Monday, January 5, 2009

Rush, Rush, Rush

Today has been all about rushing--I awoke at 4AM to catch my flight to Raleigh-Durham, ran through baggage claim, bolted into a taxi, then scrambled to get back to my apartment and change before I headed to "recruitment" activities for my sorority (a.k.a. rush). After several hours of chatting with the rushees and catching up with my friends, I am starting to slow down. What better way to wind down the day than with a blog post?

Here's a glance at how I spent my last weekend of winter break:

As I mentioned in my last post, strawberries, PB, and chocolate make an excellent combination--so I made a repeat shake on Friday, except I used chocolate hemp rather than chocolate Spirutein. Just as delicious:)
By the time breakfast rolled around on Saturday, I was far too famished for anything labor-intensive. Thus, Van's freezer waffles came to the rescue! I topped mine with some Friendship cottage cheese (not whipped, sadly), blackberries, almonds, and cinnamon.
Afterward, I headed to the mall with my Mom...where I found another bargain that I couldn't refuse: black-leopard pumps for 75% off! Oh, sexy pumps, how I love thee! I also hit up White House Black Market, where I scored this dressy top and silky pencil skirt for a mere $60. I think it's a good thing that I am back at school--this way I won't shop away my entire savings!
Anyway, I refueled with a simple tofu-guacamole sandwich with salsa, plus a salad and the last of the clementines. The peppers and citrus provide a major vitamin C boost--no winter sniffles for me.
For dinner, I headed out to a local Mexican joint with my sister and a few friends. This made for an exciting outing because I got carded for the first time since my 21st birthday. Margs all around! I ordered the vegetarian fajitas--I cleared my plate save for the rice, beans, and sour cream.
Afterward, we headed out to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Excellent flick--it's lengthy, but well worth the runtime. Extra bonus: Brad Pitt gets better looking with each scene. While there I snacked on some Twizzlers. When I came back, I made a luscious banana-cappuccino shake with chocolate syrup.
I made a speedy breakfast before heading out for church: GoLean with almond milk, wheat germ, blackberries, walnuts, and dried cranberries. Quite the deluxe breakfast bowl.
I wasn't much in the mood for cooking yesterday (gasp!), so I just heated up a frozen vegan chik'n patty. I sandwiched it between whole grain bread with an agave mustard sauce I made, plus plenty of crunchy lettuce. I also had a salad and apple with almond butter.
For my dinner, I made another hummus wrap, this time with my fave superstar veggie (broccoli!), and a Laughing Cow wedge. I used to have a minor obsession with LC cheese a few years ago--now I remember why I like them so much! Creamy, portable, tasty. I also had a salad and peaches with cashews and cinnamon.
Before heading to bed last night I packed a snacky breakfast for the airport: Kashi Heart to Heart (from Sarah), almonds, and an apple.
I also packed a lunch to eat while at recruitment activities: cinnamon-raisin PB sammie, soynuts with dried cherries, and a couple clementines.
My friends and I hit up the salad bar for dinner tonight. I didn't take a picture, but it was similar to the one featured in this post.

I am pretty pooped, but I want to ask you a question before I go: what's your "power song?" What do you listen to when you're lagging in your workout or just having a bad day? Although I am digging The Killers' "Human" lately, I am always in search of fresh tunes for Nestor the Nano.


PS Sorry for not posting my weekly Sunday feature yesterday. I opted to spend my last few hours at home with my family instead:)


jane said...

I like the song "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leopard. It also pumps me up when I'm running!

Speaking of running, I don't know how you brave those high heels as a runner! I work at a running store so I'm so used to wearing comfty running shoes all day that I am a huge heel wimp. The leopard print is awesome though I love that you can pull that off!!

*Andrea* said...

i wouldn't think of putting PB, chocolate and strawberries together but i trust your recommendation and will def try it soon!! Looove margaritas and mexican food with friends. and your pumps are ADORABLE! i love that store so much and i am a huuuuuuge fan of leopard print and black together!

my favorite song to get be revved up in a workout (don'tlaugh!!) is 'Survivor' by Destiny's child. haha

magpie said...

Brad Pitt *was* glorious in that movie. Well worth the 3 hours. I didn't know it was 3 hours when I went in though! I was a bit surprised when I looked at my watch.

