Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh, Puffy Coat, How I Miss Thee

During my freshman year, I participated in the Duke tradition of tenting, so I purchased the very necessary "puffy coat." It was big, red, and served its purpose fabulously. I decided not to bring it to school this year for several reasons: 1) It would have required a suitcase of its own...something I am unwilling to furnish considering the baggage fees that are now in effect. 2) It made me resemble a toasty marshmallow that had been aflame a tad too long. 3) I simply didn't think I needed it this winter. Well, it turns out number three was FALSE. informed me that it felt like 6* this morning at 9AM. I managed to survive my errands today with some clever layering, but that puffy coat would have been way more convenient. Sigh. Live and learn. How do you keep warm in the dregs of winter?

I've been enjoying plenty of hot eats the past few days to keep me warm as well:

After I signed off last time, I made a simple lunch: Better Bunny Salad (recipe from Rudi's) atop a bed of greens, and a few mini tomato-basil hummus sandwiches.
I went over to a friend's dorm room to watch the Duke-GA Tech game on TV and to hang out with buds. While there, we ordered from Cinelli's. I ordered the Penne Cinelli, which features white beans and escarole. Delish.
Once home, I made a creamy strawberry-peach shake with Nutribody protein, soymilk, and vanilla non-dairy ice cream. Heaven!
With plentiful bananas on hand, I decided to make banana fingers for breakfast: bananas dipped in plain yogurt (with cinnamon) and rolled in crushed spelt flakes. That's almond butter in the center for dipping.
Lunch was an old but simple fave: a black bean burrito. Mine included salsa, mashed avocado, and little lettuce for crunch. I also had a salad and a few clementines.
Just before heading out to a church group meeting, I made an Italian-inspired menu: pan seared tofu (seasoned with garlic, basil, and oregano), tomatoes with squash, salad with Woodstock dressing, whole wheat couscous, and a dish of grapes. Yes, I ate the whole thing.
My frozen fruit supply was running low, so I made an odd smoothie last night out of cherries, pineapple, soymilk, Nutribody, and soymilk. It turned out quite sweet and delicious.
I needed something hot for my morning meal today, so I made a quick tofu scramble with broccoli and the other usual ingredients. I served it alongside a Rudi's English muffin and some more grapes.
I trekked all the way to Whole Foods, amidst the single digit temperatures, and returned with some good loot:
Highlights include a new flavor of Cascadian Farms granola and...a White Chocolate Macadamia Clif bar! There is no joy like that derived from a new Clif bar.

Afterward, I made lunch: baked potato topped with black beans, salsa, and mashed avocado, plus a salad and clementines.
Dinner this evening was another hot one: grilled hummus/mozzarella sammie with sugar snap peas, an apple, and a salad with Goddess dressing.
What are your favorite warm-up foods? I am always in search of new dishes to keep my body toasty:)

Enjoy your weekend! Stay tuned for product reviews on Sunday...


Marianne said...

White Chocolate Macadamia Clif bar...oh, how I want thee. Jealous! The grilled hummus & cheese sammich is a good idea!

My fave warm up foods are soups and stews. It never fails, a bowl of soup, doesn't matter what kind, warms me up nicely :D

VeggieGirl said...

To stay warm, I dress in MANY layers and eat a lot of warm foods. My favorite warm dish = my B-S-Cubed dish (the one you inspired!! I eat it literally every other day, haha!!):

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I always love all of your food so I have run out of words to describe your eats! YUM to it all!!!

Erica said...

I really love reading your blog- I must tell you! Since I have been pushing towards a more veggie friendly lifestyle, I have found the BEST ideas on your blog :) Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

First - I love the plates, the designs are similar to ones on my pillows! :) I'm also going through warm-food winter time and I keep making different soups - and freezing them as a go to, coupled with a baked potato is the best! Yours looked delicious!

*Andrea* said...

i love the white chocolate macadamia cliff bars sooo much!! i can't believe how cold it's been lately. it felt FRIGID today in boston - to stay warm i crank the heat in my dorm, take lots of how showers, drink lots of coffee/tea, and have soup every day haha. i love lentil and split pea!! i also wear fuzzy socks. my mom always tells me the key to staying warm is keeping your feet warm and i seriously believe this is true ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a big puffy jacket too- and even though it's not the most faltering piece of clothing I have- it is warm.

I looked up the Rudi's Better Bunny Salad and it looks so tasty. I like sweet "salads" so I need to try that recipe asap.

Also, your banana fingers are too cute :)

To warm up I like to have soup or oatmeal and warm water or tea!

K said...

How do I stay warm? LAYER LAYER LAYER LAYER! It's kind of ridiculous how many layers I have on!

Faaaaabulous grocery haul my dear! WCMN YUM!!! That last sandwich is 100% amazing...actually it's boarding into 120% territory ;)

Warm up foods: soup and spicy foods!

ChickPea said...

Marianne: I don't normally like white chocolate..but maybe this bar will prove me wrong!
Soups and stews sound like an excellent idea!
VeggieGirl: Layers are SO key. Oh, and I have decided that black beans and sweet potatoes MUST go together. They're perfect complements:)
Shelby: Thanks SO much!! Your eats are always so sophisticate and fabulous:)
Erica: You're so sweet to say that--I'm so happy to have you as a reader:) Your blog is pretty rockin' too!
AmandasDomestic: I love the pattern too--I have some notepads with the same design.
That's a great idea to freeze some soup...I especially like the baked potato suggestion!
Andrea: You are SO right--warm feet and hands are vital to general warmness. I need some fuzzy socks!
EatingBirdFood: I'm glad you looked up the recipe--Rudi's has some great ideas there. I also love sweet salads:)
K: Thanks! Have you ever posted one of your grocery hauls? I'd like to compare and see how much we share in common...besides CC. Great idea to use spicy foods to warm up!