Monday, November 10, 2008

Keep on Chuggin'

As of 9:45 this morning, I let out a sigh of relief--my stats test is over! Only one more until the end of the semester! Ordinarily, I would be in total relaxation mode right now, but it's that time of the semester when assignments and projects just keep coming. Oh well--my workload is not keeping me from attending the basketball game tonight:) Consequently, I am posting now rather than later so as to avoid another "hiccup" (see Sunday's post).

Due to my weekend of playing and working, my diet became, well, random and uninspired. Here are the goods anyway:

Following a late-night chat session with one of my close friends, I whipped up a delicious smoothie at 2AM. This one included blueberries, peaches, acai hemp protein, soymilk, and delectable ginger granola.
After a leisurely workout at the gym, I returned home to a still sleeping roomie, so I kept breakfast simple and minimally noisy in preparation. I combined pumpkin with flax, cinnamon, and agave nectar and spread it on a whole wheat sandwich thin. On the side, I had some plain yogurt with sliced grapes.
I spent much of my afternoon waiting around for someone to return a text about studying--he never responded, and I missed the last home football game of the season as a result. To add insult to injury, he was the one who wanted to study together in the first place! As Stephanie Tanner would say, "How rude!" To assuage my grumpy mood, I decided some lunch was in order. I made some refried bean fajitas with bell peppers and salsa. I also had an apple with cashew butter.
I had had quite enough waiting around, so I headed to the mall with my friends for the evening. After a few impulse buys, we decided it was time for some fuel and headed to California Pizza Kitchen. I ordered my favorite Smashed Pea Soup plus a half Mediterranean Salad. My favorite thing about that salad is the little bed of hummus waiting for you at the bottom. Delish.
Oh yeah, Kristen wanted me to show you what she got: mushroom-sausage-pepperoni pizza. No tofu for her!
We spent the evening hanging out on campus with some Navy boys (Kristen is in NROTC). When I returned, I made another 2 AM blender concoction: chocolate hemp protein, banana, strawberries, soymilk, and dairy-free chocolate chips. Repetitive, but oh-so-good.
After seeing similar ideas on other blogs, I decided to make myself a bowl of raspberry oats. In addition to the main ingredients, I also included cinnamon, vanilla extract, and chopped almonds. My roommate thinks my oatmeal creations are so odd--they're either bright orange (pumpkin oats!) or bright pink (berry oats!). I like to "taste the rainbow."
The afternoon was spent at a mandatory sorority event at which the offerings were pepperoni pizza and soda. Boo! I made a leftovers sandwich instead: refried black beans, tofu, and salsa on the last two pieces of my whole wheat bread. On the side, I had a salad with honey-roasted peanuts and an orange.
Dinner was completely random but still tasty: I combined corn, tomatoes, a Sunshine burger, and dill for an impromptu salad. I also had some snap peas and an apple.
Once my studying had reached its conclusion for the evening, I made a big, tasty shake. It was almost the same as Saturday's, except I added a hefty dose of coconut to the mix. I was really sad when I reached the bottom of my big green cup:(
As I put some finishing touches on my stats studying, I gobbled down a bowl of Kashi Mighty Bites with sliced banana, rice milk, and wheat germ. I also had a side of GORP (good ol' raisins and peanuts).
With my classes and responsibilities behind me, I settled in for an easy lunch of tofu scramble. This tasty mess included tofu, tahini, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and broccoli. On the side, I had toast and a rather seed-tastic orange. Despite the messy orange, this meal was so comforting, as always.
Now, I am off to shower and maybe squeeze in some studying before my dining committee meeting and the basketball game. Happy Monday!


nourishing mornings said...

looks like great eats. i love the colors of your oatmeal :) your meals are so healthful looking.

flower said...

The pink oats look great, perhaps even too good to eat, Im going to try it tomorrow

magpie said...

I can totally hear Stephanie's voice saying "How Rude!" now. I agree - that was rude! Sounds like you had a great weekend though :)

shelby said...

Haha "I like to taste the rainbow" this made me giggle =)

Your meals are inspiring to me, I always think you meals are amazing!

VeggieGirl said...


Mmm, mmm, mmm... delish to everything!!

Glad the weekend still went well.

jess said...

hope you guys kicked bball booty! im glad stats went well and i totally know what you mean about things just piling up- it seems like i only finish one thing in time to start the next one!

what did you put your fajitas on? are those pitas or tortillas?

Tara said...

The tofu salsa sandwich looks yum!! I love sandwiches with tofu. I'm going to copy your recipe. ;) Thanks for blogging about it!!!

eatingbender said...

Yay for knocking another test of your list! That oatmeal color is absolutely gorgeous. And the rest of the eats look scrumptious, as always!

Paulina said...

You've been tagged!

ChickPea said...

Nourishing Mornings: Thanks! I appreciate your commenting:)
Flower: How'd you like the pink oats?
Magpie: Yay! I am glad someone got the reference! Full House is so great.
Shelby: I thought I would throw in a little slogan from my teen years--gotta love Skittles.
VeggieGirl: Thanks! I hope you're doing well.
Jess: We did indeed kick some b-ball booty.
Oh, and that is actually a split pita--I never seem to have tortillas around when I want to make fajitas.
Tara: Tofu sammies are pretty amazing. I really like them with guacamole!
EatingBender: Thanks! I hope your semester is treating you well these days!
Paulina: Yay! I love being tagged! Thanks for thinking of me:)