Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanksgiving Is When?!

Somehow, in my clearly defunct mental calendar, I was under the impression that Thanksgiving was three weeks from yesterday, not two. I came to the realization yesterday when I turned a few pages ahead in my beloved red polka dot planner, only to discover the true proximity of Turkey Day. While I am excited to be able to go home (I leave a week from Monday!), my little discovery also means that I have a lot of work to do before then! Nobody likes a cranky dinner guest--which is exactly what I would be if I have work to do over the break. Wish me luck as I set forth on my quest for conscientiousness in the upcoming week!

Other updates in my life:
- I can run again! I was able to complete an easy 2.7 miles today without any pain! Hallelujah!
- My semi-formal is coming up next weekend, an event for which I have mixed emotions. On the one hand, I am really excited, as it will be my first time to actually bring a date to a sorority function (I know, pathetic). On the other hand, I am a little nervous--I don't know what to expect, and I *really* want it to go well. Remind me to show you pics of the dress, etc. in the upcoming week.
- One last thing is that I am done with tutoring sessions for the semester! While I enjoy helping students with their writing (and the $$), it requires a lot of time and patience! I will now have *a little* more time to spend on the activities I love--like eating!

Sorry for the long intro--I have been doing work all evening (lame!), so I am thoroughly enjoying my little study break. Here's the grub:

The smoothie of the evening featured Nutribody Protein again. I think I'll give my seal of approval to this stuff--it tasted great when combined with pineapple and soymilk. Love that ginger granola on top.
I woke up yesterday knowing that I wanted something quick and multigrain hot cereal it was! Unfortunately, this ended up being a bummer of a breakfast. The cereal boiled over in the microwave, so I had to clean up sticky rice milk before I could attempt to eat breakfast. The cereal was kinda chewy and not very voluminous; I made do by adding almond butter and dried cranberries. I had an apple on the side.
Before heading out to a tutoring appointment, I took advantage of a little extra time to make a nice meal. I combined some chickpeas with yellow squash, red onion, and cumin and served it alongside couscous, salad with Woodstock dressing, and a pear.
Thursday nights are RUF night, so I relied on the freezer for inspiration again. I made a Bistro wrap by chopping up an Amy's Bistro Burger and combining with lettuce, sundried tomatoes, olives, basil vegan mayo (I added the basil), and wrapping it all up in an Italian herb flatbread. On the side I had a salad, snap peas, and peaches.
Rememeber by love affair with Spirutein last summer? Well, I have become re-enamored of it recently. I ordered a few packets on an impulse when I was restocking my stevia supply. Last night, I busted out the S'mores flavor; I combined it with two frozen bananas, soymilk, and a little cocoa powder on top. SO GOOD. It kinda makes me want to try stuffing a banana in a s'more one of these days...
After a refreshing run this morning, I returned to the apartment and made another strawberry-banana parfait! This one had strawberry yogurt, sliced banana, bran flakes, and chopped almonds. Yum.
Following a grueling, rainy trek to Whole Foods, I ate a lightning fast lunch before running out the door to tutoring. I dumped some leftover chickpeas on a salad and added a few soynuts for crunch, on the side I had an apple with PB and a handful of crackers.
I had grandiose plans of making a "meat"loaf of some kind this evening, but work kept me tethered to my desk until I realized my stomach was growling. The idea for sloppy joes suddenly came to that's what I made. Boca crumbles with tomato sauce, mustard, garlic, and agave nectar made for a delicious combination. Plopped on some well-done toast, it was just what I needed! On the side, I had some squash with dill and peaches with chopped pecans and cinnamon.
Another monster post comes to a close. Good night.


shelby said...

Ooo, your wrap and salad looks fantastic! And your parfait looks scrumptious.

jess said...

I am SO bad with dates and holidays when I'm at school (or the day of the week when it's summer, haha!).

I'm really sorry about your hot cereal boiling over; typical that it would happen when you want something quick :(

What sort of wraps do you use?? They always look the perfect size!

Have a great weekend; can't wait to see pictures of all the goodies that go along with formal!!!

magpie said...

Thanksgiving is SO soon. Kind of crazy. Have a great weekend!

VeggieGirl said...

Ahh, I know!! Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, for sure.

Hooray for being able to run again; your semi-formal with The Boy (hehe) coming up; and being done with tutoring sessions for the semester!!!!

AND, of course, hooray for ALL of your delectable eats (despite the cereal boiling over).

Happy Saturday, Miss Chickpea!!! said...

it is crazy knowing how close thanksgiving is! time has been flying by :)

ksgoodeats said...

Thanksgiving is RIGHT around the corner, crazy isn't it?

Can't wait to see the dress!

S'mores smoothie? Sign me up please! Have a great weekend and good luck with your upcoming work that has to be done :)

Olga said...

I totally agree with you, I have so much work to do before Thanksgiving!!! Ahhh!

Your food looks yummmy. All of it!

Wholesome Foodie said...

HAHA I am also bad with dates like that! I did that for my birthday party thinking it was the weekend after thanksgiving but I'm an idiot and it's next weekend.
Anyway, can you please send all the food in this post to me via overnight express?

PS yay for being able to run again!

Erica said...

I can't believe how close thanksgiving is either! It is very exciting! That is so fun about your formal- you will have a blast!

ChickPea said...

Shelby: Thanks!
Jess: I use FlatOut wraps--lots of bloggers have discovered their amazingness. Look for them in the bakery section.
Magpie: Yep! I can't wait for T-giving.
VeggieGirl: I hope you had a great weekend as well!
LoveofOats: Seriously, where did November go?
ksgoodeats: The s'more shake WAS pretty awesome. Try it ASAP.
Olga: Glad to know I'm not alone!
Wholesome Foodie: I say we arrange a send me some goods, I'll send you Haha;)
Erica: I will fill you in on the semiformal details next weekend!