finished baking, I stuffed the tofu inside the squash and finished it off with some chopped hazelnuts. I also had a piece of whole grain toast and a small salad.
If you're still reading, here are a few things interesting about yours truly. (I was kindly tagged by Paulina to do so).

1. My favorite color is red. I know, I know a boring fact, but you don't understand the extent of this love. I don't just wear red, but I invest in it. My phone, my iPod, my planner, my dumbbells, my backpack--all red. The one exception is my camera; it dons my second favorite hue, pink.

2. I am currently obsessed with Enrique Iglesias's song "Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song). I first heard it on VeggieGirl's dance video, and I have been flouncing to it ever since. Perhaps its appeal lies in the fact that I can relate to its sentiment...or maybe I just like Enrique's intensity. I think I played it only twice today...but the night is still young.

3. I have a "thing" for brightly colored coats. It all started with a turquoise coat I got for my birthday four years ago. Ever since then I have been collecting: a green pea coat, a pink rain coat, a red pea coat, and a magenta swing jacket. I'm always easy to spot in a crowd!

4. I can sing in random languages. Throughout middle- and high school, I took voice lessons and sang in my school's choir. Although cultivating my musical talents was the ultimate goal, I also picked up a knack at singing in foreign languages, including German, Italian, and French. Sometimes I just bust out with "Voi che sapete" or "Gretchen am spinnrade" when the mood strikes.

5. I have an addiction to magazine subscriptions. Ever since I got my first subscription to Self in 10th grade, I have been a mag devotee. At one point, I was subscribed to Women's Health, Today's Diet & Nutrition, Self, Fitness, Vegetarian Times, and Reader's Digest simultaneously. It's totally impractical since I have ZERO time to read them while I am at school, but I just can't bear to give them up--they're rich with such valuable information for my everyday life!

Whew! This post is excessively long. Congratulations if you made it this far. Feel free to share little nuggets about yourself--I'd love to know more about my readers! Ciao for now.


magpie said...

Enrique is pretty awesome :D

jess said...

Don't let that slip to your mom!!! Haha, we all know you've studied for Hours- we'll vouch for you ;)

Kelp granuels sound really amazing- how do you incorporate them into recipes?

Erica said...

Your stuffed squash looks very pretty :) Oh moms! I bet the 20 minutes you studied were a really solid 20 minutes and you're going to ace it ;)Good luck!

VeggieGirl said...

No worries, you'll be able to balance the basketball fun with the studying!!

LARABAR LOVE!!!!!! Hell yes.

Great facts!! Oh and believe me, I NEVER want to hear that song again, since I've heard it about 824059843905485938457983457984359345 times (through all the practices and performances, haha!!). I'm done with it!!

However, I'm like you with #3, and #5 on your list :-)

shelby said...

I'm with you with number 5! haha

Yum, I love the way those sandwich bread looks, I'll have to get me some.

Nice idea for stuffed squash, I have one sitting on my counter but I can't decide which recipe I want to use!!

Wholesome Foodie said...

that acorn squash looks delicious!

I bought the peanut butter cookie Larabar yesterday, it's the first non-applepie Larabar I've bought, and I'm excited to try it!

Tara said...

Where do you get the Arnold thin bread pockets? Just curious..I haven't seen those at our store before (I mainly go to Whole Foods here in Texas). They look delicious! I LOVE hummus too!!

greendogwine said...

LOL - that sounds like plenty of conversations I had with my mother in college!

I love the Coconut Cream Pie Larabars as well - I just tried it for the first time a few weeks ago- and it is DEFINITELY one of my favorites!

ksgoodeats said...

I am always in awe at your blender creations! I'm with you on number 3 though :) why have a plain jacket when you can stand out?

Hope you don't mind but I've added you to my blogroll. Have a great Friday!

ChickPea said...

magpie: Well said.
Jess: Kelp granules add fishy flavor to vegetarian recipes, like tofu "crab" cakes, tofuna, etc. I haven't had the opportunity to fully experiment with it yet though!
Erica: Haha, I'm glad I have so many people to vouch for me if my mom calls...
VeggieGirl: I know--I think of you every time I eat a Larabar. I need some more actually; I have only one left (cherry pie!). Suggestions?
Ha! I bet you're sick of that song, but thanks for introducing me to it:)
Shelby: I am the same way with my ingredients--I buy them without a specific recipe or anything. It's more fun that way!
Wholesome foodie: I am anxious to hear what your first non apple pie Larabar experience is like!
Tara: I actually received the sandwich thins from Arnold as a free sample. They don't sell them around here either--they're only in select parts of the country.
GreenDogWine: Agreed on the Larabar--have you tried the chocolate coconut chew flavor? I keep meaning to pick up one of those.
K'sGoodEats: Nice to hear from you! I am excited to see what you produce on your blog. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll!!

HangryPants said...

The acorn squash looks divine!