Monday, January 26, 2009

Spaz on Skates

Now, I've never claimed to be the most coordinated individual. Indeed, I was always the kid in gym class who got hit in the face with the basketball. Anyway, I thought that perhaps my devotion to exercise and fitness in recent years would have afforded me some new-found athleticism...but I was wrong. My friends and I headed to a roller rink this past weekend, where I strapped on a pair of skates for the first time since my 9th birthday party. Let's just say I have a nasty bruise developing on my knee a new respect for anyone who can roller skate. We had lots of fun though!
Here's what I've been eating in between displays of spastic tendencies:

I used up some leftover bags of frozen fruit for this one: frozen cherries, strawberries, soymilk, Nutribody protein, and granola, of course.
After sleeping through my alarm (yes, I do occasionally set it even on Saturdays!), I made it to the gym and back to prepare a pretty fab parfait: plain yogurt with stevia and dark cocoa mixed in, Peanut Butter Pows, sliced banana and a scoop of PB. FOOD FUGUE.
For lunch, I kept it simple: frozen corn with kidney beans, chili powder, garlic salt, and salsa, salad with Woodstock dressing, and an apple.
Dinner was thrown together last minute before heading to the roller rink: Amy's Bistro Burger on whole wheat with organic K+M, salad with wheat germ and raspberry vinaigrette, and green beans with pecans and dill. Nummy.
After skating, we headed back to a friends room for a little party. Hence, no shake for this evening.

Before heading to chapel, I prepared my beloved stovetop oats. This bowl included pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a crumbled pecan pie Larabar. Mmm. Pumpkin-pecan hybrids are the best.
For lunch, I just wanted something to warm me up (again!). I combined: frozen veggies, tomato sauce + water, curry powder, kidney beans, and ground ginger to make a tasty soup. On the side, I had a salad with Goddess dressing, crackers, and a blood orange.
I scarfed down dinner super fast before heading to a chapter meeting. I made white bean almond bruschetta (an improvisation of ED&BV's White Bean Walnut Bruschetta), along with spinach and grapes.
The shake of the evening was pretty amazing: peaches, blueberries, soymilk, Nutribody protein, and granola. Surprisingly delicious.
Breakfast was a simple affair: toast with pumpkin butter and the scrapings of my almond butter jar, plus an apple and a glass of rice milk.
I am interested in trying out some new foodie products...I feel like I haven't made any grocery store discoveries recently. What's your latest food find?

Now I am headed to class. Ciao for now!


glidingcalm said...

your food is always so stinkin pretty!!! love it!!!

my latest food find? hmmmmmmmmm.... Westsoy tempeh maybe? which is nice and cheap. as well as 365 soymilk, for the same reasons!

Marianne said...

I want some parfait glasses now, just so I can make that breakfast parfait of awesomeness!

shelby said...

haha I remember my roller skating party when I was little. Actually, I used to go almost every weekend with friends, so much fun!

Love the warming foods, and the pumpkin/pecan combo sounds heavenly!

VeggieGirl said...

So much fun!! And deliciousness, with all the eats ;-)

**Lateest food find = I guess the PB Puffins, which I eat everyday now, haha.

Jen said...

Awesome pics! LOVE the parfait!! yum yum!

latest find? PB Loco!!!!!!!

Courtney (Hungry Yogini) said...

Oh my...the blood orange is gorgeous. I need to try one!

Let's see, latest food find...I would say dried black mission figs. They are AMAZING!!!

K said...

Oh my gosh - I'm HORRIBLE at roller skating. Seriously!

I always set my alarm, no hatin' from me girl! You are so creative with your eats - I'm always impressed!!

Hm latest food find...YOUR LENTIL DIP! I need to go back and buy another container already, SO GOOD! I also am in love with the La Tortilla factory wraps - hence the 80 wraps on my blog :)

Cha-cha said...

If you can believe it, I just discovered Larabars. Apple Pie is the first I ever tasted.. and it is soo good!

I just found Almond Dream milk. The unsweetened variety has only 30 calories per cup! I also just started loving Smartbran cereal by Nature's Path.

ChickPea said...

GlidingCalm: Aw thanks! I like cheap foodie finds too...WestSoy tempeh is pretty awesome.
Marianne: Haha...mine were super cheap. I found them at a local "variety" store for $1!
Shelby: Sounds like you're prob a roller skating pro!
VeggieGirl: Haha, somehow I would predict that you would say PB Puffins:)
Jen: I've never tried the PB Loco brand--what's your fave flavor?
Courtney: Blood oranges are so exotic looking, no? Anyway, figs sound pretty amazing!
K: I wish I could find that lentil dip at more places. Where do you buy yours? It makes the perfect complement to the La Tortilla Factory wraps. BTW, I don't mind lots of wraps--they all look delish!
Cha-Cha: It's been a while since I tried the apple pie flavor...I need to revisit it soon.
I've never tried Almond Dream or SmartBran either--thanks for the recs!

Erin said...

Everything looks very tasty, but that parfait looks especially amazing!