Monday, November 17, 2008

Hummus and Soynuts...Repeat

Hello all! I've been busy this past weekend, alternating between bursts of work and play. As a result, I've been relying on two of my pantry staples: hummus and soynuts. Lame, I know, but sometimes even opening up a can of beans is just too much of a hassle. One week from today, I will be at home for the Thanksgiving holiday, gearing up for a week of fun in the kitchen. So rest assured that this mealtime monotony is not permanent--my culinary prowess will resurface eventually:)

I'll fill you in on the weekend's activities as we go along, so let's take a look at the hummus and soynuts...

With a productive evening behind me, I celebrated with a repeat smoothie: Nutribody protein with pineapple, soymilk, and ginger granola. Delish.
I didn't have much time for breakfast, as I had to attend a "recruitment workshop" for my sorority from 12-4. Sheesh. Anyway, before I headed out the door, I scarfed down a sandwich thin with almond butter and pumpkin butter, plus a raspberry-strawberry smoothie. I ended up gulping the smoothie while checking my e-mail half-naked--it was one of those mornings.
Upon my return from the workshop, I was ravenous, so I grabbed the first thing I saw in the fridge: the hummus jar! I made a quick sandwich and served it with carrots and an apple with PB.
Dinner was another simple affair, this time with microwaveable mac & cheese from my friend Annie. I added some broccoli for a nutritional boost (and color!); I had squash and a salad with soynuts and Woodstock dressing on the side.
We went to an on-campus showing of The Dark Knight that evening. It was my first time seeing it, and I really enjoyed it. I especially liked getting to watch Christian Bale on screen for 3 hours:) Definitely a dark flick though--I had a little trouble sleeping that night! Anyway, before I headed to bed, I made a quick smoothie out of peaches, Nutribody protein, soymilk, and ginger granola.
Pre-chapel, I made a piping bowl of blueberry oats, topped with almond butter. In case you can't tell, I am aiming to make a bowl of oatmeal for each color in the rainbow. Anyone got ideas for green?
I hopped over to the stadium for another basketball game, with a cherry pie Larabar, Mighty Bites, and soynuts in tow. Once I got to the door, however, the security guard noticed my little snack stash and made me throw them out: "No outside food or drink allowed." I think a little part of my soul died when I had to throw my precious Larabar in the trash. As a result, I didn't eat "lunch" until about 7 that evening. Yeah, my eating patterns were way out of whack yesterday. This is what I shoved down the gullet once I returned to the apartment: salad with soynuts and Goddess dressing plus an apple. Then I dashed out the door to chapter...
...Dinner part B commenced once I arrived back home. I had a baked sweet potato topped with "smoky hummus" (aka regular hummus to which I added cumin and chili powder), brussels sprouts, and peaches with wheat germ.
The late-night shake was quite the treat: I combined strawberries, soymilk, fruit-sweetened dairy-free ice cream, and Nutribody protein. Tasted just like a strawberry shake!
Last night, I prepared some overnight oats by combining oats with rice milk. This morning, I added chopped almonds and pumpkin. I had an apple on the side.
Lunch today was inspired by an eggplant that has been hiding in the crisper for far too long. I grilled eggplant on the GF, drizzled it with tahini, and served it alongside some hummus pizzas and peaches. Those are sundried tomatoes on the pizzas.
Check out what came in the mail today...I am super psyched to review these products for VegFamily!
I had my dining committee meeting this evening, where we received free food again. I nibbled on some grilled veggies and focaccia. Nonetheless, my tummy was not satisfied after our 2-hour meeting, so I grabbed a salad on campus and added some soynuts. That's an orange and a handful of crackers up top.
I gotta get crackin' on some stat homework and a bibliography. I'll leave you with a picture of Shen and me before the game on Sunday:
Ciao for now!


Erica said...

At least you've chosen two healthy foods to base your current diet around ;) I <3 hummus and the Annie's mac and cheese! Good luck with the work! You're almost to t-giving!

VeggieGirl said...

My comment didn't save - drats!! :-(

I said (I think, haha):

I appreciate your meal monotony, since iIm the same way, haha.

Too bad about having to throw out your Larabar!! I would have left the stadium.

Glad you liked the film!!

**For green in your oats, ADD PUMPKIN-SEED-BUTTER!!! From Futters, of course ;-)

Lovely photo of you and Shen!!

Anonymous said...

Baked Potato w/ Hummus!?! Why haven't I thought of that? You have the best ideas =)

magpie said...

Pretty eats, especially that sweet potato! And grilling eggplant is a great idea.

jess said...

I really need to try that almond butter/pumpkin butter combo- looks delish! And hummus=amazing on everything, and Never monotonous because of it!

Anonymous said...

Hummus is always a winner in my book - the more the better! I'll have to try the sweet potato + hummus ASAP

Your Sat morning comment cracked me up!

Is the microwavable mac and cheese filling? I have it but I have yet to try it.

Cute picture of you and your friend!

flower said...

The blueberry oats look sooo good of must have used alot of blueberries to get it that colour, Im looking forward to the green oats LOL

Nellie said...

You can't go wrong with hummus or soynuts! And I agree with Shelby, I need to try this spicy hummus on sweet potato concoction. Yummers!

ChickPea said...

Erica: I figured the same thing--at least it's not doughnuts and pizza. Thanks for the encouragement!
VeggieGirl: Glad I'm not the only creature of habit! Mmmm pumpkin seed butter sound pretty awesome. I have some pumpkin seeds in the pantry but not in butter form. I'll put it on my shopping list:)
Shelby: It's super tasty! I hope you like it.
Magpie: Grilled eggplant is one of the easiest entrees I make--make sure to season with garlic!
Jess: Yes, the pumpkin-almond combination is killer. I will def be making that breakfast again!
ksgoodeats: Haha, glad you appreciate my Saturday morning antics. I was such a mess that day. Anyway, the Annie's mac is excellent--you're right though that it's not terribly filling since it's not whole grain. I always add some veggies to make up for it, and it keeps me satisfied.
Flower: Actually, I achieved that hue with only about a half cup of frozen berries. It's a great breakfast!
Nellie: Thanks for commenting! Please do try the spicy hummus-sweet potato combo, and let me know what you think!

Anonymous said...

hmmm green oatmeal...
kiwi (altho it'll just be green blobs)
matcha (green tea) powder
pistachio butter

you could always make green savory oats too!!! try spinach, basil, or other green herbs... lots more green things to color your oats with too when going savory!!!

Anonymous said...

You drink Nutribody, too? Isn't it great? I like that it's vegetarian and it doesnt have sugar, soy estrogens, etc. It's basically brown rice and pea protein! (It also doesnt have milk, which helps, since you wont feel bloated and crampy.) Yay protein!

ChickPea said...

Anonymous: Yes, Nutribody is a new discovery of mine. I was on a hemp kick for a while (which I still love, by the way), but this is a nice change too. I love that it's soy-free and vegan!