Mo said...

"I Want It All" and "Keep Yourself Alive", both by Queen. Works every time! :)

Ruby Red Vegan said...

I think I'm one of the few females alive who is just not attracted to Brad Pitt. Not the least bit.

Anyway. Your glorious smoothies and shakes make me want that hemp protein powder so badly! I have a Whole Foods gift card so maybe I will buy it with that -- I just feel guilty because it's so expensive!

Gotta love the agave mustard! I love making that for chickpea cutlets. I also sometimes do maple mustard.

You are going to look so cute in those new clothes!

Ruby Red Vegan said...

Ooh -- workout songs! "Get on Top" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and "Chapstick, Chapped Lips, & Things Like Chemistry" by Relient K are a couple I like.

Anonymous said...

Love the...
Blackberries on waffles (gotta try this soon, I keep seeing it everywhere)
Gorgeous shoes!
Tofu sammich
Chick'n Patties (that's my favorite brand!)
And wrap...YUM!

Brad Pitt...ehh ok. James Franco...HOT!

VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for shopping, scrumptious food GALORE, and for a great movie (Brad Pitt automatically makes it worth seeing, haha)!!

Boo to all the rushing though :-( Hang in there!!

**My Power Song = "Show Me The Money" by Petey Pablo

Aimee said...

I only recently tried Van't waffles and I was so impressed. I tried the Berry Boost ones.

The mexican food looks amazing!

Burp~! said...

my power "mamma mia." don't laugh! haha! but the upbeat music always uplifts my spirit...
oh and god, those waffles and blackberries look TOO pretty for words!
and broccoli is my FAVORITE veggie too! I seem to be eating it everyday...never tire of it!

K said...

You know I'm all over the waffles and CC!!

Thanks for posting the shoes ;) CUTE BUYS GIRL!! Don't you love the post holidays sales?

The Mexican food sounds so good! Love those margs! Laughing cow is soooo good too. Those "chicken" patties - do they taste like real chicken? I get nervous trying new faux-meat things because I don't want to taste meat.

Wow - busy day and no worries about not posting!

Pump up songs: Total Eclipse of the Heart remix (haha embarrassing!) and a bunch of random Euro-techno songs my coach made us warm up to.

sarah said...

i love those shoes! and of course waffle towers are my favorite, so that made me happy too!

oh recruitment....
it starts right when i get back too (we actually have to head back to school earlier than normal for workshops etc) good luck, i know how exhausting it is!

HangryPants said...

Right now I've been listening to Disturbia, but usually I rely on Metallica to push me thorugh the rough tops.

Love the new shoes (v. sassy) and top!

Anonymous said...

OMG those heeels are to die!! Love your style :D haha I do NOT miss recruitment stuff at all, it was such hell for me! Oh i just bought chocolate hemp protein at WF, so excited to try a shake-y with it! Good luck with classes and stuff!

ChickPea said...

Jane: Good song recommendation!
Haha, I have much practice with heels--in fact, heels came long before running in my life.
Andrea: I hope you do try the strawb/PB/choc combo!
"Survivor" IS a great song--I've had it on my iPod for years:)
Magpie: Totally agree!
Mo: I LOVE Queen--I have their greatest hits CD on my iPod already.
Ruby: Oooh! Lucky girl with the WF gift card. Please fill me in on whatever you decided to purchase with it!
Shelby: Glad you liked the eats...and I totally agree on the James Franco thing!
VeggieGirl: Thanks for the song rec!
Aimee: I haven't yet tried the berry variety--good to know that you like them though!
Burp: I have no room to laugh about Mamma Mia--I have the soundtrack on my iPod...
K: The patties don't really taste that much like chicken--you mostly taste the lovely breading:)
There's no shame in "Total Eclipse of the Heart"...I *might* already have it on my iPod...
Sarah: Yep, we had to come back early for recruitment too. At least it's only a week, right?
Hangry Pants: Thanks for the recs and compliments on my buys!
CarolineBee: Let me know how you like the hemp!!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

LOL I can't believe you asked about power songs in this post because that's what my next post is about too! Maybe our aprons are making us have similar thoughts?