Friday, November 7, 2008

Full Friday

I am still beyond perplexed how my Fridays become so busy, even when I don't have any classes. Today alone I had my workout, a dining evaluation at an on campus eatery, a psych experiment to participate in, a trip to Whole Foods, a tutoring appointment, a mega-laundry session, and another Target run. Sheesh. Never mind even trying to get a head start on studying for stats...instead I plan on watching a movie with a friend. A much better use of time, in my opinion:)

I have been on-the-go recently due to more tutoring appointments as of late; the freshmen live on a separate campus, which doesn't leave much time for lengthy meal preparation. Here are the goods anyway:

I got creative with my butternut squash soup again. This time, I baked some tofu slabs in the creamy goodness and topped them with walnuts and cinnamon. On the side, I had some couscous, salad, and cranberry sauce. Quite the fall feast.
The smoothie of the evening featured blueberries, strawberries, acai hemp powder, and soymilk. Love that ginger-y granola on top.
More fall flavors appeared on my plate for breakfast the next morning. I made a pumpkin-banana smoothie with ginger and cinnamon and rounded out the meal with a whole grain mini bagel with Sunbutter.
I prepared a quick lunch before heading off to an afternoon of tutoring: baked sweet potato topped with refried beans and salsa, brussels sprouts, and that mess on the side is applesauce with ground flax.
Before heading off to RUF, I made a quick burger out of an Amy's Bistro patty, organic ketchup, mustard, lettuce, and a whole wheat sandwich thin. I served it alongside a salad with veggies and chopped almonds, plus a little dish of grapes.
Last night's shake was phenomenal. I combined chocolate hemp protein, soymilk, banana, strawberries, and a few dairy-free chocolate chips for a big dose of chocolate-y goodness.
To adequately fuel myself for a busy day, I made a batch up vegan banana pancakes this morning...while listening to Jack Johnson's song "Banana Pancakes." Yes, I am that cool. I topped the hotcakes with agave nectar and chopped hazelnuts.
I stopped by the apartment amidst the chaos for a quick shower and a meal. I tossed some cubed tofu into a pita with lettuce and Annie's Woodstock dressing. On the side, I had a big salad and a perfectly ripe pear.
Once we returned from the mecca of convenience shopping (aka Target), I was too hungry to think of anything creative for dinner. I settled on a Sunbutter and apple butter sammie with broccoli, and some plain yogurt with a fruit cup.
I am off to enjoy a movie (likely a sappy chick-flick). Happy weekend!


VeggieGirl said...

You KNOW that I understand the busyness/on-the-go lifestyle, since that's how it is for me, every single day. Hang in there!! And hey, at least you had a trip to Whole Foods today - always a plus!! :-)

Ahhhh, love the Thanksgiving feast, the shakes/smoothies... EVERYTHING. As. freaking. always. :-D

Enjoy the film tonight!!

shelby said...

Whole Foods? YAY! I love that place...yet I don't get to go to often. =(

You have the most creative, delicious meals EVER! I get so many ideas from your blog.

Erica said...

I am glad you are enjoying some "self time" during all the craziness! Have a good weekend! Eats look yummy

Emma said...

Hope you enjoy the film- I love chick-flicks, they never fail to put me in a good mood!

Those pancakes look great- I must treat myself to some one morning!

Agnesss =) said...

Hey Caroline!!

Great creative eats =))) Relly delicous-looking =))

Hope you stay positive in all the busyness !! =)) HANG IN THERE!!!!

Enjoy the time!!!

I'd be happy to see you some time on my blog Caro!! =DD

Ruby Red Vegan said...

So how awesome are you for making soup into butternut squash sauce for your tofu?

Answer: VERY awesome!

That is such a good idea, since that orange guy is one of my top 2 favorite veggies!

Your banana pancakes look great! I love how you put hazelnuts on top. You are making me want that combo now!

Wow, that is a busy Friday! I love my Fridays, too...class ends at 9:45 am for me! :)

ChickPea said...

VeggieGirl: Whole Foods DOES make the day so much better--it's definitely "my happy place."
Shelby: Thanks so much! I'm glad you get some inspiration from my eats. Your dishes have been looking fabulously lately (as always!)
Erica: Thanks! It's always nice to take a time-out for myself.
Emma: Please do try the pancakes, and you don't even have to consider it a treat because they're made from healthful ingredients!
Agnes: Thanks! I stop by your blog every time you post--everything always looks so fresh and nutritious:)
Ruby: RUBY! I've missed you around here! I'm glad you liked the b-nut soup idea. Squash is one of my fave foods too..what's your other favorite?