Friday, January 2, 2009

A Year in Review...

If you've been lurking in the food blogosphere lately, I am sure you have noticed that some of my fellow bloggers have published "Year in Review" posts. It seems like a good I am totally mooching off of their brilliance.

Here are a few of my favorite posts from the past year:

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OK, onto the more recent eats:

I had to eat quickly before heading out to a New Year's celebration. I kept it simple with a Sunshine patty with salsa, salad, broccoli, and Greek yogurt with wheat germ and blackberries.
No shake on Wednesday...several glasses of wine and a White Russian took its place. Almost as healthy, right?

Breakfast yesterday was another banana blender concoction. I used GoLean again (my fave cereal) along with almonds this time. Perfect consistency!

Lunch consisted of the Tangy BBQ sandwich from Lindsay's cookbook. It was yummy, but I think I should have used more of Annie's BBQ sauce. I served it with mixed greens and a dish of blackberries with walnuts.
The end of a very boring day was made a little better with some black eyed peas to which I added mushrooms and onion, as well as Tabasco and BBQ seasoning. I also had some kale, a salad, and a baked potato with cinnamon and cashews.
The shake last night was slightly unusual in that I combined strawberries, chocolate, and peanut butter: all wonderful ingredients that I had never thought to enjoy simultaneously. It was fabulous, despite the crappy picture.
My mom and I had some errands to run today, so I made a quickie breakfast: pumpkin-banana smoothie and a Rudi's bagel with Maple PB
After scoring some new clothes on discount at the mall, we returned home for lunch. I finished off my divine shiitake-tomato hummus in a wrap with sun-dried tomatoes and field greens. I also had a salad with Woodstock dressing and an apple.
Check out what I got in the mail today:
Anyone tried these? What do you think of them?

Dinner tonight was inspired by this recipe. I didn't have any plum jam, so I improvised with blueberry jam (which I reviewed here). I think any jam would work in this recipe--its primary purpose is to add sweetness to the tofu. The cashews are also my contribution to the recipe.
As I've mentioned before, I am a self-proclaimed shoe addict. With some Christmas $$in my pocket just itching to be spent, I am contemplating a Zappos order. What's your current favorite in footwear?

Happy weekend!


VeggieGirl said...

Fabulous link choices!! You had such wonderful posts in 2008, and I can't wait for more in 2009 :-)

Sunshine burger + sweet potato + shakes + kale = some of the food highlights!!

My favorite shoes right now are my Tory Burch boots and my Nike Shox sneakers.

shelby said...

I love the linkage!!! I haven't read all of your posts but the ones I clicked on were great, and so many new food ideas.

Sweet Potatoes, strawberry shake, kale, black eyed peas, bagels, your eats are making me hungry!!!

I agree with you on that sandwich from HH, I used wayyy more BBQ sauce than the recipe stated, but I like my sandwiches sloppy =)

Marianne said...

That banana blender breakfast looks insane - the consistency looks awesome. I just went searching for the recipe on your site! Must try that out.

As for shoes I'm loving - I love me some John Fluevogs. I only have one pair myself, but they are so comfy and well made. Plus they are a local designer, so you can't go wrong! I so need a pair of their boots.

Erica said...

Great year in review! I want to come back and read the getting to know you posts since I din't read your blog then! Thanks for putting these up!

eatingbirdfood said...

I loved this post. All of your meals look so healthy and delicious. I really want to try the tofu and jam recipe.

My favorite shoes right now are Frye Boots and I'm pretty sure that if you found a pair you liked you could easy spend lots of Christmas cash, as they are expensive, but also long lasting and fabulous. Have fun shoe shopping!

HangryPants said...

I've had those kaabi bars. They re tasty foe a snack. Kin of like a nutrigrain bar.

Re: ellipticizing - I am not sure that is an official word, but feel free to use it!

K said...

LOVE the links :) Fabulous recap of your 2008!

Another savory CC combo I thought of, well kind of savory, is to plop some CC on a baked sweet potato - sehr gut!

Annie's BBQ sauce is the best (or bomb for us who grew up in the 90s ;) )

NICE kashi mail!

My fav kicks: Uggs because of the freezing temps/snow, flat knee high boots, or my brown close toed heels. Whatever you buy, you know you've got to post so I can be jealous ;)

Nutritious is Delicious said...

Those Soft-Baked Kashi bars are delish in my opinion.

I need to try Sunshine burgers....they keep popping up all around the blogosphere!

Burp~! said...

your 2008 blog posts were all great! such a productive year...
I love your shake creations! and your pics rock! how do you get pics like that?
oh and thanks for the link~

Amira said...

delicious eats, everything looks really good, particularly the bagel and smoothie, love breakfast! and great links too i'm checking out all that i missed from the best of the broccoli hut: 2008.

ChickPea said...

VeggieGirl: Thanks so much, Liz!
I knew you would appreciate the sweet potato and kale!
I've been wanting Nike Shox for years now...maybe some day!
Shelby: I hope you got some new ideas!
I am totally with you on the sloppy factor:)
Marianne: Actually the recipe is from Chocolate Covered Vegan. I think she has a recipe posted for it.
Those shoes are so cool!
Erica: I hope you enjoy some of my older posts!
EatingBirdFood: Glad you liked the eats! Thanks for the shoe rec!
HangryPants: That's exactly what I thought the Kashi bar looked like--a healthy Nutrigrain bar.
K: I *have* tried the sweet potato/CC combo and it is pretty awesome.
Re: the shoe pics--consider your wish granted:)
Nutritious Is Delicious: Please do try the Sunshine burgers--they're so natural and delicious!
Burp: Love the name!
Glad you like the post and its pics. I use a Casio Exilim camera.